Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 20

"Uncle Jiu, this..."

Solanum nigrum stared at Long Jiu dumbfounded, his eyes full of puzzlement. But Long Jiu just waved his hand, one eye fixed on Zhuo Fan's calm face.

Zhuo Fan also looked at Long Jiu. After a while, the corner of his mouth curled up into a wicked smile: "It's too low."


Zhuo Fan's words made everyone exclaim in surprise, not only Solanum nigrum, but even Luo Yunshang and Commander Pang looked at him in disbelief.

1.8 million, this is an unimaginable wealth for the Luo family. Even Luo Yunshang, the eldest lady, never dreamed that the Luo family would have so many spirit stones one day, but in the eyes of Zhuo Fan, who was born as a servant, it was still too low?

This made both Luo Yunshang and Commander Pang feel a little dazed. If Zhuo Fan hadn't grown up in Guiyun Village, they must have thought that he was born in a noble family.

His vision is really too high.

However, the impact brought by Zhuo Fan's words has not yet dissipated, but Long Jiu's answer surprised everyone again.

"The old man understands this, but 1.8 million is all the funds that the old man can mobilize now, there is no more."

"Uh...then let's sell Jiuye's face, 1.8 million or 1.8 million." Luo Yunshang wiped the fine sweat from his forehead and smiled awkwardly.

She would never have imagined that a random painting by Zhuo Fan would be so valuable that it would make God Eye Long Jiu spend all his financial resources to buy it.

Moreover, looking at Long Jiu's appearance, it seems that he is bound to win this painting, so it's better to sell his favor, and by the way, he can also make friends with Qianlong Pavilion.

Sure enough, after hearing Luo Yunshang's words, Long Jiu showed a gratified smile, and carefully rolled up the scroll with both hands.

However, at this moment, with a sound of touch, Zhuo Fan pressed the scroll on the table with his palm, and said coldly: "Since you can't afford a higher price, then this business will be cancelled."


Luo Yunshang was startled, and winked at Zhuo Fan frequently, but Zhuo Fan didn't seem to see it, and his hand holding the scroll did not loosen at all.

Squinting his eyes slightly, Long Jiu's powerful aura suddenly pressed against Zhuo Fan: "Boy, I'm going to decide on this thing."

Feeling the terrifying aura of the strong man, everyone was pushed back together, and the faces of Luo Yunshang and Commander Pang were even more horrified.

Long Jiu is a more terrifying powerhouse than Cai Rong. If he offends him, he will be killed in seconds.

Only Zhuo Fan resisted this momentum and looked at him with a sneer: "Jiu Ye, you will damage the reputation of Qianlong Pavilion if you do this."

"Boy, aren't you afraid?" Long Jiu said with even more momentum.

"Huh, Master Jiu, aren't you afraid?" Zhuo Fan sneered and asked back.

Slightly taken aback, Long Jiu suddenly put away his aura, and laughed loudly: "Hahaha... Good boy, the Luo family still has people like you supporting me, so I don't have to worry about Xianyu being unable to turn over."

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn't help being stunned, inexplicable. Just now, the two of them seemed to be at war with each other, but now they disappeared instantly, and the atmosphere suddenly eased down.

But how did they know that just now the two had already engaged in a strong psychological contest.

Long Jiu released his momentum to oppress Zhuo Fan, naturally wanting him to subdue and sell the picture to himself. But Zhuo Fan's rhetorical question under pressure has another meaning. After all, Qianlong Pavilion is the only business family in the Seventh Family. If there is a forced buying and selling, it will inevitably damage the family's honor.

Zhuo Fan gambled with his own life and the status of his family's honor in Long Jiu's mind, but Zhuo Fan won the bet.

Taking a deep look at Zhuo Fan, Long Jiu said openly and honestly: "Boy, I know that you came to Qianlong Pavilion not only to sell this picture, but if you have any conditions, please open it."

The corner of his mouth slightly raised, Zhuo Fan pushed the picture in front of Long Jiu, and said with a smile: "The price is 10 million, we will pay 1 million first, and then pay it back slowly, as you owe us."


Long Jiu looked at the picture in front of him, thought for a long time, and finally nodded firmly: "Okay, until the payment is made, we, Qianlong Pavilion, owe you the Luo family."

After speaking, Long Jiu picked up the scroll and walked out of the living room without saying another word. It was only after his figure disappeared that his voice came from afar: "Xiaokui, give them one million as a send-off."

"Uh, yes!"

Solanum nigrum hesitated for a while, puzzled, she had never seen such a depressed expression on Long Jiu. When he turned his head to look at Zhuo Fan again, he saw the butler of the Luo family, who had been happy and angry since entering the door, showed a satisfied smile for the first time.

Then, Solanum nigrum gave Zhuo Fan a million spirit stones and sent them out.

At the door, the two guards were about to teach them a lesson after they came out, but they couldn't help being stunned when they saw Solanum nigrum sending them out very respectfully. But when he heard that the transaction amount reached one million, he was instantly dumbfounded.

They would never have imagined that in such a remote town, there could be such a large amount of business. Even in the history of Qianlong Pavilion transactions, it can still be ranked in the top three.

"My dear, it's a good thing I didn't do anything, otherwise I would have caused a catastrophe." A guard watched the backs of the four leaving, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and sighed, while the other nodded like a chicken eating rice.

Qianlong Pavilion treats big households with great respect. If anyone in Qianlong Pavilion offends them, they will definitely be severely punished by the family.

Especially for this kind of big family with millions of dollars, even the slightest disrespect to them is a capital offense.

Thinking of this, the two guards were sweating profusely...

On the other hand, after Solanum nigrum sent Zhuo Fan and the others away, they came to Long Jiu's room again. At this moment, Long Jiu was leaning over his desk to observe the first-level formation diagram carefully.

"Uncle Jiu, isn't it just a picture of a first-level formation? How could it be possible to offer a sky-high price of 10 million? I've never seen anything worth 10 million before?" Solanum nigrum asked hastily as soon as it entered the door.

Sighing, Long Jiu called Solanum nigrum to his side and said, "Xiao Kui, take a good look at this picture, it's probably the only one in Tianyu Empire."

"This is..." Solanum nigrum stared in surprise.

"Ancient Formation Map!"

Excitement flashed in Long Jiu's eyes, and even his voice trembled slightly: "The ancient formation has long been lost, but judging from the records in ancient books, it is unmistakable. This is the ancient formation map. This is a priceless treasure Ah, how can it be compared with ten million spirit stones."

"What, is this picture really so precious?"

Nodding his head, Long Jiu showed a childlike smile on his face, as if meeting his favorite toy. But soon, as if thinking of something, his face immediately darkened.

"Xiao Kui, tell Ajie to find four or five good men to protect the Luo family. They offended the Sun family yesterday."

"Why should we protect them?" Solanum nigrum asked puzzled.

Long Jiu snorted secretly, and said lightly: "Didn't you hear just now, we owe them this."

Hearing this, Solanum nigrum realized that Zhuo Fan had bargained with Long Jiu for this matter.

However, after all, Uncle Nine is a seasoned veteran of many battles, but this time the negotiation was overwhelmed by a young boy with yellow hair, no wonder he was unhappy.

Thinking of this, Solanum nigrum involuntarily made a "puchi" and laughed...


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