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Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 19

"Two hundred thousand, hehehe..."

Zhuo Fan touched his chin, shook his head and chuckled twice, and reached out to pick up the scroll: "Since Miss Long is so dishonest, let's call it quits."

Leaning back, Solanum nigrum held the scroll tightly in his arms, as if afraid that Zhuo Fan would take it back.

"Mr. Zhuo, it's just a first-level formation map, and 200,000 is already quite a lot. Besides, it's hand-painted, not stored in jade slips. It's quite fair for me to pay 200,000."

"Hehehe...Miss Long, even if I don't read much, you can't lie to me like this. Give me back that picture." Zhuo Fan stretched out his hand, but he was not in a hurry to get it back, but just stared at it. her eyes.

Holding the painting tightly in his hand, Solanum nigrum gritted his teeth and shouted, "I will pay this time, 300,000 yuan."

"Miss Long, you are still not sincere." Zhuo Fan shook his head in disappointment, leaned forward, and began to reach for the scroll.

Solanum nigrum kept curling back, trying to avoid Zhuo Fan's clutches.

What is drawn on this scroll is indeed a first-level formation map, and it is not the first time Solanum nigrum has seen a first-level formation diagram. According to her estimate, 250,000 is just right. The price of 200,000 yuan is also because Zhuo Fan is an expert in this way, and she knows that she cannot be deceived.

However, many of the formations on the formation diagram had never been seen before. In the reserve of the formation map of the No. 1 family of treasures in the Qianlongge Empire, there is a formation that she has never seen before, which makes her feel extremely fresh.

So no matter what, even if she loses money, she still wants to own this formation map.

However, Zhuo Fan seemed to be sure of her point, and he didn't let go at all. So, she had no choice but to look at the nameless Miss Luo Yunshang: "Miss Luo, this picture is worth at most 300,000 yuan. And in the entire Tianyu Empire, only our Qianlong Pavilion has the strength to accept this picture. You can’t get that price anywhere else.”

"Uh..." Luo Yunshang hesitated for a moment, then looked at Zhuo Fan.

Seeing this scene, Solanum nigrum knew that there was a door, and hurriedly continued to seduce: "Miss Luo, if you do such a big business with our Qianlong Pavilion, you will naturally become our distinguished guest. In the future, the door of Qianlong Pavilion will always be open for you."


Luo Yunshang was stunned for a moment, and murmured: "Isn't there a backing here?"

So he was overjoyed, and immediately looked at Zhuo Fan and said, "Zhuo Fan, how about..."

"Shut up!" Zhuo Fan yelled and gave her a hard look.

This stupid woman was fooled by others with a few words. How could Qianlong Pavilion stand up for some shit VIPs? If you want them to be your umbrella, you have to tie the interests of both parties tightly.

"Miss Long, I am the housekeeper of the Luo family. I am in charge of all affairs of the Luo family. Please return this painting to me." Zhuo Fan took a deep breath, restrained his smile when he came, and looked at Solanum nigrum coldly .

Solanum nigrum couldn't help being taken aback, looked at Zhuo Fan, then at Luo Yunshang, completely dumbfounded.

Although it is true that the butler is in charge of the family's affairs, when the power of the butler is strong enough to control the master, can he still be called the butler?

But looking at the situation, the master of the Luo family really can't be the master of the housekeeper.

Sighing, Solanum nigrum reluctantly touched the scroll, and then returned it: "It's a pity, Mr. Zhuo Fan. Your request is too high, and we really can't meet it. However, in the name of Qianlong Pavilion, I I assure you, this map of the first-level formation is really only worth 300,000 at most."

Taking the picture back in his hand, Zhuo Fan looked at Solanum nigrum, bowed slightly, which surprised Solanum nigrum.

However, before she could ask, Zhuo Fan had already said, "I'm sorry, just now I thought the lady was trying to blackmail us on purpose, so you really don't understand. I wonder if there are any other appraisers here?"

