Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 19

Only on matters so serious that they could threaten the Mu Clan did Mu Lele not dare to take them lightly. To Yan Xipao's invitation, she agreed.

She emphasized again, "A-hua can't leave the country."


"None of my friends in the future can be threatened by you."

Yan Xipao: "Depends on the situation."

Mu Lele asked again, "Why did you wait until I was 25 before you divorced me?"

Yan Xipo looked at the inquisitive girl's translucent crystal ball-like eyes, "If you can carry the Mu flag, I can give you the presidency right now."

Yan Xipao picks up his cell phone, "Get out, I have to work."

Mu Lele: "Remember your words."

Yan Xi Pal also said, "Remember what you promised me, dress up well tonight and treat this dinner as a ...... date."

"I know without you reminding me."

Mu Lele left the company, she leaned against the elevator, a little tired from all the noise earlier.

The elevator reached the employee floor, the elevator doors opened, the Mu employees standing outside looked at the employees standing inside, they didn't dare to take the same elevator with her.

She closed the elevator door herself and went directly to the first floor.

The president's office.

Yan Xi Pal successively dialed Nanling and Hua Dong's phone.

Huasheng Pharmaceuticals, A-hua was still being stubborn with his father, suddenly Hua Dong received a call from Yan Xipao, nervously drank a mouthful of water to suppress his shock, before connecting, "Mr. Yan, hello."

I don't blame Hua Dong for being timid.

Weak, last time, A-hua with Mu Lele play too wild, Yan Xipai directly to the Huasheng Pharmaceuticals dumped a mandatory acquisition consent form for Hua Dong to sign.

The Chinese family has been afraid of this.

Say what also do not dare to let the son and the Mu family that little princess to play.

Yan Xi Pal asked, "I heard Lele say you want to send Hua Shao out of the country?"

"Mr. Yan, the only way to ensure that he doesn't bring Miss Lele down in the future is to send Hua out of the country."

Yan Xi Pal: "The punishment is too heavy, yesterday I just went to understand the process." After all, this time it was his wife's fault for being overbearing and bossy.

"Have Ah Hua come to Mu's Group to find me." Yan Xipao commanded.

Hua Dong was puzzled, "Mr. Yan, this ......"

"I'll wait for him at the company."

After saying this, Yan Xipao hung up the phone.

Hua Dong looked at his son, "Go, Mu Group, Mr. Yan is waiting for you."

Hua: "What is Mu Lele's husband doing seeing me? She won't let us work with Nanling in the group, it's not like our family needs to find an artist to endorse. If we want to find one, we should also look for the one surnamed Sun, her family dissolved the partnership with Nanling this morning." If you want to take it out for Nanling, you shouldn't look for him either.

"Go first, Mr. Yan seems to have something to say to you."

With an apprehensive heart, Ah Hua left his own company and appeared downstairs at Mu Group.

Not long after, he was guided upstairs by the receptionist to find Yan Xipao.

"The president is already waiting in the office, Hua Shao

, please."

"Thanks." Hua entered the elevator, his heart still hanging in the air.

Until, he saw Yan Xipal.

"It's not my intention to let you leave the country, later on you go and explain to Lele."

As soon as she heard this, A-hua knew that the Mu family's notoriously bratty and arrogant one had come to the company to have a fight with Mr. Yan.

Yan Xi Pal put down the work in his hands, his chin gesturing to the guest chair opposite, "Sit."

A Hua nervously sat down, "Mr. Yan, I really don't know foreign languages, I really can't go abroad. I can promise you that I will turn around and go when I see Ms. Lele in the future."

"No need." Yan Xi Pal looked at A Hua's face, it was ordinary, not Lele's favorite style. He was quite fancy in his dressing, but the young man, he looked young. "From now on, follow Lele around, if she has anything, report to me in time."

Ah Hua was stunned, "Ah?" He's going to be Mr. Yan's eyes?

"Also, talk to me about which restaurant Lele likes."


In the afternoon, Mu Lele received an explanatory phone call from A Hua, "Mr. Yan did not threaten me to stay away from you yesterday, he simply came to understand the situation, it was my dad who misunderstood, now that Mr. Yan and my dad have made it clear, I don't have to leave the country."

Mu Lele also misunderstood, "Oh, in the morning I rushed Yan Xipao's office and had a fight with him."

"Lele, you be nice to Mr. Yan, I think he's quite good to you."


Lele frowned, "What, Yan Xipal saved you once, are you planning to hang out with Yan Xipal in the future, and you're starting to say good things for him? Don't forget my rules."

"Okay, okay, don't say it. That, in the future, if there is something to go out and play, call out to me ah."

"Gutsy?" Mu Lele felt something was wrong.

A-hua opened his mouth, "That's a must, I have your Mu Xiao Qian Jin backing me up, right, I'm not afraid of Mr. Yan anymore."

Mu Lele foolishly believed it and happily took over the undercover agent by her side.

In the afternoon she started picking out clothes at home, preparing for the evening date.

Late, around six o'clock.

Mu Lele was already wearing a black waist-length cotton skirt, and on top was a tight black sweater that was one piece with the skirt. The skirt was simple, but the workmanship was fine. At the waist, it was gathered just right, perfectly wrapping Mu Lele's figure.

On the side also put his curry colored trench coat, since said to go to dinner with a date, Mu Lele in the makeup fine a lot. In the afternoon in the room, it's all about face painting.

Her accessories took up a whole row in the checkroom, trying them on all afternoon before finally settling on this outfit.

Dian Dian was kneeling on the floor, sprawled on the sofa to play, and when he saw today's beautiful Mama Mu, Ottoman couldn't even attract his attention. "Mama Mu, you're so pretty."

Mu Lele looked at the little one in Akagi, "It's just my daily routine."


"...... "Mama Mu's daily routine is clearly wearing pajamas at home, eating snacks, watching TV, messy hair, and wearing sunglasses when going out ah~

Not long after, Yan Xi Pal returned.

He saw the delicate woman on the sofa, a flash of amazement in the bottom of his eyes, a little long, he hid the amazement in the bottom of his eyes, "Departure."

Mu Lele got up, put on her trench coat without a good mood, walked to the foyer, took the high heels that she had put down beforehand, and went out.

In the Mu family, there was no need for her to pretend to be a loving couple with Yan Xipao.

Dian Dian wanted to chase after him, and the maid held him back.

Yan Xipo went out, around the front of the car, was watched by Mu Lele, the car lights were strong, only a silhouette of Yan Xipo, the upright posture and lines of the side cheeks that were nearly perfect.

Mu Lele glanced away, her face looking out the window.

When Yan Xipao got on the car, the car was silent and set off together.

Mu Lele wanted to apologize for misunderstanding Yan Xipao in the morning, but the three words "I'm sorry" were on her lips, but Mu Lele couldn't say them.

"In the morning, A-hua's matter, many thanks."

She couldn't apologize, but she could barely say thank you.

For some reason, Mu Lele could not bow her head to Yan Xipal.

Yan Xi Pal looked at the girl on her side, "No need to thank, the fault does not lie with him."

Mu Lele: "......" The fault is in her.

Arrived at the hotel that Yan Xipao ordered, it is a western restaurant with overflowing decoration.

(End of chapter)

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