Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 25

When Wei Ya just stayed on Nanling's body and hadn't risen yet, Mu Lele said leisurely: "If I were you, I would probably be very afraid of death. After all, there will be many people here who think that something will happen to you."

"Who are you?" Everyone looked at Mu Lele curiously.

Nanling also looked at Mu Lele with displeasure.

Mu Lele continued: "I changed the rope, and then when you were hoisted, the wire rope broke with a "swish". At this time, you will be disabled at least, or dead at worst. It has nothing to do with us, is it? It's the crew's fault, they dropped the old rope that Wia used before."

The director got up and pointed at Mu Lele, "Who the hell are you? Our wires are specially replaced with new ones, so there will never be any accidents."

Nanling looked at Mu Lele and frowned.

Dong Yue on the side turned pale with nervousness, looked at Mu Lele, and nervously turned back to look at the little worker in the crowd.

The female worker's heart also hung up and looked in Mu Lele's direction. How did she know?

Nanling turned his head and looked at Dong Yue again, "Remove the wire and check."

The assistant on the side hurried forward to help Nanling untie the rope on his body.

She walked up to Mu Lele, "Mu Lele, have all the 'mistresses' who arrested your husband come to the set?"

Mu Lele...

"Is she Mu Lele? Is she the Mu Lele from the daughter of the Mu family?"

"I don't know, but just now Miss Nanling said that she came to arrest her husband's mistress, it can't be Boss Yan

Bar? "

"It seems to be Mu Lele, look at her photo, although it is blurry, it looks a bit like it."

Dong Yue's face was ashen.

At this time, there was a commotion on the set.

"How could this be?" The director was stunned.

It's obviously a brand new wire, how could the rope be so worn out?

The director tugged on the rope with both hands, and when he pulled it, the rope became more worn. If an adult who weighed a few kilograms tied it up, I'm afraid... I dare not imagine anything.

"Who is in charge of Wia? Come out!" The director yelled loudly in the middle.

When Nanling and Mu Lele were talking, she frowned when she heard the sound, and turned around to see Wia who was hanging on her body just now.

He looked back at Mu Lele, who couldn't help but smile.

The director pointed to Mu Lele and asked, "Is that you?"

Nanling directly confirmed: "It's not her!"

If it was Mu Lele, she wouldn't have spoken at all just now.

Moreover, Nanling knew about Mu Lele's situation, she didn't know anything about the set, how could she think of changing the old wire to hurt her?

She had already explained to Mu Lele that day that even if she was angry with herself, she would not rise to hatred.

Nanling's eyes were cold, and he said to the director, "Director Xu, I need an explanation for today's matter."

The director almost died today, "Sister Ling, don't worry, I will give you an explanation for today's matter."

After speaking, the director let the audience

Everyone went back to the room to rest.

When Mu Lele was about to leave, Nanling stopped her, "It's not easy to come here once, let's go to the lounge and have a chat."

Mu Lele turned around, "Suddenly I don't want to go, I found that if I don't need to do it, someone will find it difficult for you. Even if it's not for me." After finishing speaking, she glanced at Dong Yue who was at the side.

Nanling: "You probably want to ask me a question, right? There is only one chance, and I will leave tomorrow."

Mu Lele stopped as she was about to leave, and thought of the purpose of her coming, she folded her body again, "I hope you know everything."

Going to the lounge in Nanling, she asked him to step back and face Mu Lele alone. "Thank you for today."

"Don't ask who I am?"

"Your eyes told me." Nanling replied, she looked at Mu Lele, and guessed half of her purpose in her heart, "Mu Lele, to be honest, you are not worthy of Xibo, but no one It can control Xibo's thoughts. So he married you, and everyone objected, but he still married you."

"Who objects?"

"You don't need to know that much." Nanling said.

Mu Lele leaned on the sofa and asked lazily, "What's your relationship with Yan Xibo?"

"What? Are you afraid that Xibo and I have secretly teamed up to rob Mu's family?" Nanling answered for Mu Lele.

"After all, he is my husband, and he should be cared about."

Nanling: "Cooperative relationship."

"Okay, then how do you know Xu Luo?

of? "

Nanling: "..."

She recalled that when she learned that Yan Xibo had accompanied a pregnant woman to the hospital, not only the Mu family was shocked, but she was also shocked. They all guessed who Xu Luo's child belonged to, so she checked Xu Luo's identity.

"I went to the hospital by chance and saw him and Xu Luo together. I was curious that the CEO of the Mu family had an illegitimate child. Later, the investigation found that it was a misunderstanding, so I found out."

Such an explanation made sense, but Mu Lele didn't believe it all.

"Who are you married to?"

"It's inconvenient to answer personal emotional questions."

Mu Lele was bored, and after asking the curious question, she got up and was about to leave.

"Mu Lele, you are nothing if you leave Xibo."

Mu Lele stopped, turned around and looked at Nanling, "You keep saying that you want to take away the Mu Group, but in the end, you are still counting on Yan Xibo to leave him. Your grandfather is old enough to carry the flag of the Mu Group." If you don't move, you can't. Get rid of Xibo, and the Mu family will lose to you sooner or later, and you will only quarrel, be arrogant, act recklessly, and use the confidence that Xibo gave you to keep scolding Xibo.

Human hearts are made of flesh. If your Mu family's kindness to Xibo is exhausted by you one day and Xibo leaves, your Mu family deserves it. "

Mu Lele clenched her fists, and Nanling's words seemed to pierce her heart, "This is our Mu family's business and has nothing to do with you."

Nanling raised his eyes,

"I don't want to get involved either. I'm just complaining for Xibo. He gave you his heart and soul, but you treat him like a wolf. A person like you will lose Xibo and everything in the Mu family sooner or later."

"If you lose it, you lose it, and I don't care. If he wants to leave, he should leave early."

Enough excitement, Nanling ordered his assistant to see off the guests.

After Mu Lele walked out, her anger rose instantly. When she got in the car, Mu Lele's hand on the steering wheel made a slight sound.

In the lounge, Nanling watched Mu Lele leave in the car, and she took out her mobile phone to contact Yan Xibo.

"Nature is good, but it's a pity that I'm too tender. I just want to win my breath. Teach me slowly!"

Yan Xibo was deep in the upper echelon, leaning on his chair, turning around and looking out the window, "What do you say?"

"If you asked me to provoke her, I would, but you know her well and would really come to me to inquire about Xu Luo.

My words today were also ugly, but I am grateful to her for saving my life today, and I will have the opportunity to say good things for me in front of her in the future. "

When Nanling was about to leave, Yan Xibo asked her to stay for a few days. He contacted Nanling privately afterwards, "Do me a favor and anger Lele. She will come to you."

Sure enough, a few days later, Mu Lele really came to her. But what she didn't expect was that Mu Lele would save her once, even though she was unruly and innocent.

After the task was completed, Nanling hung up the phone and started to deal with Dong Yue.


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