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The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you Chapter 27 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 27

It's just that if he doesn't get stuck at that point, he won't be able to enter the master bedroom tonight.

Ahua's news came, "Lele went to find Nanling today, nothing else."

Yan Xibo asked directly: "What are you going to talk about about me in the group tonight?"

A Hua sat up from the bed in shock, how did this brother know that they were talking about him in the group?

Ah Hua, who is famous for his love, why did he talk to Mr. Yan? They talked behind his back about Mr. Yan's liking for Lele.

"Hard to speak?" Yan Xibo asked.

"We are discussing, does Yan always like it..." A Hua was too scared to say it.

Yan Xibo asked directly, "How did she react?"

After a while, the Ahua traitor sent screenshots of all the chat records in the group to Yan Xibo.

After a few glances, Yan Xibo didn't catch the information he wanted to see, so he put down his phone and started working.

The next day, Mu Lele was taken to the real estate sales department.

Mu Lele pointed at the gate, angrily, "Yan Xibo, you want me to sell the house?"

Yan Xibo: "If you want to be a boss, a good boss must learn how to manage the company's employees well. If you don't go deep, you won't learn how to manage. If you don't know how to manage, you won't be a good leader and you won't be a boss."

Mu Lele gritted her teeth, "Then you let me sell the house?"

"I didn't say hello to anyone, go in and apply for the job yourself."

Mu Lele: "..."

Her fist joints turned white, and the driver saw Mu Xiaoqianjin's face through the rearview mirror,

He was sweating for the president, fearing that in the next second, this rich lady would directly hit the president in the car.

When the time comes, will he stop or not?

"Don't make the decision to go to work if you are not ready, and don't tell everyone that you are going to work." Yan Xibo said coldly. "get off!"

Mu Lele got out of the car in a fit of temper. At this time, Yan Xibo opened the car window and looked at the girl on the side of the road, "Lele, if you can't apply for this job or keep doing it, you are not qualified to take over Moore."

After the stimulation was over, Yan Xibo closed the window and ordered the driver to drive away.

"President, I was really afraid that Miss Lele would do something to you just now."

Yan Xibo closed his eyes and said directly, "I'm afraid too."

Mu Lele was stimulated, turned around and walked towards the sales hall.

As soon as she entered, several staff immediately surrounded her, "Ma'am, are you looking at the house?"

Mu Lele glanced at the lobby, "Where's the manager?"

"Uh, ma'am, you can just call us if you have anything to do, we are professional." The consultant showed a standard smile at Mu Lele.

Mu Lele: "It has nothing to do with your major, find the manager for me."

Seeing Mu Lele's expensive clothes, her attractive appearance, and her unfavorable temperament, the colleagues at the side immediately ran to the manager's office, "Manager, there is a lady looking for you."

"Who is it?"


Shaking his head, "I don't know, it doesn't look easy to mess with."

The new project is about to be confirmed, and the manager is afraid that something will go wrong, that the head of the household will make trouble or competitors will blackmail them, so when he hears that it is not easy to mess with, he immediately gets up and walks out.

Mu Lele was already sitting in the reception hall, waiting for the manager. Because it was morning, there were basically no guests in the lobby. Seeing Mu Lele who came to "find fault", all the employees around immediately came over, wondering what was going on.

After a while, the manager arrived, and when he saw Mu Lele, he didn't know him, so he approached politely, "Hello ma'am, I'm the manager here, I heard you're looking for me. What's the matter?"

Mu Lele looked up at the well-behaved man in a light pink shirt, she said slowly, "I'm here to apply!"

The staff on the side were stunned for a moment, their pupils staring round at the imposing woman in front of them.

To apply?

Still, come to kick the pavilion?

The manager was shocked, and he thought he was here to make trouble. "Uh, ma'am, you said you're here to apply for a job?"

Mu Lele nodded, "Isn't it like that?"

The manager on the side pursed his lips, as if looking for faults.

"We are currently only recruiting one salesperson."

Mu Lele nodded, "Yes."


He always felt that the identities of the interviewer and the job seeker were reversed.

"If it's convenient, come with me to the office. Since we want to apply for the job, we need to conduct a simple

interview. "The manager stood up and spoke to Mu Lele.

After a while, Mu Lele took the bag and followed the manager into the conference room.

There were only two people in the room. Outside the door, everyone was stunned. "I'll go to that woman just now. I thought she was here to quarrel. I took out my mobile phones and prepared to record her being unreasonable."

"I was also taken aback. I came in and went directly to the manager. It was scary."

"This woman will definitely not be hired. With such a gesture, the manager probably just went through a process."

In the hall outside, there was no one else, and everyone gathered curiously to discuss it.

In the conference room, Mu Lele leaned on a chair and looked at the manager beside him, "How about the interview?"

"Have you brought your resume?"

Mu Lele really doesn't have this stuff. She couldn't do it before, and today she thought she was inserted into the company by Yan Xibo. She never thought about interviews and resumes. "Do you have a computer? I'll do it on the spot."

Manager: "I think you might..."

"I'm Mu Lele."

The manager panicked, "!! Miss?"

Ten minutes later, the manager took Mu Lele out and had an impromptu morning meeting, "Let me introduce, Lele will be our new colleague from now on, let's get to know each other."

Everyone's surprised eyes almost fell to the ground. What's going on?

The manager found a subordinate, "Xiaoxiao, take Lele to familiarize yourself with the process and salesmanship."


The woman on roll nodded obediently, "Good manager."

The other woman standing beside Xiaoxiao glanced at Mu Lele up and down, from her clothes and accessories, her eyes full of unremitting.

"Go to work."

Mu Lele nodded, and she left with Xiaoxiao who was wearing a formal suit.

"Lele, what did you do before?"

Mu Lele: "No job."

Xiaoxiao stopped asking, and took Mu Lele to the company's development history, as well as the Ministry of Culture, the living room, and other places to give a detailed introduction.

This is the first time for Mu Lele to come to a branch of his own company, "Our Liuyu Garden project is actually a real estate branch of the Mu Group. If there are guests coming in the afternoon, if you don't know how to introduce them, you can say that we are backed by M Moser has strong funds, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the house and unfinished buildings.

But remember, for the elderly, it is the Mu Family, a charitable foundation under President Mu. For young people, it is enough to directly refer to the Mu Group controlled by Mr. Yan. "

Mu Lele raised her eyebrows, and she put her arms around her, "This way, we can make a deal?"

Xiaoxiao shook her head, "Just to reassure everyone, I'll show you the room."

Mu Lele followed and left.

The manager watched Mu Lele studying hard by the window, and called the president's office at the headquarters in a lively manner.


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