Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 18

There is an ancient building in the east of Fenglin City. The gate tower is tens of feet high, and people feel a deep sense of oppression before approaching, so that no one dares to stay within a hundred meters.

There were only two guards in golden clothes standing outside its door, but the aura exuded from them gave one the feeling of hundreds of well-trained imperial guards standing there.

Although the two guards didn't move, the place where their eyes drifted was as if a sword had been cut, making people dare not look at it.

However, four figures suddenly appeared in this place where few people visited.

"Peak of Qi Gathering Realm!"

Zhuo Fan murmured as he walked here, followed by Luo Yunshang, Luo Yunhai and Commander Pang. Different from Zhuo Fan's calm demeanor, when the three of them saw the eyes of the two guards, their whole bodies were already stiff, and they almost forgot to even walk, and they simply moved forward.


When Zhuo Fan came to the door, two guards stretched out their hands to block his way, and shouted, "Do you dare to break into Qianlong Pavilion?"

"Please inform, Miss Luo of Guiyun Village, Luo Yunshang is asking to see the steward here." Zhuo Fan looked ahead without even glancing at the two guards.

Seeing this scene, the two guards looked at each other with great surprise.

There are many people in Fenglin City who come to see the steward of Qianlong Pavilion, but all those who come to see him are not humble, trembling, and smiling. It's the first time they've seen someone as arrogant as this kid today.

"Luo family, I've never heard of it, we don't see such unknown people in our office!" One of the guards said coldly.

Hearing this, Luo Yunshang secretly lowered his head behind him. For a family of the Seventh Royal Family like Qianlong Pavilion, the Luo family is not even as good as an ant. Not to mention forming an alliance, people would not even meet me.


Luo Yunshang tugged on La Zhuofan's sleeve, but before she could speak, Zhuo Fan threw it away and said with a sneer: "See if that's your master's business, and it's not the turn of two slaves to replace the master." call the shots."

"What did you say?" The two guards yelled, their faces were full of anger, and their whole bodies let go.

In an instant, everyone felt their breath stagnate, and took several steps back again and again. Only Zhuo Fan held back his breath, stood where he was, and said loudly, "Is this how the Yuxia Seventh Family treats guests like this? Hmph, it's better to be famous than to meet."


At this time, a scolding sound sounded, and a girl in white slowly walked out from inside. The two guards hurriedly bowed and said respectfully to the woman, "Miss, someone is here to make trouble."

"I heard what you said just now. It's your fault. The visitor is a guest, so don't be rude." The girl glanced at the two of them coldly, reprimanded, then looked at Zhuo Fan and smiled: "Sir, We meet again."

"It's you?"

Zhuo Fan and Commander Pang were surprised that this girl turned out to be the girl they met in Fangshi.

But in this way, things will be easier to handle.

Zhuo Fan secretly smiled in his heart, but his face remained calm, and he said lightly: "I didn't expect that Miss is from Qianlongge, so I'm disrespectful and disrespectful."

Smiling slightly, the girl nodded and said: "Little nightshade, just doing some chores in Qianlong Pavilion, I don't know why sir is here?"

"To tell you the truth, Zhuo Fan, the housekeeper of Xialuo's family, because of his family's decline, and also heard that Qianlong Pavilion is the number one family of appraising treasures in Dangyu Empire today, so he accompanied the lady to change the seller's heirloom."

"Oh?" Unconsciously, Solanum nigrum nodded to Luo Yunshang with a smile, and then looked at Zhuo Fan: "The treasure that Mr. is going to sell, the little girl must see it, please come inside."

As he said, Solanum nigrum led the way, and Zhuo Fan followed closely with the three men who were timid, leaving only the two guards who watched the backs of the four people disappear before looking at each other. Muttering: "That person just now... is Miss's friend?"

"No way, Miss has such shabby friends, I guess they just want to practice their skills. When the treasures they put out don't suit Miss, they will naturally be kicked out. At that time, hehehe..."

"Yes, we must teach this group of people a lesson, especially that arrogant Zhuo Fan. However, if they take out their treasures, they will please the lady..."

"That's impossible, just because they are so poor, it's not bad if they can come up with a piece of black jade, hahaha..."

Hearing this, the other guard also laughed loudly, and was already gearing up, ready to do something big...

On the other hand, Solanum nigrum brought the four of them to a magnificent room. After the four of them sat down, Solanum nigrum smiled and said: "I don't know if there is any treasure, quickly show it to my little sister."

Zhuo Fan looked at Solanum nigrum, the corners of his mouth curled up unconsciously.

This little girl seems to be inhumane, but she is extremely shrewd. Zhuo Fan was sure that the little girl must know everything about what happened outside the door just now, but she just used the two guards to test them, so as to decide the countermeasures for business negotiations.

If they had any intention of giving in outside the door just now, I am afraid that this little girl's attitude will be extremely tough now.

However, although this girl is a fine person, she is still too tender in front of the old devil Zhuo Fan.


With a shake of Zhuo Fan's hand, a picture scroll was displayed in front of her, with strange figures densely drawn on it. However, it was such a plausible picture that made her gaze freeze immediately.

Slowly taking the scroll with both hands, Solanum nigrum inspected it carefully like touching a treasure.

When Luo Yunshang and Commander Pang saw each other, they looked at each other strangely. This painting was drawn by Zhuo Fan overnight last night. At that time, they only had one feeling when they saw it. What the hell is this?

But at this moment, looking at the appearance of this nightshade, it seems that the value of this painting is quite high.

"Mr. Zhuo Fan, how much do you want to sell?" Solanum nigrum put away the scroll and looked at Zhuo Fan again, but there was already a layer of seriousness in his eyes.

"Miss Long is an expert in appraising treasures. I have seen it when I was in Fangshi. You can make a price." Zhuo Fan smiled and said lightly.

Biting his lips lightly, Solanum nigrum looked at Zhuo Fan's deep eyes, knowing that he was also an expert and couldn't be fooled, so he said, "How about two hundred thousand spirit stones?"

"What, two hundred thousand?"

Luo Yunshang's breath stagnated unconsciously, and he stood up in shock.

Even in the heyday of Guiyun Village, the Lingshi in the village did not reach 50,000 yuan, but a painting by Zhuo Fan who didn't know what it was, actually asked for 200,000 yuan directly?

Commander Pang also stared at all this in a daze, his head short-circuited for an instant, unable to think.

Seeing the performance of these two people, Solanum nigrum could not feel a trace of contempt flashing in their eyes.

Damn, my old lady drove high, these earth leopards. Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

But when she saw Zhuo Fan's inexplicable smile and sat quietly in her seat, her eyes became serious again.

The real master of appreciating treasures is this butler...


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