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Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 9

A group of people walked in the white mist like candied haws on a string, holding the red rope in their hands. Zhuo Fan walked in the front, followed by Steward Sun holding his clothes firmly in the back to prevent him from running away.

Because the fog was too thick, even the two people who were next to each other couldn't see each other's figure at all, so everyone could only rely on the touch to get close to each other so as not to get lost.

When everyone came to the center of the foggy forest, and it was impossible for anyone to escape here, Zhuo Fan stopped suddenly.

"What's the matter?" Steward Sun was taken aback, feeling a little apprehensive, and his hand holding Zhuo Fan's clothes tightened again unconsciously.

Smiling evilly, Zhuo Fan said lightly: "Sun Butler, I will send you here. You should walk the road to Huangquan by yourself."

Startled, Sun Butler realized he had fallen into a trap. He couldn't help but retracted his hand, pulled Zhuo Fan to his side, and then patted it with a palm.

With a bang, the clothes shattered into pieces of cloth. But what was wrapped in the clothes was not Zhuo Fan, but a thick piece of wood.

This... When did this kid get away?

Steward Sun watched all this in amazement. He had been on guard against Zhuo Fan along the way to prevent him from cheating, but unexpectedly let him run away.

"Quick, go back the same way." Butler Sun hurriedly turned around and said hurriedly.

When everyone heard his words, they immediately pulled the red rope back.

However, at this moment, the last person shouted in the mist: "It's not good, the red rope to go back is broken."

Hearing this, everyone felt like a thunderbolt in the clear sky, their faces were ashen. Trapped in the mist, how could they return safely without a red rope to guide them?

Steward Sun gritted his teeth and stomped his feet: "Damn it, I was slapped by this little bastard."

"Come here, bring that Pang over here."

"Sun Butler, it's not good, the man surnamed Pang is gone."


Butler Sun punched the ground hard, punching a big hole one meter square.

He would never have imagined that he would end up falling into the hands of a stinky brat in the end that he had been cunning and calculating every step of his life.

"Stinky boy, the old man has crossed more bridges than you have traveled. Don't think that a small foggy forest can trap the old man." Steward Sun raised his head and shouted, "When the old man goes out, he will definitely break you!" Ten thousand pieces of corpses."

"Hehehe...then you will never have this chance."

Suddenly, Zhuo Fan's chuckle sounded in the misty forest, and the next moment the faint white mist gradually turned blood red.

"What's going on, the fog has turned red!"

Everyone looked at the changes in the surrounding environment in shock, with horror in their eyes. Even if they were bandits who killed without blood, they had never seen such a strange thing.

"Sun Butler, you are very well-informed, what... what's going on?"

A bandit yelled anxiously, but there was no answer. When he fumbled back and forth, he couldn't find another figure, as if everyone disappeared at once, and he was the only one left.

The experience of the others was exactly the same as his. The people who were connected by a red rope before had all disappeared.

Sun Butler looked at all this with an unbelievable expression in his eyes, and murmured: "This...is this...a formation!"

Steward Sun, who has lived for most of his life, has seen a lot after all, but the more he sees, the more he knows how powerful this formation is, the more terrified he becomes.

But all formations are based on the power of heaven and earth. Only one person can control and kill dozens of people of the same strength in the formation, or even dozens of masters, and its power is immeasurable.

However, he never thought that they would be trapped in a formation.

"Zhuofan, you... who are you?"

Steward Sun trembled, his eyes showing deep fear like never before.

He can finally see now that Zhuo Fan is not an ordinary person at all, how can ordinary people understand formations? If Zhuo Fan had shown him the formation from the beginning, he would not even have the courage to pursue it.

Luo Yunshang, who was controlling the entire formation at the eye of the formation, fully understood the situation in the formation. At this time, he unconsciously looked at Zhuo Fan beside him, his eyes full of curiosity.

Squinting his eyes slightly, Zhuo Fan still maintained his calm face, and said lightly: "Kill!"


When Luo Yunshang heard the order, the formula in his hand changed immediately.

In an instant, the blood-red mist suddenly changed into pure black, swallowing everyone into the thick black mist. If they just couldn't see others before, at this time, they can't even see themselves at all. m.biqugexs.com

Only in the ears, there was a mournful wail resounding, like thousands of ghosts surrounding him.

Loneliness and fear made them completely lose the power of resistance in their hearts, and streams of black air rushed into their bodies without hindrance.

They just feel that their body, mind and soul are being swallowed by something, but they can't resist it at all.

At this moment, there is nothing but fear in their eyes.

The corners of his mouth turned up involuntarily, Zhuo Fan's eyes flashed with excitement, he left Luo Yunshang in a flash, came to another eye, and sat down cross-legged.

All the formations recorded in the Nine Nether Secret Records can be linked with the Heavenly Demon Dahua Jue.

Now all the people in the formation have been demonized, and then he will absorb all the energy of everyone...


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