Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 28

"President, according to your and Miss Lele's request, Miss Lele's identity has not been made public, so I'm going to study now." The manager took a deep breath and asked boldly, "President, is Miss Lele a little uncomfortable with me?" Too suitable?" The manager wanted Miss Lele to go directly to the company's headquarters, as his subordinates couldn't afford to keep this big Buddha.

Yan Xibo: "What is her attitude when she goes to study?"

The manager glanced at the direction in which he was leaving, and replied, "Very cooperative."

Yan Xibo smiled, "That's fine."

Thinking of Miss Lele's appearance when she first arrived, the manager said nervously: "But President, when Miss Lele first came to apply for the job, she was obviously angry."

Yan Xibo smiled, "Send me the surveillance that she applied for today."

Not long after hanging up the phone, Yan Xibo received a video of Mu Lele going to "find fault" in the morning on his mobile phone.

He watched the video and laughed.

In the sales department, Mu Lele followed Xiaoxiao all the way to get familiar with the work process and requirements, as well as every feature of the house, including selling points and common area, as well as the house type, how to calculate the price.

"You may have just made it, and you can't remember everything. It's okay. If you have guests, you can follow me and learn slowly." Xiaoxiao said.

Mu Lele's cell phone rang, and she said to Xiaoxiao while holding the cell phone: "No need, I remember everything."

She saw that the caller was Grandpa, so she answered, "Hi, what are you doing? I'm looking at the house outside,

Let's talk about it when we go home. "

Mr. Mu went crazy: "Is this how you talk to your grandpa?"

Mu Lele wanted to go back angrily, but when she saw that there were outsiders beside her, she said, "Cultivate your immortality."

After finishing speaking, she hung up the phone and looked at Xiaoxiao.

"Oh, an old man who failed in cultivating immortals."

Xiaoxiao laughed, "Is it your family?"

After a while, Yan Xibo, the president of the Mu Group, received a nervous call from Grandpa Mu, "Xibo, Lele is going out, do you know? Did you unblock her card, or did she borrow the money?" buy house?"

Yan Xibo was puzzled, "... Going out to live?"

"Ah, I called her just now, and she said she was looking at the house. Xi Bo, take her back as soon as you listen to grandpa. If you can't control her, grandpa will go down the mountain. Go out to live, and you've turned against her. "

Yan Xibo immediately thought of where Mu Lele went, "Grandpa, Lele has gone to work and is in the sales department."


Yan Xibo told Elder Mu, "She offered to go to work last night, and I will let her go today."

"You asked her to sell the house? Didn't she quarrel with you?" Elder Mu asked first.

Yan Xibo explained, "I didn't quarrel with me, maybe it will make me angry." Yan Xibo knew that he would not have a good life these days.

However, Yan Xibo also said: "Go to the lowest level, frustrate her spirit, sharpen her temper.

Get angry, meet all kinds of people, learn to restrain yourself, and exercise her. "

The two talked on the phone for a while, and it was almost noon.

Mu Lele sat aside and called Grandpa, "Grandpa, what's the matter?"

"Why do you suddenly want to go to work?"

Mu Lele: "To earn money, live separately from Yan Xibo."

Elder Mu: "..."

"Seriously, don't tease Grandpa." Elder Mu said again.

Mu Lele lowered her head, looked at the wrapped bag in her hand, Nanling's words sounded in her mind again, and then she said: "Don't worry about it, just cultivate your immortality."

"Lele, you have a secret from grandpa now." Elder Mu pretended to be sad.

Mu Lele: "You are willing to plot against your own granddaughter, I have a secret from you, isn't it normal?"

Now she feels more and more that it was a trick that her grandfather vomited blood and asked her to marry Yan Xibo, but what should she do if she finds out? If you don't go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, you are just a few pieces of waste paper.

After hanging up the phone, everyone else went to order food, and only Mu Lele sat there alone, alone.

In the afternoon, she sat there alone, looking around and asking customers to come to her door, and then a group of consultants went over to introduce them.

Mu Lele's clothes didn't match, so the hosts didn't believe her, so she simply sat aside and watched the workflow of those people with her head propped up.

There are also employees who are responsible for serving tea and pouring water around.

They were all tall, well-proportioned, thin boys.

Seeing Mu Lele sitting there alone, a boy carrying a plate passed by after a while, he put a glass of water in front of Mu Lele, and then asked, "Xiaoxiao went to receive her, didn't she take you with her? "

Mu Lele was not familiar with these colleagues, she was thin and did not fit her aesthetics, so she never paid attention to them. When asked, she froze for a moment, "Oh, my clothes don't fit, and I might be mistaken as a customer who bought a house after passing by, so I just waited aside."

The man also sat in front of Mu Lele after a while, and he introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Abu."

Mu Lele glanced at his business card and nodded, "Is there something wrong?"

"Hmm... new colleague, let's meet you." The man looked at the beautiful girl opposite and said.

Mu Lele nodded slightly, looked at his tray and asked, "You're not sales, but logistics?"

"No, we are on shifts, and it's my turn today. If there are too many people and I don't have any guests, I can help serve tea." Abu said.

Mu Lele understood and nodded. Then wouldn't she have to take shifts to serve tea and water?

Even Yan Xibo never drank the water she poured.

"Aren't you going to work and just sit and chat with me like this?" Mu Lele asked.

Abu said it bluntly, without any thought, "I don't have any guests, and it's not my turn to receive individual visitors.

So, just sit here and chat with you. "

Mu Lele was curious, "Why isn't it your turn?"

Abu: "Because I came a week earlier than you, so I'm a newcomer. Up to now, I haven't kept a single guest."

Mu Lele asked, "Did the manager fire you?"

"Well... soon." Abu thought deeply, and then said.

Mu Lele laughed.

The two newcomers sat together and chatted. Mu Lele found out that Abu was also a novice who had just graduated from university. "My classmates said that the employees of Mu's Group had the highest salary. When I submitted my resume, people looked down on me, so I just showed my curves." The salvation of the country came to a real estate department of a subsidiary of M Moser."

Mu Lele: "Then are all your classmates employees of the Mu Group?"

"No, they were not favored by Mr. Mu either."

Mu Lele laughed loudly, "Then your classmate also came to do sales?"

Abu shook his head, "No, it's just me, because I found out that the salary in this industry is higher. But after joining the job, I found out that the only one with high salary is the top salesman, and it has nothing to do with me."

In the afternoon, the two pure rookies were not in a hurry to make money at all, and fished together.

Before they knew it, it was getting dark after all the fishing, and the two of them had no intuition. It was Dian Dian at home who called Mu Lele and she noticed that the sky was already dark. "Mum Mu, it's time to go home for dinner."

"Get off work at six, right?" Mu Lele asked.

Abu: "Nine o'clock."

Mu Lele: "..."


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