Vampire Novels

Give birth to a baby vampire


She came out of the world at the age of sixteen, and now at the age of twenty, she lives alone. During the day, she is a...

Fall in love with vampire uncle


Her family was ruined and she lived on the street, but she met a charming man with different eyes. Since then, the waif ...

Vampire Lord


Traditional Western Fantasy I choose to fall into the dark, just because I don't want to leave this charming land. ...

Make it a point: Your Highness the Vampire, please let me go!


"No, don't..." "Yes, you can eat it when you grow up. You're welcome." A certain man unbuttoned ...

Vampire President: The Fairy and the Vampire


This novel mainly tells about her, who calls herself a little demon girl, and her identity is unknown. Can poison, can h...

The Vampire Bride: In Love with Mr. Zombie


Ning Xiaomeng found true love, but then found that her partner was not a human being. He was young and pure on the surfa...

my wife is a vampire


Black-haired and blue-eyed, she looks like a fancy girl, but she is actually Bloody Mary, one of the strongest vampires ...

Dark Night Love: Vampire Husband, Let's Fight


The reborn huntress fell in love with a bloodthirsty demon, who was sometimes gentle and sometimes rough, forcing her to...


Master Fu's full-grade cutie is super fierce in fights

Mu Xing Fu Lingxiao

Fu Lingxiao, the most powerful man in the imperial capital, was targeted by a little girl from the mountain one night! D

Sweet Marriage: The CEO Dotes on His Wife

Murong Xiner

The man who had been in love for six years got married, and the bride was not her! Because of loving him, she fell into

This love is only yours

Dui Dui

Mu Shaoling drove the car out from the parking lot. The black Land Rover stopped at the door of the apartment, the wind

The whole town is waiting for us to get married

Gao Qiqiang

The whole capital is forcing us to get married. Brief introduction to the novel: --: At present, it is counted as follow

Lady Ye and her cubs amaze the world

Han Qiao Ye Beichen

Four years ago, she was framed by her stepmother, her reputation was ruined, and she was kicked out by her husband, maki

The little lady who is favored by power

Lina Shuang

Yu Lanxuan ended her life by self-immolation, fighting for a ray of life for her biological mother, but she did not expe

Warm Marriageļ¼šRebirth Sweet Wife


After being reborn, she looked at this handsome husband who made people unable to close their legs, and suspected that h

Hidden marriage and sweet pet: the little wife of a big chaebol

Helan Yangyang

[Rebirth sweet pet + abuse of scum and dogs] In the previous life, Gu Weiwei{#39}s heart was dug out by the man she

Peerless Chinese Medicine Doctor


Why do expert directors of top hospitals frequently appear in a Community hospital? Why do nationally renowned experts a

My Seven Beautiful Sisters


Big Sister, domineering CEO, second sister, superb medical skills, third sister, top killer, fourth sister, martial arts