Romance Novels

Killer Landlord Pretty Tenant


Zhao Tiezhu's name seems quite vulgar, but when it comes to his nickname, Moying, it can be said that everyone in th...

The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you


The sole heir to the richest man still needs to marry? Or marry Mu Lele's deadly enemy? ! Mu Lele is not willing to ...

Flash marriage wealthy uncle, Sweet burst!


[11-year-old age difference, marriage first and then love, sweet pet HE] One is a spoiled, playful, wild, and unambitiou...

Uncle, the cutie you have a crush on has been reborn


She was forced to jump into the sea by the scumbag and the mistress, but was rescued by the scumbag's seventh uncle ...

President, Madam took the baby away from home again


The third anniversary of the wedding, Qin Xi full of expectation to tell Lu Bochen the news of his pregnancy, in exchang...

33 Days of Warm Marriage


Being planted framed, overnight, Chen Qiannuan became homeless, when all thoughts were lost, the man he longed for appea...

Just released from prison, she was abducted by the CEO to the Civil Affairs Bureau.


Big news! Ye Qiaofei, the first lady of the Ye family, has been released from prison? Rumor has it that she's a vil...

On her wedding night, she seduced her vegetable husband to wake up


Two years ago, she sacrificed her life to save him and became the branded white moonlight in his heart. A car accident c...

Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife


After being forced to marry Feng Xie, Tangyue found out that he was a lunatic and she had no one to rely on, so she told...


Master Fu's full-grade cutie is super fierce in fights

Mu Xing Fu Lingxiao

Fu Lingxiao, the most powerful man in the imperial capital, was targeted by a little girl from the mountain one night! D

Sweet Marriage: The CEO Dotes on His Wife

Murong Xiner

The man who had been in love for six years got married, and the bride was not her! Because of loving him, she fell into

This love is only yours

Dui Dui

Mu Shaoling drove the car out from the parking lot. The black Land Rover stopped at the door of the apartment, the wind

The whole town is waiting for us to get married

Gao Qiqiang

The whole capital is forcing us to get married. Brief introduction to the novel: --: At present, it is counted as follow

Lady Ye and her cubs amaze the world

Han Qiao Ye Beichen

Four years ago, she was framed by her stepmother, her reputation was ruined, and she was kicked out by her husband, maki

The little lady who is favored by power

Lina Shuang

Yu Lanxuan ended her life by self-immolation, fighting for a ray of life for her biological mother, but she did not expe

Warm Marriage´╝ÜRebirth Sweet Wife


After being reborn, she looked at this handsome husband who made people unable to close their legs, and suspected that h

Hidden marriage and sweet pet: the little wife of a big chaebol

Helan Yangyang

[Rebirth sweet pet + abuse of scum and dogs] In the previous life, Gu Weiwei{#39}s heart was dug out by the man she

Peerless Chinese Medicine Doctor


Why do expert directors of top hospitals frequently appear in a Community hospital? Why do nationally renowned experts a

My Seven Beautiful Sisters


Big Sister, domineering CEO, second sister, superb medical skills, third sister, top killer, fourth sister, martial arts