Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 3


Under the guard's horrified eyes, Zhuo Fan slapped his Tianling Cap with a palm, and began to practice the exercises.

In an instant, streaks of black air flow emerged from his hands, and penetrated into the guard's body like distorted worms. And as soon as this black air entered his body, the guard's expression changed drastically.

The originally terrified expression was stained with painful distortions, and the pale face due to excessive blood loss gradually turned black at this time. After a while, the guard's whole body has been turned into a ball of black charcoal. In the dark night, you can't see his figure clearly unless you look carefully.

Seeing this scene, the corners of Zhuo Fan's mouth curled up slightly, and a rare look of excitement was released in his eyes.

Although the Heavenly Demon Dahua Jue turns other people's cultivation base into one's own skill, how can one take away the energy that others have worked so hard to cultivate so easily? Even if it is inhaled into the body, it will probably be repelled by itself. Especially the foundation, which is the foundation of future cultivation, must be treated with caution.

Therefore, Zhuo Fan must first demonize his Yuanli before he can completely absorb it.

Taking a deep breath, Zhuo Fan calmed down his excitement, tightened his hands, and the black air flow began to flow back from the guard into his body, and the black body of the guard also began to dry up quickly.

Half an hour later, Zhuo Fan withdrew his palms and lay cross-legged on the ground, exercising his exercises to refine the new energy in his body.

The body of the guard fell to the ground, and fell into powder with a touch. It was as if an ancient corpse that had been dead for thousands of years was suddenly dug out from the ground and then weathered in the air, completely turning into a pile of sand and floating in the air.

The Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Jue created by the Demon Emperor Jiuyou can not only take away its power and make it my own, but it can also suck up the life essence of others.

The powerful black air flow rushed through the body like a flood. Zhuo Fan hurriedly calmed down, performed the exercises, and directed this force to his major tendons, constantly washing away the barriers of the tendons, and gradually widening the tendons.

All the energy of the Qi-gathering master was poured into his body, which had never been cultivated before, and the pain that almost tore the tendons caused fine beads of sweat to emerge from his forehead.

But he still endured it, because he knew that such a powerful empowerment would give him a solid foundation that no one else could match. With such a foundation as a guarantee, his future cultivation will be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Time passed by one minute and one second, one hour, two hours, Zhuo Fan kept gritting his teeth, and the sweat on his head flowed down like a waterfall...

After another three hours, Zhuo Fan's clenched teeth began to loosen. Those black air currents circulated hundreds of times in his body and returned to his dantian, turning into a pool of black lake water quietly Staying there, there is no previous rage anymore.

Slowly opening his eyes, Zhuo Fan let out a long breath of foul air. The clouds in the sky had already given off a faint white light, and the beasts who had had a full night's meal began to walk deep into the forest.

"Is it dawn? Hehehe, I never imagined that it would take a night to refine the skill of a Qi Gathering Level 2 cultivator."

Zhuo Fan laughed, shook his head, and began to check his body at this time.


With a loud noise, a boulder was instantly shattered by Zhuo Fan's thin fist.

Zhuo Fan nodded with satisfaction, his body was tempered by the energy of the Qi-gathering master, and he was greatly improved. As far as physical strength is concerned, it is no longer inferior to the master of Qi Gathering Realm.

Then, he checked his cultivation base again.

But if you don't look at it, you don't know. After checking, even he himself couldn't help being shocked.

His cultivation has reached the fifth level of foundation building directly from nothing, and what is stored in his body is not the vitality of the foundation building state, but directly the energy of the energy gathering state.

"Good guy, this Tianmo Dahua Jue is really wonderful." Zhuo Fan couldn't help but secretly clicked his tongue, feeling a burst of joy in his heart.

Generally speaking, even those talented geniuses in the sanctuary will need a year or so to cultivate to the fifth level of foundation building. But he just spent one night, and he has already achieved the results that others can only achieve in two or three years. iread novel app read the full content

"It seems that I will be able to return to the sanctuary in a short time, hehehe..." Zhuo Fan said with a dark smile.

However, just as he was fantasizing about returning to the past, a series of killing cries suddenly reached his ears.

Frowning, Zhuo Fan looked in the direction of the sound and walked there cautiously. He knew in his heart that although he now had the foundation building five-level skill, his meager skills were not enough to use some of the simplest martial arts, and he had no power to fight back against a master.

So it's better to be cautious in everything you do. After all, he is no longer the all-powerful Demon Emperor back then.

Moving lightly like a wild cat to the edge of a bush, Zhuo Fan slowly pushed aside the weeds and looked out. There, there are two groups of people confronting each other.

There were more than a dozen people in the group, and they looked like they were Luo family's guards, surrounded by a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl and a five or six-year-old boy.

The other group were all dressed in black, led by an old man, about twenty or so. And that old man, Zhuo Fan looked very familiar. After thinking about it carefully, he finally remembered that the old man was the butler of the Luo family, Steward Sun. And the man and woman surrounded by the guards are the young master Luo Yunhai and the young lady Luo Yunshang of the Luo family.

"Hmph, it's no wonder that the Luo family's tight guard was broken by the bandits from Heifeng Mountain. It turns out that they are out of the family bandits."

Zhuo Fan sneered in his heart, thinking of his apprentice Zhao Cheng again, his fists tightened unconsciously.

In his previous life, he was betrayed by his closest disciple, and the person he took away from him died because of this in this life, which made him feel a sense of sympathy for each other.

But soon, he shook his head, sighed secretly, turned his head and left.

With his current strength, he can't help anyone at all. Besides, he has nothing to do with the Luo family, so there's no need to work for them.

However, just as he took two steps back, his heart suddenly ached, which made it difficult for him to take the third step.


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