Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 30

This is not the first time Mu Lele has hit Yan Xibo's arm, but it is the first time when an outsider hit Yan Xibo's arm. She even touched the muscles on Yan Xibo's arm through the shirt. ,"you dare!"

The atmosphere in the car was awkward for a moment, the manager lowered his head, he didn't know how to adjust the situation in front of him. I heard that the two were at odds, but I didn't expect that they would not only disagree, but also fight.

Mu Lele turned her head and stared at the timid manager, "You can't even get comprehensive and timely news. How did you become a leader? Does that mean that they don't contact customers or work?"

The two people in the car were yelled at by Mu Lele.

The manager didn't dare to speak when he saw the president, let alone him.

Mu Lele looked at Yan Xibo's dark side face, knowing that Yan Xibo didn't like being with Abu, she deliberately said: "Tomorrow I will be with Abu, if you dare to fire him, you will also fire me." gone."

Yan Xibo leaned his arms on the armrest, looked at Mu Lele who was angry with him, took a deep breath, his brows were stern, "Mu Lele, I asked you to work, not to make friends."

Mu Lele looked at Yan Xibo, "He wasn't my friend originally, but I think his existence can annoy you, so he is my friend. I still have to protect him. If you dare to fire him, I will dare to fire him." Resign. If he doesn't have a job, I dare to take care of him."

The manager's eyes widened instantly, not daring to

Believing what he heard, he looked at Miss Mu's family and said support...Abu?

When he turned his head to look at Yan Xibo again, his body became cold for a moment, and his eyes were oppressive, looking at Mu Lele for a moment.

Yan Xibo started the car and said directly: "Get out of the car."

The manager knew it was interesting and knew it was meant for him, so he got out of the car without stopping.

The air outside the car is so free.

Then, Yan Xibo directly drove Mu Lele away from the sales department.

Galloping all the way, Yan Xibo stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, Mu Lele turned his face away, and did not meet Yan Xibo's eyes.

Every time the good impression between the two of them will not last more than three days.

Arriving at the Mu's Manor, Yan Xibo got out of the car and went directly to the co-pilot, without saying a word, grabbed Mu Lele's wrist, and pulled towards the house.

Mu Lele was wearing high heels, sprained, "Yan Xibo, you are sick, let me go." She shook the man's big hand on her wrist, "Let go of me."

Yan Xibo grabbed her into the living room, while Mu Lele was still pushing his palm, and her wrist was pinched red.

Dian Dian didn't fall asleep. Hearing the movement downstairs, he obediently went out to take a look. What he saw was the cruel father holding Mu Mu up the steps. When he saw Dian Dian, Yan Xibo ordered in a deep voice, " Go back to bed."

Dian Dian grabbed the railing with her small hand, and walked back obediently.

Mu Lele was pulled

They went to the bedroom of the two of them, and as soon as they entered, Yan Xibo pushed her hard before letting go. "Mu Lele, I'm warning you, please pay attention to me during marriage."

Mu Lele staggered a bit before standing still. She swept the hair on her forehead casually, her delicate face was full of dissatisfaction at the moment, "I want to pay attention to you, you are dreaming. You don't want me to be with Abu, and I still prefer I'm going to be with him, tomorrow I'll be with him, I...ah, Yan Xibo, you push...uh"

Yan Xibo looked at Mu Lele's irritating little mouth. He walked over, grabbed Mu Lele and pushed her down on the bed. He stepped forward, pinched Mu Lele's jaw, and kissed her directly the next moment.

Mu Lele's struggling hands were held directly by him, and he kissed so hard that the heavy man's body was directly pressed against Mu Lele's small body, with a punishing and predatory kiss, oppressing Mu Lele so that he could not move.

"Well, Yan..."

She opened her mouth, and Yan Xibo's long tongue drove in, filling her entire mouth.

Mu Lele was crushed under her body and couldn't move. The hands she had managed to break free, before she could make a move on Yan Xibo, were seized again the next second. The man's smell lingered in from her nose, and the big tongue in her mouth made her blush with anger, she didn't know whether it was shame or annoyance.

Not far from the guest room, Diandian thought of the scary godfather just now, so the child subconsciously called his dependent mother out of concern.


master bedroom,

Mu Lele's eyes were red from being kissed. She was sobbing intermittently, and her resistance was no longer fierce. Yan Xibo felt the sobbing of the girl under him. He opened his eyes, stopped his movements, and then slowly raised his head, looking at The red-eyed girl who hadn't been in front of him for so many years, now the whites of her eyes are pink, and her eye sockets are foggy. At this moment, the girl's delicate lips became blood red, and the skin was torn in some places, and the pink and tender uvula was also bright red at this moment.

Yan Xibo's breath was still on Mu Lele's face, the anger in his eyes just now faded away, and now he didn't look like he was burning with anger just now, but he still didn't get up, "Lele, my bottom line is that our marriage .”

Mu Lele panted heavily, her chest swelled slightly, her eyes were burning with small flames and she stared at the man on her body, "My bottom line is, I won't make it easier for you!"

Yan Xibo pursed his lips, with a cold expression on his face, just as he was pinching Mu Lele's jaw and was about to clean her up again, Yan Xibo's cell phone rang.

Yan Xibo swallowed his saliva, glanced at Mu Lele, finally got up from Mu Lele, picked up the phone to connect, "Hello, Xu Luo, what's the matter?"

Mu Lele sat up from the bed, looked at Yan Xibo who looked like a man in a suit and leather shoes, and thought of his taking advantage of him several times, her grievance rose from the bottom of her heart, and she ran directly to the bathroom.

When I was wronged before, I immediately called my grandfather to complain, but so many times

, Mu Lele also discovered that as long as it was related to Yan Xibo, even if she suffered a great grievance, Grandpa would not stand by her side.

Mu Lele wiped her eyes with both hands, and turned on the tap to wash her face.

Yan Xibo picked up the phone, turned around and glanced at Mu Lele's leaving back, and answered Xu Luo's call, "We're fine."

"Xibo, you know that Lele has a bad temper, so you follow her. The more you provoke her, the more you push her away." Xu Luo also contacted Mu Lele a few times, Xu Luo didn't know who she was Got it, "Although Lele loves to play, she has a plan in her heart. But the more you don't let her do something, the more she will do it against you. If you talk to her carefully, she won't listen of.

Even though Lele said that the world doesn't believe you the least, she has her own ruler in her heart, and she will listen to it. "

Thinking of the sound of running water in the bathroom, Yan Xibo sat on the sofa and took a deep breath, "You go to bed early, and don't worry about other things."

After speaking, Yan Xibo hung up the phone.

After a while, Xu Luo called Mu Lele again, but she was taking a shower. When Yan Xibo saw the caller, he hung up for Mu Lele, and then used his mobile phone to call back: she was taking a shower.

After a while, Mu Lele went out and changed into clean clothes, ready to go out.

Yan Xibo directly blocked the door, "Where are you going?"


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