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Butler of the Demon Emperor Chapter 4 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 4

Startled, Zhuo Fan clutched his chest tightly, fell to the ground in pain, and murmured: "What's the matter, did I go crazy in practice?"

Thinking of this, Zhuo Fan began to panic. If the Heavenly Demon Dahua Jue goes mad from the very beginning and its foundation is unstable, it is not just as simple as wasting all previous efforts. I am afraid that I will never be able to cultivate again in this life, and I will become a useless person completely.

However, that kind of heartache seemed to be only fleeting, and it disappeared immediately.

Zhuo Fan stood up, took a deep breath, frowned deeply, touched his chest, puzzled.

However, when he took another step, his heart was throbbing again!

"No, this is not a madness, but... a demon!"

This time, Zhuo Fan thought of the reason, so he immediately settled down to check the source of the demon. For cultivators, if they let their inner demons go, they will not be far from being insane.

In just a few breaths, Zhuo Fan had already found out the reason, but this reason made him feel a little awkward.

It turned out that Zhuo Fan was a loyal servant before being taken away by the Demon Emperor, and the lady of the house was very kind to him, so he swore to be loyal to the Luo family for the rest of his life. And before he died, the obsession in his heart was the regret of not being able to protect the Luo family.

At this moment, the Demon Emperor's resentment merged with his obsession, and the Demon Emperor won his soul and body to be reborn again, and his obsession was equivalent to the contract with the Demon Emperor, becoming the Demon Emperor bondage. iread novel app read the full content

That is to say, the Demon Emperor was born because of him, so he has to replace him to protect the first generation of the Luo family, otherwise he will inevitably be haunted by demons.

"Damn it, what's wrong with this kid's obsession, he just wants to be a slave to others." Zhuo Fan wanted to cry but had no tears, his mouth full of bitterness.

Thinking that Zhuo Yifan, the majestic Demon Emperor, the head of the Eight Emperors of the Sanctuary, how could he be dragged down by a small family?

However, this demon cannot be left alone.

Thinking of this, Zhuo Fan helplessly rubbed his forehead: "You kid's last wish is to find someone to avenge, at worst, you can kill someone for you in a few years, but... well, I have been raped by you all my life." ruined."

"Who is it, come out!"

Suddenly, an old shout sounded, and Zhuo Fan suddenly felt a strong killing intent shooting towards him.

Shaking his head helplessly, Zhuo Fan sighed and walked out with his head held high.

Now that he was discovered, the only way to meet this traitor, Butler Sun...

Pushing aside the bushes of Xisu, Zhuo Fan came to everyone with great strides.

When Butler Sun saw that it was him, he couldn't help laughing, his eyes showed contempt: "Hmph, who am I? It turns out it's you, you little bastard."

After finishing speaking, Steward Sun looked at Luo Yunshang again, but he didn't pay attention to him at all.

"Miss, this old slave advises you to hand over the technique of returning to the dragon's palm as soon as possible, so that no one will be killed or injured for you. I think you don't want to see such a situation."

"Fart, old man Sun, you are a traitor in the villa. As long as we are here, you will never hurt Miss and Master." The head of the Luo family guard took a step forward and shouted.

Luo Yunshang also glared, her pretty face full of unyielding expressions: "Sun Butler, Huilongzhang is a spiritual martial skill passed down from generation to generation in my Luo family, and we will not hand it over to you even if we die."

After hearing what they said, Zhuo Fan snorted coldly in disdain.

Why did he think these bandits attacked the Luo family? It turned out that it was just for a spiritual-level martial art.

On the Emperor Martial Continent, all martial arts and martial arts are divided into five levels of Heaven and Earth Xuanlingfan, and each level is divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced. In the sanctuary, martial arts of the spiritual level are everywhere, and in the eyes of his demon emperor, they are like rubbish. He has more than a thousand of them in his hand.

It's not worth dying for something like this.

Zhuo Fan sighed helplessly, and lazily shouted: "Miss, it's just a spiritual-level martial art, what's the big deal, give it to them, and I'll pay you another one later."

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was startled, and then they all looked at him as if they were looking at a lunatic.

"Zhuo Fan, you brat, you have such a big tone, you just lost a book of spiritual martial arts casually? Why, just because you have been a slave in the Luo family for fifteen years? Hahaha..."

Butler Sun looked up to the sky and laughed, his eyes full of sarcasm. The rest of the thieves also laughed out loud, the taunt in their eyes was not concealed at all.

The guards looked at Zhuo Fan with puzzled expressions. Especially those friends who are familiar with Zhuo Fan on weekdays are even more strange.

This kid is usually quite honest, why is he talking nonsense now, is it because he was scared crazy by these bandits?

Well, it must be!

Ever since, all the guards looked at him with sympathy.

Fully understanding what they were thinking, Zhuo Fan shrugged indifferently. At this moment, I am afraid that they will not believe him when he says that he not only has the martial arts of the spirit level, but also the lifelong knowledge of the ancient devil emperor, the Nine Nether Secret Records.

"Zhuofan, stop talking nonsense, why don't you hurry up and take care of the young master?"

Suddenly, there was a screeching sound. Zhuo Fan turned his head to look, and saw Luo Yunshang looking at him with an angry face. However, in the depths of her eyes, Zhuo Fan could see a trace of pity.


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