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The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you Chapter 24 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 24

Xu Luo: "Diandian will wait a few more days, and my mother will pick you up when she gets out of the hospital."

"Well, I'll wait for mom."

Mu Lele went home with Dian Dian.

In the evening, when Yan Xibo returned home, it was already dark.

He went straight back to the bedroom and looked at the woman on the bed, looking at her mobile phone after washing up.

He entered the door and looked at Mu Lele's lips several times.

Mu Lele raised her eyes and looked into the man's eyes. She clearly felt that Yan Xibo was looking at her lips.

"What are you looking at?"

Yan Xibo took off his coat, went to the cloakroom, and went to the bathroom with his pajamas.

Mu Lele muttered: I don't know why.

Since Nanling came to L City once, and happened to pick up an advertisement in L City by the way, she didn't seem to plan to leave so soon.

The news she left reached Mu Lele's ears.

"Lele, I'll send you Nanling's itinerary." Mu Lele's friends who can't support themselves with mud can always get the news first-hand through the gossip.

On Mu Lele's mobile phone is Nanling's itinerary, which is full.

"Tell me a secret, will you listen?"

Mu Lele: "If I don't listen, don't you?"

Then, a friend's voice called and said to Mu Lele, "I heard that Nanling is married."

Mu Lele: "..." Sorry, she already knew.

"Why didn't you respond?" My friend asked Mu Lele.

Mu Lele answered, "You know

Do you know who she is married to? "

This time, it was my friend's turn to be silent.

Mu Lele asked, "Why didn't you respond?"

Friend: "I didn't find out."

Mu Lele immediately despised her friend, "However, I can give you a gossip. Nanling's itinerary the day after tomorrow is going to endorse a shampoo. Guess who will endorse with her?"

The miraculous brain circuit of the daughter of the Mu family, "You?"

Friend: "You are so humorous." Then, he said: "It's her rival Dong Yue. Last time, Dong Yue was not selected as the actress. This time, I can't guess. A character is competing secretly. Hehe! Lele, do you have any ideas?"

Mu Lele replied: "Yes."

Then, Mu Lele said: "Did you find out that the shampoo seller is quite rich, he can afford the endorsement of the actress, and he can also afford the endorsement of someone who is almost the actress."

Friend: "...Damn, goodbye!"

Mu Lele laughed when she heard the sound of the phone hanging up.

Mu Lele played Ultraman on TV for Dian Dian every day, while she sat by the side and checked Nanling's information on her mobile phone.

Thanks to Mu Lele, Dian Dian has recently become obsessed with Ultraman Tiga.

Because Mu Lele only let him watch Di Jia, and insisted that he fall in love with Di Jia.

As a result, Dian Dian fell in love with each other.

Even, he asked Mu Lele, "Mom Mu, Di

Why does Jia use his special skills every time when he is about to be killed? Can't you use it immediately at the beginning? "

This question is worth pondering, and Mu Lele answered: "You killed the monster all at once, what do the audience see?"

Dian Dian was a little confused, "But he was almost beaten to death every time."

Mu Lele: "The director said, the more you get beaten by monsters, the more you will be paid."

Dian Dian: "Does Tiga also make money?"

"Of course, if Dijia lacks money, he can't pay the electricity bill. If he can't pay the electricity bill, he can't shine. If he can't shine, he can't beat the little monster. If he can't beat the little monster, you won't like him. If you don't like him, he will Without fans, he has no money without fans. Do you understand?"

Dian Dian looked at Mu Lele in a daze, not daring to shake his head. Actually he didn't understand~

Mu Lele: "Silly boy, cover it yourself. This fairy is going to destroy her love rival."

She went upstairs to change her clothes, handed the code to the servant, drove a car in the garage and went out.

According to the address on the phone, Mu Lele came to the set.

There was already airs building around, when Mu Lele appeared, others looked at her and thought she was some kind of star, so they didn't kick her out.

Mu Lele shook the car keys, walked through the promenade, stood by the window to watch the construction outside, and put all the shooting equipment aside.

When it was not warm, the crew didn't know where to pick it up

big watermelon.

"Be careful, there are props here, and the teachers will use them for shooting later." The staff on the side urged around.

Mu Lele turned around, and someone immediately asked, "Teacher, who are you?"

Mu Lele: "Go and do your work, I'll just walk around."


Someone is busy again.

Mu Lele suddenly discovered that she was good-looking and could brush her face unimpeded.

She suddenly felt a little happier.

As he was walking, he suddenly saw a storage room. Mu Lele was not curious about these places. The strange thing is that she is curious about a person.

Nanling's rival, Dong Yue.

Mu Lele raised her eyebrows, isn't this the helper she is looking for?

If you want to give Nanling some bitterness, you can just support Dong Yue.

Just as she was about to come forward to talk to her, she saw Dong Yue dragging a woman to the corner, "Are you done?"

"Sister Yue, don't worry, Wia has been replaced, there will be no problem."

Dong Yue looked around, "Are you sure there are no traces left?"

The woman replied: "An accident happened in Nanling. In short, it has nothing to do with Sister Yue. It was caused by the carelessness of the film crew. Wia didn't have time to replace it with a new one. Sister Yue was lucky and escaped the catastrophe. Don't worry, I can't find you."

Mu Lele leaned against the wall with her arms folded, her eyes full of interest.

It seems that the entertainment industry is quite fun.

Nanling, heh, no wonder people like her think that social

will be sinister. It turns out that colleagues are all such people.

After looking around, Mu Lele actually heard a conspiracy that was shown in front of her, which was much more enjoyable than watching a TV series.

She went out and sat on a stool beside her, but no one chased her away, and everyone was busy in her sight.

After a while, the director passed by, and then both Nanling and Dong Yue came out.

The hair of the two has obviously been taken care of by the hair stylist, and they are shiny when they walk.

As soon as Nanling appeared, she saw Mu Lele standing there raising her eyebrows. She snorted coldly and ignored her.

If Mu Lele dared to ruin her endorsement today, since she had signed the contract anyway, and the partner would compensate her, she would be able to pay for nothing without reason, and she would have one less job.

"Is the close-up of the back shot for a while is Sister Ling's or Sister Yue's?" The little assistant at the side asked the meaning of the two big shots.

Dong Yue said: "Let's shoot Mr. Nanling. She is a queen, so it's easy to increase the flow of advertisements. I'm just a third-tier artist, and I don't deserve it."

Mu Lele folded her arms, raised one hand, and put it in her mouth. She bit her thumb's teeth and found it very interesting.

Nanling went straight to the point, "What you said makes sense, then shoot me first, and I, the senior, and you, the younger generation, will set an example."

The smile on Dong Yue's face couldn't hold back, she was clearly speaking modestly just now!

But Nanling is not used to her.


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