Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 21

Originally, the portion of steak was small, so Mu Lele ate two pieces by himself.

Although Yan Xibo didn't eat a few mouthfuls, he was very happy.

He didn't even drink wine, and the attendants at the side only poured wine for Mu Lele.

"I'm going to drive in a moment."

After Mu Lele finished eating and drinking, Yan Xibo saw the pop-up message on his phone, and he explained, "Lele, I didn't cheat."

Thinking of that woman, Mu Lele frowned slightly, already displeased.

"She was eating that night, but she was designed by the investor and taken to the hotel. In a panic, she called me for help."

"Just go over after calling? What's your relationship with Nanling? Yan Xibo, you're just so fraternal, aren't you?

When Zheng Ruonan passed out at school, you took her to the infirmary to take care of her carefully. Now that a big star is being molested, why don't you hurry over there and ask about his health.

Why is your heroism so heavy? Do you really not know or fake not to know? Did Zheng Ruonan really faint or Jia fainted? Did Nanling really get molested or fake molestation to arouse your interest? "

At the beginning, because her classmate pretended to faint, Yan Xibo carried her to the infirmary, and Mu Lele had a big fight with him.

Now because of Nanling.

Yan Xibo, who suffered losses before, is relatively mature this time.

After a while, the woman who covered herself tightly walked into the second floor.

As soon as Mu Lele turned around, he saw

She saw that pretty figure, with long curly hair, and the clothes on her body were all the latest styles. Even if she covered herself, Mu Lele could guess who she was.

Nanling walked across to Mu Lele and Yan Xibo's dining table, and the attendant handed him a chair, and stepped back.

Nanling took off his hat and mask, and looked at Yan Xibo's petite side. "Sure enough, as rumored by the outside world, arrogant and domineering and unruly."

Not to be outdone, Mu Lele said, "You are just like the rumors outside, the fox mistress returns the white lotus."

Both glared at each other.

Yan Xibo let Mu Lele sit next to him just now to get closer to her on the one hand, and on the other hand, Nanling will come over.

"I didn't ask you to come for a fight." Yan Xibo raised his eyes, looking coldly at the woman directly opposite.

Nanling smoothed his hair down, and asked Yan Xibo, "Do you think that little daughter Mu, who has a prejudice against you, will believe us when I explained to you? Xu Luo should have been scolded by her as a mistress, right?"

Mu Lele clenched her fists, turned her head angrily, and looked at Yan Xibo, did she even know Xu Luo? ! I just found out.

Yan Xibo put his hand on Mu Lele's fist and looked at Nanling, "You just need to explain, if you don't explain, there will be no place for you in the West Kingdom."

Nanling looked at Yan Xibo's threats, and she shifted her eyes slightly to look at the girl with beautiful eyes full of anger. "Thank you for the new drama

Banquet, I accompanied the film crew to have dinner with investors. After drinking a glass of wine with a drink, I woke up at the hotel. At that time, Xi Bo happened to be there on a business trip, so I called him. "

Nanling didn't seem to want to continue. Seeing the coldness in Yan Xibo's eyes, she continued to explain to Mu Lele, "My assistants and bodyguards don't dare to do anything to powerful investors. They just maintain it on a daily basis. Fierce fans. Xi Bo is different, if he shows up, it’s just a car movie, and future investors will not dare to touch me.”

"Why didn't you call the police?"

Nanling smiled sarcastically, "Mu Lele, you are so simple. Fairness can only be manifested by people who want to be equal. I called the police. Do you think I can win?"

Mu Lele: "How do you know if you don't try?"

Nanling glanced at Yan Xibo, "That's right, she was protected very innocently." Her words were full of ridicule towards Mu Lele.

Yan Xibo explained to Mu Lele, "I just sent her to her place and then left. The driving recorder can testify for me."

After arguing for a long time, Mu Lele realized that this was not just a date with him, but also an explanation between the two of them.

"Mu Lele, do you like Xibo?"

"I don't like it." Mu Lele blurted out immediately.

"Then what do you care about?" Nanling asked, "Since he doesn't like it, even if he really has a woman outside

Man, why should you care. "

"I..." Mu Lele's fingers trembled slightly. Yan Xibo held her hand and clearly felt it. His gaze slowly moved up from Mu Lele's tense hand to the delicate and furious hand. On his small face, he looked at her for a moment.

"Of course I care. If he has a woman outside, it will be an insult to our Mu family. I, Mu Lele, can't even keep a man. Will the outside world laugh at me?"

After finishing speaking, Mu Lele withdrew his hand from Yan Xibo's palm, and glared at Yan Xibo in displeasure.

Nanling smiled lightly, "So you also use 'derailment' to prove that there are people outside not only Xibo, but also you? Not only naive, but naive."

Mu Lele looked at Nanling's eyes full of sympathy, "You are so sad."

"What's the meaning?"

Mu Lele sneered, "I'm sorry for what you mean."

At this time, Mr. Mu called. He heard his granddaughter crying last night. Although she was in Lingshan, he was still worried. As soon as I closed my eyes, I could hear the pitiful cry of my granddaughter. The monk was about to go to bed. Mr. Mu called his granddaughter to see if the child was still wronged.

Mu Lele glanced at the caller, she wanted to hang up directly, but thought that it was Grandpa, so she took her mobile phone, got up and went to a secluded place to answer the call. In this way, if she acts like a baby and cries to grandpa, only she and grandpa will know.

Meal on the second floor

In the living room, Yan Xibo and Nanling sat quietly. "Let me come here just to explain to Mu Lele for you?" Nanling has a completely different temperament from that of an artist. She was cold all over, and there was no lust in her eyes that Mu Lele misunderstood Yan Xibo.

"Didn't you always want to come to L City to see Lele?" Yan Xibo picked up the water glass in front of him and took a sip.

Nanling: "It's not that I want to come, it's because someone keeps asking me to see who you are marrying."

After Nanling finished speaking, Yan Xibo quickly put down the water glass, and with a "pop", the water glass collided violently with the dinner plate on the table, and the plate shattered into two pieces. "In Xiguo, you should be more careful with what you say. If you are disrespectful to her, I will make Xiguo lose your foothold." Yan Xibo looked at the woman across the way, with a hint of cruelty hidden in his eyes.

Nanling's business is all in Xiguo, she looked at the serious Yan Xibo, and she was very sure that he would really block her. No one can shake Yan Xibo's position in the Western Kingdom.

"Xi Bo, how long are you going to pave the way for Mu Lele? Now you have been paving the way for the Mu Group, kicking out those who disagree with the company, just to let Mu Lele take over the Mu Group, even if she has no ambitions, Is the company enough to support her to run rampant in the West Country?

But with your thoughts, in Mu Lele's heart, you are just a pretender. What are you drawing? Even if Mr. Mu is kind to you, you are enough. "


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