Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 18

"I'll go upstairs and see what's going on."

As it turned out, he got to the bedroom door and when he screwed on the door, it wouldn't open. He knocked on the door, "Open the door."

Mu Lele opened the door, and then threw out a bunch of cash from inside, and directly remained on Yan Xi Pal's body. Including 50 yuan, and 20 yuan, both.

Mu Lele go out to spend are swipe card, the body rarely with cash, this time by the grandpa angry, split room one night one thousand yuan, she rummaged through the closet zero zero neatly put together out of one thousand yuan, a point not less thrown to Yan Xi Pal.

Nasal voice thick left two words, "split room."

Dian Dian was scared downstairs, he did not dare to watch TV.

Yan Xipao looked at the bills scattered on the ground, and the maid rushed forward to pick them up.

"I'll fetch a nightgown." Yan Xipao knocked on the door again.

Then the door opens and Yan Xipao's pajamas are thrown straight out from the inside, this time he directly picks them up.

The maid also picked up all the money and handed it to Yan Xipo with both hands respectfully, "Auntie, one thousand whole dollars."

Yan Xipo looked at the change, not even knowing where Mu Lele deducted it from, "Deposit the money in Lele's previous piggy bank."

"Yes Auntie."

Mu Lele had the large bedroom all to herself tonight, the red wedding dress on the bed seemed too harsh, but she couldn't erase it, she turned around and turned her back to the large bed.

Taking her cell phone, she began to think of ways to keep her gossip going.

The result was looking for someone until the latter part of the night, "Ms. Lele, it's not that we won't help you, it's that the rear

Someone ordered that it can't be taken down."

Mu Lele asked rhetorically, "With money all have can't?"

"Really can't, we've controlled the flow, but can't take it off the shelves."

Mu Lele gripped her phone, her eyes looking at the wedding photo of her and Yan Xipao on the wall, clenching her fists so tightly that her knuckles were white.

"Did Yan Xipo ask you guys to do this?" In the Western Country, only Yan Xipao would go against him.

"We're not sure who it was."

"I know." Hanging up the phone, Mu Lele pierced her small face, her chest heaving with anger.

The old man of Spirit Mountain was determined to carry out the cultivation of Immortality to the end, and he himself was being pinched by Yan Xipao at the bottom of the mountain at every turn.

Mu Lele annoyed with the cushion thrown on the opposite side of the wedding photo of the two.

The next day.

When last night's matter has not yet come to fruition, A-hua's angry phone call came, "Shit, Mu Lele, my father is now going to send me to study abroad, on my IELTS TOEFL test 10 times, 10 times but the extent of my past as a mute?"

"Yen Xi Pal again!"

Mu Lele went out, lying on the railing, and asked the parlor maid in a stern voice, "Where is Yan Xipal?"

"Auntie went to work early in the morning."

Mu Lele went back to the house, quickly changed clothes, with a hat, went out and drove directly towards Mu's Group.

In the office, Yan Xipao received feedback from his assistant, "Miss Lele looked for all the veins last night, and in the end spent money without canceling the video."

"Does she know that it was

I gave the order?"

"It should be guessed, but there's no evidence."

Yan Xi Pal understood, "Go out."

The assistant just walked out of the president's office and met the fire-charged Missy face to face, shocked and wide-eyed.

The assistant immediately turned back, not knocking on the door directly pushed open the president's office, "President, Lele Xiao," the words were not finished, Mu Lele directly into the man's office. "Go out, door bring."

Yan Xi Pal looked at the assistant and gave him a slight nod of his head.

The assistant went out and closed the door.

"Yan Xipal, you let A Hua go abroad?"

Yan Xipao frowned.

"Isn't it true that all the friends around you are successful, knowledgable, elegant, learned, local gentry. My kind, surrounded by friends who are uneducated, eat, drink and play trash, affecting your Yan's sight ah?"

Mu Lele came in this time, holding down the fire.

"You want to let me also go abroad forget it, I at least IELTS over 6.5, go abroad than to communicate, put me and A Hua a piece of deportation, anyway, I'm not there anymore, your world wind and waves."

Yan Xipao opened his mouth, "Mu Lele, you should reflect on you are yourself."

"I have reflected, and the final result of my reflection is that I shouldn't have known you. If there is no you, I will meet my sincere friends; if there is no you, Mu's Group will not be the outside world have said is a shell salary, the internal structure has long been 'Yan's Group'; if there is not

you, my grandfather wouldn't not love me; if not for you, the person I married must be the person I love; if not for you, I wouldn't be the way I am now!"

The more she reached the end, the louder Mu Lele roared. After roaring, she was instantly much more comfortable. Looking at Yan Xi Pal, she breathed hard and her tone slowed down, "Yan Xi Pal, the two of us just aren't from the same world. I have a grandfather, you are an orphan."


Mu Lele was startled by Yan Xipao's stern cry.

"There are only two years left until you turn 25. After two years, if we still can't get along well, then we'll get a divorce, and I'll leave the house with a clean slate. Mu's Group is yours, or yours." Yan Xipao knew that Mu Lele was a knife mouth and tofu heart, but this knife mouth, hard as it was, stabbed him in the heart.

Mu Lele blinked, looking at Yan Xipo's rare thinly veiled anger, her heart trembled.

He frequently emphasized that he was 25, so why must he wait until she was 25?

Before she could open her mouth to ask, on the table, the man's cell phone rang.

When she saw the caller, the popular movie queen "Nanling", Mu Lele's brows tightly screwed, immediately snatched the phone, if she can determine Yan Xipal cheating, he will have to give himself a clean house now.

Yan Xipo pinched his brow bone with a headache and watched Mu Lele answer the phone.

After the phone is connected, Nanling's original voice remembers, the voice really did not play on the TV female generals voice rude, but a fine voice gentle, "Xi Pal, let me

abandon my job to come to L city, but keep letting me stay in a hotel, what do you want to do?"

"Heh, so people are raised under the eyes of the main house."

Once Nanling heard the voice, she frowned, "Mu Lele?"

Then, her side scoffed, "It's you. Last night, you made a skincare endorsement that I had originally negotiated with fly away, this matter, I haven't asked for a statement yet."

"Have the ability to come in front of this young lady to ask for a statement." Mu Lele claimed, "Currently it's still a skincare endorsement, the next fashion week, red carpet, movie and TV productions, you don't want to participate." After saying that, she looked at Yan Xipao, "The social circle of 'rotten mud', although they are all some 'rotten mud', but, don't forget that they all have people behind them as well."

Last night, Mu Lele posted the matter of refusing to cooperate with Nanling within her girlfriends' group, and she didn't expect that there would be a result today.

"Good, then let's meet up when we have the chance. I also want to meet with my own eyes, Xi Pal's new wife!"

Hanging up the phone.

Yan Xipao: "Your friend's matter, I can not let him leave the country. But there is a condition, a dinner tonight." He said coldly and hard, "You've seen the news on the internet, the photos about you and A-hua have not been taken down so far, this has a great impact on Mu's group internally, and a lot of shareholders at the shareholder level have a non-negotiable opinion about us.

You need to accompany me to dinner tonight, accompany me to act as a loving couple and stabilize the company. Otherwise, Mu's weakness is due to you."

(End of chapter)

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