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The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you Chapter 22 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 22

From a distance away, Yan Xibo saw Mu Lele who had called and walked towards the two of them, "Your presence is enough, you can leave now."

When Mu Lele walked to her seat, she saw that the plate in front of Yan Xibo was broken. She was surprised, and looked up at Yan Xibo's face, "What's the matter, the price was not negotiated with the big star, Threatened by a big star, then got angry and broke the plates?"

Nanling: "...Mu Lele, why don't you just change careers and become a screenwriter."

Yan Xibo was also helpless for a while, and finally had no choice but to say: "She is already married."

This time, it was Mu Lele who was shocked.

She turned her head instantly and looked at Nanling.

She stood up gracefully, and looked at Yan Xibo meaningfully, "Mu Lele is not worthy of your attention."

After finishing speaking, she left quickly.

Only Mu Lele and Yan Xibo who played the role of "loving couple" were left present, "Yan Xibo, you just said that she is married?"

Yan Xibo looked at Mu Lele, he could clearly feel whether she hated him or not, and after answering the phone, Mu Lele's eyes were much less angry towards him.

Maybe Grandpa Mu's phone call just now explained it to him.

"Are you full?"

Mu Lele looked at her round belly, "I'm full."

"go home."

Walking out of the western restaurant, it was already dark.

Mu Lele visited this place

I have begun to lose my obsession with this restaurant. I have to say that Yan Xibo likes her choice of restaurants and orders, the misunderstanding is cleared up, and her mood improves.

After getting in the car, Mu Lele looked around and muttered, "Strange, why is there no paparazzi?"

Yan Xibo: "Do you want to know how many cameras are pointing at us?"

Mu Lele nodded, of course she wanted to!

The moonlight is charming, and the night is bold.

Yan Xibo leaned forward and kissed Mu Lele's lips. Mixed with the faint smell of wine, the soft touch, and the slight smell of the girl, Yan Xibo kissed Mu Lele's lips again, and it was as soft as yesterday's touch.

"Yan Xibo, you are courting death!"

When Mu Lele raised his hand to slap Yan Xibo, Yan Xibo grabbed the assailant's wrist with both hands, "Lele, the company's stock price tomorrow will only depend on your reaction in the next second."

Mu Lele's beautiful eyes were full of flames, her chest heaved and breathed, and her teeth wanted to crush Yan Xibo.

"Tomorrow how many companies will report our hot kiss in the car with first-hand news, and you will know how many long shots are aimed at us today."

Mu Lele: "..."

After the kiss, Yan Xibo sat upright, started the car, and drove towards home.

On Mu Lele's road, she still gritted her teeth angrily, her nose seemed to be filled with the faint smell of tobacco from Yan Xibo, and her lips were hot, as if, just now, she was

Xibo ate it.

She was so dumb that she didn't know how to react, hit, couldn't hit. Scold, don't scold too hard.

Damn paparazzi, limit her temper.

At home, Mu Lele could finally get angry.

"Go to the guest room and sleep."

Yan Xibo stood at the door of the two's wedding room, "One night for room sharing, one thousand."

Mu Lele thought that last night, she rummaged through boxes and chests to find a few dollars, so she could make up a whole number. Tonight, she couldn't make up a thousand dollars.

"Okay, I'll sleep in the guest room." Mu Lele wanted to leave. Yan Xibo stretched out his arms and directly stopped her, "If you go out to live, you will be assigned a room, which is also a thousand."

Mu Lele took a deep breath, "One thousand, okay, can we transfer money through WeChat?"

Yan Xibo: "Just cash."

"Transfer isn't money, is it?"

Yan Xibo: "The third-party payment system does not have physical transactions, and withdrawals require handling fees."

Mu Lele gritted her teeth, "You are the leader of the Mu Group, tell me you care about that dollar!"

Yan Xibo dragged Mu Lele directly to the wedding room, "Either cash or stay in the wedding room."

Mu Lele felt that her breath at the moment was hot, fiery.

Mu Lele, who was unwilling, washed up, lay on the bed, and fell asleep not long after.

Yan Xibo sat up from the sofa, looked at the girl who fell asleep instantly on the bed and smiled.

On the mobile phone, it was his "informant" who sent

When the news came, Ah Hua asked: "Mr. Yan, is Lele still satisfied with today's restaurant?"

"You did a good job." Yan Xibo was very satisfied with his informant.

Mu Lele's virtues are best known to her friends.

Yan Xibo suddenly felt that it was necessary to place someone of her own beside her.

Closing his eyes, he could finally sleep peacefully. In his dream, it was all Mu Lele.

The next day, when Mu Lele woke up, the newspapers were overwhelmingly saying that she and Yan Xibo had reconciled.

All the photos of the kiss in the car were released.

The photos she had been unable to delete before, now the person involved also came out to respond. Ahua explained that he and Mu Lele had been best friends for more than ten years, and Mr. Yan knew him.

Nanling also sent a lawyer's letter, intending to sue the marketing account that slandered her for having an improper relationship with Yan Xibo.

It was a mess of porridge, and everyone thought the porridge was stinky, but the gossip changed dramatically, and delicious food was cooked.

Even Mu Lele was admiringly gnawing on an apple at home and scrolling through the comments, "If you say that Yan Xibo didn't intervene, I absolutely don't believe it."

Mu Group, Yan Xibo looked at all the comments on the tablet, and finally handed the tablet to the assistant, and ordered, "Warning, in the future, if anyone releases any information about me and my family without my permission, wait and see." Seal the newspaper."

"Yes, President."

After finishing one thing, Mu Lele suddenly remembered another thing


"Diandian, I went to the hospital to see your mother."

Dian Dian immediately took Ultraman and ran out as fast as possible.

"Run slower, you still have heart disease." Mu Lele went out and shouted at the child in the blue sweater.

I haven't seen my mother for several days, Mu's mother and father quarreled, and Dian Dian is poor.

When he arrived at the hospital, Dian Dian rushed over, hugged Xu Luo, knelt on the bed, and hugged his mother's neck, unwilling to let go.

"Lele, I've read all the news. I wanted to explain to you that Xibo won't cheat, but I didn't expect the misunderstanding to be explained clearly." Xu Luo hugged her son and smiled at Mu Lele.

Mu Lele sat down, took the fruit on the table and ate it, "Xu Luo, do you know Nanling?"

Xu Luo: "Is that the artist who had an affair with Xibo?"

Mu Lele nodded, she knew Xu Luo, presumably Xu Luo also knew Nanling.

"I don't know, how could a big star like her interact with orphans like us."

"But...she knows you." Mu Lele said curiously.

Xu Luo was puzzled, "No, I've never been a star chaser, and even a person like me, how could he interact with other big stars. Lele, I really don't know Nanling, and neither do the people in the orphanage. big star."

Mu Lele immediately put down the grapes in her hand, the fruit was no longer fragrant, she frowned, "Then how would she know you?"


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