Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 23

"Could it be Xi Bo's new friends abroad?"

"But it's not right, even if it's a friend I made, why did Xi Bo mention you to her?" Mu Lele was puzzled, "You two have a relationship that is irrelevant."

The two women are thinking about the relationship, but they can't figure it out.

Dian Dian was already lying in her mother's arms and fell asleep again.

Because the mother and son hadn't seen each other for several days, Mu Lele couldn't bear to call Dian Dian away, so she left space for the mother and son, "I went out to play with my sisters, and I'll come pick up Dian Dian at five o'clock. "

"Thank you Lele."

Mu Lele rolled her eyes tirelessly, "All I can do is thank you all day long."

Xu Luo looked at Mu Lele who was hard-spoken and soft-hearted, and said with a smile, "Xibo, I know you too well."

"What did he do to me?"

Xu Luo smiled and said, "Hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, simple and straightforward."

Mu Lele felt that it was not a good word, so she turned and left.

In the afternoon, Jiu'an Restaurant.

Ang Mao Building, there is an outdoor terrace on the 30th floor, and this floor is a place for afternoon tea.

The climate is neither arrogant nor dry, and the temperature is suitable.

When Mu Lele arrived, many people were already waiting for her.

"Lele, you are finally liberated and you can have fun with us. You don't even know, I feel like I haven't seen you for a year."

"I also feel that every time we get together, Lele is not there, and I always feel that

Have a bad conscience. I have a manicure appointment, but I'm not in the mood to do it. "

Mu Lele sat down with the emotion of friends, "You should play, play with yours. I have no money, and I am not qualified to participate in the rich family's party."

"You put it down, it's like the sisters can't support you. Why didn't you accept the 100,000 I sent you on WeChat?" Another person asked.

They all knew that because Mu Lele went to be chic on the wedding night, all the cards were frozen.

After finding out, the next day, a group of people transferred money to Mu Lele one after another, but she confiscated them all.

"If you earn this money by yourself, don't say a hundred thousand, I'll take it if you give me a million. But your money is also spent on your father. I can spend my sister's money, but I can't spend my sister's money. Father's money." This point, Mu Lele is still very clear, not just wanting any money.

After sitting down, Mu Lele looked at the girl next to her. She stretched out her hand and rubbed her sister's face happily, "Xixi, you are fast. I told you at night that you are not allowed to cooperate with Nanling. As a result, the next day, your family died I really canceled working with her. You love me too much!"

The girl with short hair around her ears also wanted to rub Mu Lele, "Of course, it would be nice if I didn't ban her if I ruined my sister's relationship."

Speaking of Nanling, everyone was inevitably curious, "Lele, how reliable is the official letter she sent? She

Does it really have nothing to do with Boss Yan? "

Mu Lele shook her head, "I don't know. I haven't figured out the bottom line of Nanling yet. Anyone of you who knows people in the entertainment industry can help me find out the news."

Xixi asked, "What's Boss Yan's attitude? And... Lele, I kissed Boss Yan yesterday!" After she finished speaking, she smirked.

Another sister also pointed at Mu Lele, "Yes, yes, we have all seen the kissing photos."

Friends who were latecomers also joined in when they heard Mu Lele being teased, "Should we congratulate Lele for giving away our first kiss?"

"Yes, the theme of today's party, congratulations to Lele, who is 23 years old and lost her first kiss."

Mu Lele watched and teased her, "Xixi, you're not friends anymore, are you?"

"Muzi, do you believe that I told your mother to introduce you to a blind date?"

"Sun, you are a big man, what are you doing?"

"Ah Hua, did Yan Xibo not kill you, you want to kill me?"

Mu Lele looked at the friends who were already jubilant, she didn't have much anger on her face, she threatened with a smile, "All of you, don't be caught by me."

"Le, let me share. How is Mr. Yan's kissing skills?"

Mu Lele raised his hand and hit nothing, "The technology is rubbish."

A Hua immediately walked out of the crowd, and took a mobile phone to report to the man in the president's office of the Mu Group: Mr. Yan, Lele

Said your kissing skills are rubbish.

Yan Xibo: "..."

Then, Ah Hua continued to drink.

"Drink tea for those who drive, and drink for those who drive." Law-abiding citizens reminded online.

"That's over, let's drink tea."

After playing around until four o'clock in the afternoon, Mu Lele got up with her mobile phone, "I should go, who will pay for today's expenses, don't call me, I'm a poor man."

"Lele, what are you doing leaving so early? We're going to play karting later, let's go together."

Mu Lele: "No, I have to go to the hospital to pick up a little one. I recently had a fucking operation, and I'm half the guardian."

"No, whose family is it? I'm curious if I can trouble Miss Lele to take care of it."

Mu Lele: "Yan Xibo's son."


"It's not that it's a relative, it's that the child has no father. He keeps calling Yan Xibo his father and me Mu's mother. They call me old. Let's not talk about it. Time is running out. Let's call. If there is anything to do, call me."

After finishing speaking, Mu Lele ignored the shock of the people behind him, entered the room by himself, walked to the elevator, and left.

The people behind were blown up, "What has Lele experienced recently? An unmarried girl turned into a married young woman, and from a married young woman evolved into a mother?"

A group of people looked at Ah Hua, "Hua Shao, do you know?"

Ah Hua: "Do you think I know it?" He also just knew it.

When Mu Lele arrived at the hospital, Dian Dian had already woken up, and bought dinner with her mother sensiblely, and the mother and son ate warmly.

"Mom, hurry up, don't bother mum and dad to take care of me, I will take care of myself, and I can take care of my mother."

Xu Luo rubbed his son's head, "Don't you like Lele a lot?"

"I like it, but when Mu's mother gets angry, I'm scared. Dad said he was afraid of Mu's getting angry. I'm a child, so I'm even more afraid."

"Hey, why are you saying bad things about me behind my back?" Mu Lele walked into the ward, "I was angry at your father, did I ever get angry at you?"

Dian Dian bit her lip, her face looked fleshy, and she dared not speak.

"Lele, you're here. Have you eaten yet?"

"I'll go home to eat later, my aunt is cooking. You!" Mu Lele pointed at Dian Dian, "Come here, don't steal your mother's food, come home with me to eat the food made by grandma."

"Oh good." Dian Dian got up, put the rice porridge in her mother's hands sensiblely, then ran to Mu Lele's side, holding Mu Lele's little finger obediently.

With Diandian's small eyes, she really doesn't want to leave her mother.

No matter how delicious the food at Mu's mother's house is, it is not worth the happiness of drinking tasteless rice porridge with her mother.

Mu Lele said firmly again: "Your mother is about to be discharged from the hospital, and if you want to go to my house, I won't let you go."


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