Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 10

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and the Nine Nether Demons belong to me."

A set of seal formulas in Zhuo Fan's hand was activated in an instant, and Luo Yunshang, who was controlling the formation, suddenly lost control of the Yinsha formation, and at the same time, the situation of Steward Sun and the others that had been vividly seen before disappeared in an instant.

Luo Yunshang was a little strange, and he formed a seal in his hand again, but he could no longer grasp every plant and tree in the formation.


Suddenly, people's shrill roars sounded from all corners of the foggy forest. Butler Sun and the others had completely turned into pitch black at this time, but there was still a trace of consciousness, and black shadows were constantly flying out of their bodies.

Every time one flew out, they wailed in agony as if a piece of flesh had been cut off. The screams didn't stop until all the shadows in their bodies left. But the light in their eyes had long since disappeared, and their bodies were as dry as a thousand-year-old mummy, and they were all shattered into powder when the wind blew.

Zhuo Fan sat cross-legged in the black mist, and there were thousands of those black shadows, as if a swarm of bees were returning to their nest, they all rushed into his body.

He just accepted it calmly, and his face gradually darkened like Steward Sun and the others before. After all the black shadows had entered his body, he changed his hand formula and started the Heavenly Demon Da Hua Jue.

In an instant, the bubbling black energy swelled in his body, washing over his tendons like a galloping sea, and finally flowed into his dantian. And his aura is also surging.


In an instant, Zhuo Fan had broken through to the sixth floor of the foundation building.


With another soft sound, he broke through the bottleneck of the seventh foundation building.

Immediately afterwards, the eighth floor of the foundation, the nineth floor of the foundation, and finally came to the bottleneck of the peak of the foundation.

Slowly opening his eyes, Zhuo Fan couldn't help taking a deep breath, clenched his fists, and then continued to break through.

This time, it wasn't as easy as before, and the demonic energy brought to him by those Yin Shas had almost been consumed. However, based on his many years of cultivation experience as an old devil, he understands that the more this kind of breakthrough when the energy is exhausted, the more valuable it will be for future achievements.

So he gritted his teeth and continued to run the exercises, draining all the energy brought by each Yin Sha, and then used his remaining energy to make the final charge.


There was a loud noise, and Zhuo Fan seemed to hear the sound of something breaking. Immediately afterwards, like a flood erupting, a strong elemental force inexplicably emerged in his body, which washed away his tendons again, and finally returned to his dantian, replenishing the dried up elemental force. To exit the transcoding page, please download the app Love Reading Novels to read the latest chapters.

And this time, the flushing had more than doubled his tendons.

Qi Gathering Environment!

Zhuo Fan opened his eyes, and his eyes were full of joy.

After all, he had the experience of cultivating to the Demon Emperor. This time when he broke through the Qi Gathering Realm, his tendons and veins were much wider than when he broke through before. Moreover, the energy stored in the dantian is not comparable to that of ordinary Qi-gathering masters, at least three times more.

Exhaling for a long time, Zhuo Fan's hand formula changed again, and the evil spirit in his body began to leave his body. Only this time, those evil spirits turned gray again, and all the black on the surface of his body disappeared.

After all the evil spirits left, Zhuo Fan stood up, and with a movement of his hand, the black mist dissipated instantly, and the dazzling sunlight rarely shot into the perennial foggy forest.

At this moment, he can already control this large formation at will, and he no longer needs to borrow Luo Yunshang's hands.

Looking up at the blue sky, Zhuo Fan showed a smile on his face: "Now that I have broken through the Qi Gathering Realm, I should practice some martial arts."

This time, Sun Butler and other gangsters were killed, not so much to protect the Luo family siblings, but rather to say that the real big winner was Zhuo Fan himself. If it hadn't been for swallowing Steward Sun's energy, Zhuo Fan wouldn't have reached the Qi Gathering Realm so quickly.

And only when he reaches Qi Gathering Realm, can he have the ability to practice martial arts. Not only will he be able to protect himself in the future, but he will also have more opportunities to devour other strong people and become stronger.


At this time, with a clear cry, Luo Yunshang came to him with his younger brother and the guard commander in his arms: "Where did you go just now, why did the formation suddenly get out of control?"

"Oh, maybe it's because there are too few spirit stones, so the formation is flawed, so it's out of control. I just went to see if Butler Sun and the others are dead. I'm glad that none of them escaped." Zhuo Fan prevaricated.

He will not reveal his secrets. After all, in this world, demon cultivators are feared by other cultivators because of their strength, strangeness, and rapid cultivation.

What's more, his Heavenly Demon Dahua Jue is the devil among the devils. If people know about it, they will definitely become the target of public criticism. He died because of this in his previous life, so he will naturally not make this mistake again in this life.

Luo Yunshang nodded without much doubt.

Commander Pang looked at Zhuo Fan with some hesitation in his eyes, but soon he took a step forward and knelt down as if he had made a decision.

"Brother Zhuo Fan, you were reckless before. I don't know that you lured the enemy into deep, and you even insulted him. You are offended. If you want to beat or punish, you will do as you please. Even if you want Pang's head, Pang will not Frown."

Seeing this, Zhuo Fan nodded secretly. This man surnamed Pang is a loyal servant. If Zhao Cheng was half as loyal as Commander Pang, he would not be reduced to what he is now.

Sighing secretly in his heart, Zhuo Fan helped Commander Pang up, and said with a smile: "Commander Pang is the commander of the guards. I am just a small servant, so how dare I accept your big gift. Besides, I can wipe out Steward Sun and the others this time. You have to rely on the formation that the young lady has laid out."

Hearing this, Luo Yunshang was taken aback, and looked at Zhuo Fan suspiciously. When he saw him winking at him, he nodded slightly.

Although Luo Yunshang didn't understand why Zhuo Fan didn't want to admit that this was the formation he had set up, but after all, he had saved himself, so he obeyed his will.

Commander Pang looked at Luo Yunshang in amazement: "Miss, can you do formations?"

Luo Yunshang smiled awkwardly, and reluctantly admitted.

"God bless the Luo family, the young lady knows formations, and the revival of the Luo family is just around the corner!" Commander Pang laughed, with tears of excitement in his eyes.

Zhuo Fan touched his nose, noncommittal.

Luo Yunshang secretly looked at Zhuo Fan, if the formation can really revive the Luo family, then it must rely on this person.


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