Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 20

In the center of the city, Mu Lele had always wanted to come to try this restaurant before, but because it was the preferred dating place and she didn't have the right person, she never came over.

As soon as she entered, there was a piano right in the middle, and a girl sat inside playing light music on it all the time, with a light tone that relaxed the mind.

"I'm sorry ma'am, we've been chartered today."

Mu Lele turned around and looked at the man who then came in, "Did he pack it?"

Seeing Mr. Yan, the assistant on the side then looks at the charismatic and exquisite Mu Lele, "I'm sorry Mrs. Yan, my eyes are so clumsy that I didn't recognize you."

Mu Lele: "Call me Miss Mu, or Miss Lele."

Yan Xi Pal walked forward, "Lele, you should be called Mrs. Yan." His arm around Mu Lele tightened, reminding her why she had come on a date today.

Mu Lele pursed her lips and said to the manager, "It's fine to be called Mrs. Yan."

"It's ......" The manager didn't know what to call Mu Lele.

"Mr. Yan, the seat reserved for you is on the second floor."

Mu Lele was embraced by Yan Xipao on the steps, she looked around, two people are not, how to be found by the reporter ah?

When she arrived at the location, the heating of the western restaurant was sufficient, she took off her jacket and handed it to the valet on the side, and sat down on the opposite side of Yan Xipal.

"Lele, sit next to me."

Mu Lele glanced at the staff at the side, thinking of the

the purpose of her coming to the date and got up, the staff moved the stool to Yan Xipal's side and she sat down.

Yan Xipao directly handed the menu to Mu Lele, "Let's see what you want to eat."

Mu Lele of course looked at the menu nonchalantly, after all, she came out to eat and didn't spend her own money, "Well, I want to try this sirloin steak, I like eating this." She looked at the menu again, "I also want this ice cream."

"It's too cold."

Mu Lele turned back to the staff, "Place your order."

Yan Xipao helplessly held her forehead, "Lele, eat ice cream and drink for a while, you can't taste the wine."

Mu Lele hesitates, "No alcohol then?"

Yan Xipao asked, "After coming here and not drinking, do you regret it?"

Mu Lele remembered her wish at first, "Well ...... then I don't want ice cream."

Yan Xi Pal laughed a little, and let Mu Lele order.

After Mu Lele finished ordering, he was the last one to look at the menu.

The steak that Yan Xipo ordered for himself was also what Mu Lele wanted to eat, "A bone-in steak, plus a foie gras, matsutake mushroom soup ...... send over the red wine I pre-stored to wake up well"

Closing the menu, Yan Xi Pal let all the attendants on the side go down. He turned back and looked at Mu Lele, who had been looking at himself since he had just ordered.

"What's wrong?"

Mu Lele asked, "I remember you don't like foie gras, huh?"

Yan Xi Pal: "You like to eat it

Not on the line."

Mu Lele felt a little odd, he ordered what he liked to eat, "There's no one here, the reporters can't even take pictures."

"Don't underestimate the reporters, we normally pack a dinner, date, and leave the rest to them."

Mu Lele is not good at fooling, she asked Yan Xipao, "But don't you think sitting in the lobby and having dinner with casual customers would be more in line with a 'date',? A date between husband and wife, a private room, do you think it's fake?"

Yan Xi Pal raised her eyes and looked at Mu Lele, "True or false has its own words, depending on how it's written."

The dark colored western restaurant, while waiting for the food to be served, it is inevitable to say a few words.

Mu Lele: "How did you find this store?"

"I heard that the environment is good and the girls like it."

Mu Lele immediately turned back, "Which girls?"

The air was quiet for a few seconds, Yan Xi Pal hand against her lips, low smile.

"Asking you, what are you laughing at?"

Yan Xipal looked at Mu Lele and cleared his throat, "Girl child is a generic term. If it has to be directed at an individual. That is ...... you."

And then, Yan Xipao added, "It's also my first time here, and I've never eaten western food alone with the opposite sex before."

Mu Lele realized afterward that she had just misunderstood Yan Xipai again in her mind.

She blinks sheepishly and admires the surrounding arrangement.

It wasn't long before both of their meals were served and the red wine was put aside.

"When is grandpa planning to come back?"

Mu Lele sliced her steak and gambled, "Love to return or not."

Yan Xi Pal smiled, as if the morning's unhappiness had already disappeared, he and Mu Lele every time, quarrel fiercely, forget quickly.

She finished her anger, and forgot about it in an instant.

Yan Xi Pal also did not put her violent temper to heart. Often, in the morning, they quarreled, and in the afternoon, they were the same as before.

"Do you miss grandpa?"

"I miss people, do they miss me? Hugging Buddha all day long, not caring about home." Mu Lele said angrily.

Yan Xi Pal: "You behave better at home, maybe grandpa will come back."

Mu Lele looked at Yan Xi Pal and told her recent grievances, "From the time my card was stopped until yesterday, I don't traffic jam, I don't gamble on the horses, I don't go to the bar, I'm depressed enough at home, and he still insisted that I have a child with you before he came back, I can't give you a child in this life, and he doesn't want to come home in this life."

The more she said the more Mu Lele's fire grew, the expression she thought she was fuming with, in Yan Xipao's eyes, it was exceptionally charming.

Her little face is more and more marked the more she is born, I don't know who she looks like, even Master Mu thinks that his granddaughter looks very beautiful, going out and other people's children have no way to compare who has a future, he is more than his granddaughter's face.

A delicate face, family distinguished, if the character is better, I'm afraid that all men tend to be the object. Fortunately

Fortunately, her character is not good temper, and then the beauty of those malicious people, want to chase also have to weigh.

Even if there are bold, really pay the action, will also be Mu Lele loss of the body without skin, gray slipped away.

Really if there can be Mu Lele in the eyes, so far Yan Xipo has not encountered, so he has never shot.

Yan Xi Pal has seen Mu Lele's small face, continued to smile and cut the steak, his fork forked a piece of cut steak directly raised to Mu Lele's mouth.

"What for?"

Yan Xi Pal: "Try the t-bone steak, you should like it."

Mu Lele looked at the fork and didn't move her mouth.

Yan Xipao: "The stability of Mu's group depends on your attitude."

"I don't believe that if I don't eat this bite today, the company will go bankrupt."

Yan Xipo smiled in a gentle manner, "Although it won't go bankrupt, but if you don't give face, I can't guarantee that I will take advantage of the situation when the company's share price is unstable. Eat it, I won't make a move on the company."

Mu Lele: "......"

Mu Lele gasps and bites on Yan Xipal's fork, well, the flavor is really what she likes, the person who feeds her, is what she hates.

Yan Xipao fed Mu Lele a few more bites.

"If I let the media catch you not giving me face, I will only make Mu's group more and more chaotic."

Exasperated, every time Yan Xipao fed her, she opened her mouth and ate. The half-pulled steak almost all went into Mu Lele's stomach.

(End of chapter)

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