Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 26

After returning home, Mu Lele locked the door tightly, and Dian Dian didn't know what happened.

Mu Lele didn't go out until Yan Xibo returned home. "Yan Xibo, I'm going to the company."

Not surprisingly, Yan Xibo glanced at the excited girl, "Go if you want to, no one in the company will stop you."

"I'm going to work at the company!"

This time, Yan Xibo looked seriously at Mu Lele who was not moving his chopsticks on the table, "What are you going to do?"

"I will do what you do."

Yan Xibo: "The company can only have one president, and the position of vice president is stable, so you are not needed."

Mu Lele was silent and did not speak, her black eyebrows were furrowed, and Yan Xibo looked into her heart with her clear eyes.

After a few seconds, Yan Xibo spoke again, "If you want to go to the company, you can follow my arrangement."

Before Mu Lele could speak, Yan Xibo seemed to have figured out what she was going to say, and said directly: "I won't use dirty tricks to deal with you here, all you worry about is your own troubles. Believe it or not, it's up to you." you."

Yan Xibo picked up the chopsticks and started eating leisurely.

Mu Lele readily agreed: "Okay."

The corners of Yan Xibo's mouth curled up slightly, and Mu Lele caught it with her own eyes. She picked up the chopsticks and started eating depressedly, without mentioning anything about going to Nanling today.

Dian Dian is caught between his father and Mu's mother every day, trying to survive.

After eating, he ran to play with the maid at home


Of course, Yan Xibo was going to the study to be busy with business, and Mu Lele took the opportunity, "If you don't go back to the room before ten o'clock, I will lock the door. It's none of my business whether you can come in."

So, at 9:59, Mu Lele sat on the bed, looked at the time excitedly, and when the countdown began, "... 5, 4, 3, 2"

The door "clicked" and opened a crack. The man who came in looked at Mu Lele's small face and smiled intentionally, "It was a second away, I came back before ten o'clock."

Mu Lele gritted her teeth and went to bed angrily.

Yan Xibo looked at the bulge on the bed and laughed out loud. He unbuttoned it, casually put it on the side of the sofa, went to the cloakroom under Mu Lele's watchful eyes, and went to the bathroom with his pajamas.

Holding her mobile phone, Mu Lele was talking to her friends about her decision to go to work.

"??? Lele, are you crazy?"

"Why? Why so suddenly? Are you going to work?"

"Le, what stimulated you?"


Mu Lele also felt it was sudden, but it was the result of her deep thinking alone in the bedroom in the afternoon, and the words Nanling said kept lingering in her mind, "I've been scolding Xibo with the confidence that Xibo gave you". Although she was unreasonable, she did not deny what Yan Xibo had brought to the Mu family and her over the years. He is indeed very capable, even, scares her.

She has been targeting Yan Xibo because

I can't defeat him with my own ability, so I often mess around with him.

She kept driving him away, and she couldn't take over the burden of the Mu family, and her grandfather was old. If Yan Xibo really swallowed the Mu family at this moment, she would stare blankly.

If Yan Xibo was really hurt by her one day and left, she...wouldn't be able to do nothing.

"Lele, you won't be arguing with Boss Yan again, are you?" her friend asked her.

"Looking at the entire Western Country, Mu Lele, you have the guts to say number two, no one dares to say number one." Another person in the group, Ait Mu Lele, said.

This sentence attracted Mu Lele's curiosity, "Be clear."

"You don't know who Mr. Yan is. Let's put it this way. When I go out to eat, a person of my father's age will toast with Mr. Yan. The glass should be lower than Mr. Yan. It is not an exaggeration to pour wine for Mr. Yan. But, look Our little daughter Mu quarrels with Boss Yan every day, not only quarreling, she also beat and scolded Boss Yan.

As for Mr. Mu, he probably wouldn't dare to treat Boss Yan like this. In the entire Western Kingdom, only this young lady has done it all. However, Mr. Yan still has to worry about everything about her every time. "

Mu Lele: "..."

Ahua appeared, and he is now Yan Xibo's little fanboy, always subconsciously leaning towards Yan Xibo, "President Yan is such a powerful person, don't talk about quarreling, even if others dare to yell in front of him." , that person will be finished in the next second

up. Lele has been yelling for more than twenty years. You can say that Mr. Yan values Mu's international status, but when he first took over Mu's, Mu's was still a gold medal and time-honored company in China, and later became the richest man in Mr. Yan's hands. Why do people keep being happy? "

Xixi from the group appeared, "Mr. Yan doesn't like Lele, does he?"

Mu Lele glanced in the direction of the bathroom, and she immediately sent a message, "Impossible."

Next to Mu Lele's message was a string of "?"

Mu Lele's old-fashioned explanation: "He didn't dare to fight back when I hit him because my grandfather was kind to him."

"Grandpa Mu is kind to him, but you don't. Why should he be angry with you?"

Mu Lele entered a string of words in the dialog box, quickly deleted them, and entered a string of words to explain, but she felt that it was too fake, so she deleted it again.

"Lele has nothing to say?"

At this moment, the client came out of the bathroom. Mu Lele looked up at the man with disheveled hair, and asked directly, "Yan Xibo, why don't you punish me every time I fight with you?"

Yan Xibo looked at Mu Lele's curious little face, and his Adam's apple rolled slightly, "The more you punish, the more you will push me harder. If you just make you angry, I will have peace."

Mu Lele: "..."

She immediately sent Yan Xibo's original words to the group, at this time, someone in the group asked her: "

Lele, if you get angry in someone else's home, can you stay forever? Will you allow yourself to be pissed off a second time? "

The answer is naturally no.

Mu Lele turned her gaze back to the sofa, and then withdrew her gaze, "I'm going to get up early tomorrow, so I'll go to bed first, so go and mutter on your own."

After finishing speaking, Mu Lele, who was out of sight and calm in mind, turned off the screen of the phone and put it aside, lay down and closed his eyes.

I closed my eyes, opened them again after a while, looked at the ceiling, and couldn't help asking myself: Why do you have the ability to stay away from yourself, but you still appear in front of her and let her bully you? Why does he always say good things about himself to the orphanage? Also, Xu Luo said that he has captured Yan Xibo's heart. Nanling also said that no one can influence Xibo's thoughts, why did he agree to marry himself who often quarrels with him? Also, what does it mean to be 25 years old?

Mu Lele tossed and turned on the bed, unable to fall asleep.

"What kind of work do you want?" Yan Xibo asked.

In the middle of the night, Mu Lele replied, "I want to be the boss."

Yan Xibo smiled, then fell silent.

After an unknown amount of time, the girl on the bed stopped turning back and forth, so Yan Xibo sat up from the sofa and went to the bedside to look at the woman who was sleeping on her side.

Without straightening her sleeping position, Yan Xibo just covered her with a quilt and went out.

The computer in the study is not turned off, and the work just now is not finished.


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