Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 6

Zhuo Fan held Luo Yunhai in one hand, and grabbed Luo Yunshang's soft pancreas with the other and ran forward. The shouts and wailing of Luo's guards and bandits sounded behind him.

"Wait, we can't leave them behind." Luo Yunshang was led by Zhuo Fan and ran hundreds of meters away before finally recovering, and said anxiously.

Ignoring the clamor of the eldest lady, Zhuo Fan still ran with his head buried.

"Let go!"

Seeing that he didn't obey the order, Luo Yunshang broke free from his restraint with a flick of his hand. Zhuo Fan also stopped, and turned to look at her coldly.

"We must go back, we cannot let the guards of the Luo family lose their lives in vain for us."

"Can you defeat those bandits when you go back?" Zhuo Fan said lightly.

Pursing his lips lightly, Luo Yunshang frowned and sighed: "Oh, others can say it, but the butler Sun has the strength of the sixth level of energy gathering, while I only have the strength of the third level of energy gathering, and the commander of the guards is only at the fourth level of energy gathering , even if the two join forces, they are not his opponents."

"Then it's useless for you to go back, let's go."

Zhuo Fan snorted coldly, picked up Luo Yunhai and continued walking forward.

However, at this moment, the child in his hand kept struggling: "Slave dog, how did you talk to the master? Hurry up and apologize to my sister, or I will have someone blow your ass open."

Can't help being taken aback, Zhuo Fan glanced at the child with teeth and claws in his hands, and then at Luo Yunshang, only to see that the young lady also had an angry look on her face. Only then did he recall that his current status is a slave of the Luo family, and what he said just now was indeed disrespectful to his master.

But so what, he is not the real Zhuo Fan.

Besides, a phoenix that lands is not as good as a chicken. You are a small family that is almost wiped out, what can you do?

If he wasn't afraid of the demons in his heart, he wouldn't be bothered to deal with such nonsense like you!

"Stinky brat, do you believe that I'm going to blow your ass right now?" Zhuo Fan stared at Luo Yunhai and said.

"You dare, dog slave!" Luo Yunhai also stared back without fear. He grew up in the villa, and he knew the difference in status since he was a child, so he would not be afraid of the threat of a domestic slave.

But unfortunately, the person in front of him is not the real Luo family slave.

Seeing the brat sneer, Zhuo Fandang even put him on his knees, pulled his pants off, and a few bright red palm prints were printed on his buttocks.

Loud applause resounded in the ears of the three of them, and Luo Yunhai and Luo Yunshang were momentarily stunned. They would never have imagined that a house slave would have the guts to spank his master's ass.

Especially that brat Luo Yunhai forgot the pain in his butt. It took a while before I realized it, feeling the burning pain on my buttocks, and burst into tears.


Luo Yunshang came back to his senses and couldn't help being shocked. He quickly snatched his younger brother, hugged him in his arms, and said angrily, "Zhuo Fan, you are so brave, you dare to attack the young master."

Luo Yunshang is well-known in the Luo family for her good temper, gentle and elegant, and a lady of every family, and never loses her temper with the servants. But this time, seeing Zhuo Fan dared to commit a crime, he couldn't help being angry and roaring.

Zhuo Fan glanced at Luo Yunshang sideways, and said with a sneer: "If you say you are brave, I am not as good as you, Miss. The enemy is about to kill you, and you still have time to lose my temper with me."

At this time, the shouts of killing in the distance became smaller and smaller, and Zhuo Fan and Luo Yunshang knew in their hearts that the guards were about to be overwhelmed.

"I can at most spank this kid a few times now, but if you don't run away, whoever comes will kill this kid." Zhuo Fan pointed at Luo Yunhai and said lightly.

Although Luo Yunshang was still angry in her heart, Zhuo Fan's words reached her heart every sentence. Luo Yunhai is the only male in his Luo family, even if her elder sister can risk her life, her younger brother must be fine.

After thinking for a while, Luo Yunshang looked at Zhuo Fan and said solemnly: "Zhuo Fan, take the young master away immediately, and I will stop those bandits."

"I refuse!" Zhuo Fan said without hesitation, "If you dare to leave, I will strangle this brat immediately."


Luo Yunshang couldn't help being speechless, feeling bitter in his heart. He would never have thought that the Luo family would have such a bold and arrogant servant who even dared to threaten the master.

"I grew up in Luojia, and I am not familiar with the surrounding terrain. If you are not here, it will be difficult for me and this kid to escape." Zhuo Fan continued.

Hearing this, Luo Yunshang nodded secretly, and the anger in his heart subsided a little, the words made sense. But his next sentence made Luo Yunshang's extinguished anger burn again.

"It doesn't matter if you die, it's not worth it for the old man who killed you to be buried with you."

"You..." Luo Yunshang's face turned green with anger, but he just couldn't speak.

Without looking at their siblings again, Zhuo Fan turned and left: "By the way, is there any hiding place nearby?"

With a cold snort, Luo Yunshang looked at Zhuo Fan in front of him, pulling him like two to five or eight thousand, and ignored him.

However, she is a well-cultivated lady after all. Although she was angry with Zhuo Fan in her heart, she still analyzed carefully for the sake of the overall situation: "There are some farms within a hundred miles, and there is no hiding place. There is only a foggy forest on the west side of Heifeng Mountain , few people come, even the bandits in Heifeng Mountain may not know the terrain there."

"Okay, let's go there."

Zhuo Fan nodded and motioned to Luo Yunshang, "Hold your brother and lead the way."

With an angry snort, Luo Yunshang stopped looking at him and walked straight forward.

She didn't know what kind of bad luck happened to her, but the one who ended up with the siblings was such a domineering dog slave. Now she is leading the way, and this dog slave is following behind, it seems like she is being escorted by this slave.

Such humiliation, the siblings had never met before.

"You wait for me, and wait until you are out of danger, and see how Miss Ben will deal with you." Luo Yunshang thought angrily in her heart.


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