"What... what, I don't understand?"

Solanum nigrum couldn't help being taken aback, her face flushed slightly, and there was a faint anger in her heart.

From childhood to adulthood, whenever she glanced at something, she could clearly remember all its characteristics and understand its value. That's why she can tell the real Moyu at a glance when she doesn't know where the fake Moyu is in Fangshi. This is her talent, and it is also her advantage in quickly becoming a top treasure appraiser in Qianlong Pavilion.

In general, it is a talent!

But Zhuo Fan's words just now were a blow to her talent and a denial of her skill in appraising treasures. This insulted her dignity more than any personal attack.

"Mr. Zhuo Fan, although you have a good eye, don't be too conceited." Solanum nigrum showed a smile that was more angry than angry, and said lightly, people could even hear the sound of her teeth gnashing lightly.

But Zhuo Fan still nodded and smiled: "Excuse me, are there any other appraisers?"

After a moment of silence, Solanum nigrum nodded fiercely and said, "Okay, you wait."

As soon as the words fell, Solanum nigrum turned and left. Seeing her disappearing back, Luo Yunshang looked at Zhuo Fan worriedly: "Did we offend Qianlong Pavilion?"

Zhuo Fan shook his head slightly, showing a weird smile.

After a while, with the sound of steady footsteps, Solanum nigrum appeared in front of everyone again. Only at this time, there was another person beside her, a one-eyed old man. Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

"God-eyed Dragon Nine?"

Luo Yunshang was startled, yelled out, and then whispered to Zhuo Fan: "He is the chief manager of Qianlong Pavilion in Fenglin City, the chief appraiser, God Eye Long Jiu."

"It's Miss Luo's family."

A hundred steps away, Long Jiu's voice clearly reached everyone's ears: "When I met your father twenty years ago, he was still in high spirits, but I didn't expect that the descendants have now reached the point of selling their money. "

Zhuo Fan's heart shuddered, and his brows frowned slightly.

Compared with Cai Rong, this person's strength is so much higher that Zhuo Fan can't see his cultivation at all now. It's not that Zhuo Fan has bad eyesight, or that the old man deliberately concealed it, but the difference in strength between the two is too great.

"As expected of Qianlong Pavilion, there is such a master." Zhuo Fan secretly thought.

Soon, Long Jiu came down to the crowd with the support of Solanum nigrum, and Luo Yunshang hurriedly bowed down, "Master Jiu." Others also hurriedly saluted, only Zhuo Fan still stood upright.

Long Jiu's cloudy old eyes sized Zhuo Fan a few times, and said lightly: "Are you the new housekeeper of the Luo family?"

"Yes!" Zhuo Fan nodded.

"Okay, as long as it's not that old grandson, anyone in the Luo family will be fine." Long Jiu glanced at the crowd with deep meaning, sat down slowly, and looked at Zhuo Fan again: "I heard that you treat Xiao Kui well." Is there any doubt in the identification?"

"Yes." Zhuo Fan still said, Solanum nigrum snorted angrily and rolled his eyes.

"Hehehe... Although Xiaokui debuted not long ago, she has a unique vision. She must be right. But since you have doubts, let me, a blind old man, take a look."

"Please take a look."

Zhuo Fan presented the scroll, and Long Jiu took it with a smile, but when he unfolded the scroll, his face froze, and his eyes were fixed on it.

"Uncle Jiu, it's the same as what I said." Solanum nigrum raised her chin and said loudly, "The first-level formation map is worth 300,000 yuan."

Long Jiu didn't speak, just kept staring at the picture, and then looked at Zhuo Fan after a while, and said with a serious face: "I didn't expect such a thing to be hidden in the Luo family, boy, how about 1.8 million? "


As soon as this remark came out, everyone was shocked, especially Solanum nigrum. She never imagined that Long Jiu, the chief appraiser of Qianlong Pavilion, would give such an astronomical figure for this picture...


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