Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 17

Mu Lele: "When I ask you, of course you will say the news is fake and then explain that you are in a partnership or an acquaintance. Yan Xi Pal you tell me, in the middle of the night, an actress wearing a sexy little red dress sitting in a married man's car, you tell me, you are talking about cooperation? Even if it is cooperation, the daytime sun will shine her show fox original shape or so, have to meet you in the middle of the night?"

"Lele, why do you never believe me?"

Mu Lele sneered, "Then why don't I wear a short skirt tonight and stop a married man's car on the side of the road and sit on it. Then say to you that we are in a partnership, do you believe me?"

Yan Xi Pal: "......"

The car arrived at the Mu family manor.

Mu Lele got out of the car and threw the door of the car with force, entered the living room and looked at a circle of servants do not dare to raise their heads, dian dian also timidly stood rooted in the camp of the servants, like a punishment, the body stood straight and watched the furious Mu mother go upstairs.

Not long after, Yan Xi Pal also appeared in the room.

"Dad." Dian Dian happily ran towards Yan Xipai.

Yan Xipo stroked Dian Dian's head and instructed the servants, "Make sure you guard Lele well today, and don't allow her to leave the house for half a step."


Yan Xipo didn't stay home for long and left again.

Upstairs, Mu Lele's door was unlocked, this time she directly called her grandfather and went up and cried, "You're good, you went straight to Spirit Mountain and didn't come home.

I'm not at home, I don't care about me. I've been bullied by Yan Xi Palo, haven't I?"

Mu old man still have a belly full of fire, want to ask his granddaughter, afternoon a moment she in the bar, a moment and go to the hotel room what is going on, the result is to hear his granddaughter crying.

When Mu Lele cried, Elder Mu was considered really clueless.

"Grandson, Lele, Xi Pal doesn't want to bully you, it's always been you who bullied him."

Mu Lele wiped her moist eyes, "He always bullies me in places you can't see, grandpa, come back."

Elder Mu's heart softened, "Lele, can you promise grandpa to feel what kind of person Xi Pal really is. I can say that in this world, he and grandpa are the people who love you the most. Grandpa knows all about that matter in Nanling. The two of them absolutely, absolutely, absolutely have no relationship, Grandpa swears that if I lie, I'll grow a nose."

Mu Lele bristled in aggravation, "You haven't believed me all along, you're more intimate with Yan Xipao than you are with me, grandpa, you don't love me anymore."

She grunted and bared her last words, angrily hung up the phone and cried alone in her bedroom.

At the door, Dian Dian carefully knocked on the door, "Mama Mu, I'll play Ultraman with you, don't cry."

"You go away ah."

Dian Dian wrapped her mouth, not knowing what was going on, also aggrieved and wanted to cry.

Huasheng Pharmaceutical


In the end, A-hua still did not escape the straight storm.

Hua Dong looked at the son of the indisputable, holding the office documents, angry at his son's back "swish swish" punched two times, "do not let you delay Ms. Lele learning, you still do not grow a memory is not it?" Hua Dong is very smart, know to Mr. Yan, words and words to maintain the image of Mu Lele, the child of their own family as worthless.

Although A-hua wasn't in pain, but a big boy standing there was a bit humiliating in the end. "Yan, Mr. Yan. It was Lele who forced me to go over there today, I was already in the bar having a good drink, she went over there and had to hook up with me and act ambiguously. In fact, there was nothing."

Yan Xi Pal thought of the video, she asked, "What did Lele say in your ear?"

Ah Hua immediately said, "If I don't cooperate with her, she's going to find someone to smash my Black Armed Warrior car and sell it as rags."

Yan Xi Pal stilted her legs high and looked condescendingly at Ah Hua, "Continue."

"Then I didn't dare to refuse, this thing, she really dared to do it. I thought that was enough, who knew that she insisted on pulling me to the hotel, I called out to her Bodhisattva, called out to her whatever, she wouldn't let me go. Later, to the door of the room, I was afraid of being Yan to destroy my family business, rather than car, but also ran from the security channel entrance.

Then after that, I watched Mr. Yan enter the big

hall before I ran back, just until now."

Hua Dong hated his iron, and took the file again and flung it at his son's back a few times, "Who can't afford to be messed with, you still want to mess with whoever you want to mess with, the last time I beat you up it was all for nothing."

Ah Hua shrugged his shoulders, closed his eyes, and did not dare to speak.

Hua Dong immediately to Yan Xi Pal to say good words, "Yan General, you see this today, indeed is the canine son is not, but Miss Lele a domineering strong, A Hua he also dare not go against Miss Lele's wishes to. Can you, this time just let the canine son off the hook."

Yan Xi Pal got the whole story, he got up, "The bar is not a good place, go less in the future, and don't let Lele go."

"Yes, Mr. Yan." The man in his fifties groveled in front of Yan Xipo, very timid.

Yan Xipao left.

In the back, inside the office, the sound of Ah Hua being beaten up by his father came out again.

Back in the car, Yan Xipao phone dialed the company assistant, "Contact the platform side, take down all the videos related to me and Lele."

"Received President, but the matter between you and Ms. Lele is still known by quite a few people."

Yan Xi Pal sat in the car, his deep eyes looked ahead, he was silent for a few seconds, "The video is not deleted all, leave a part of it."

Assistant: "......" This is another joke?

Yan Xipo said, "Leave the picture of Lele drinking at the bar, blurring

Handle it. No matter who asks to take it down, don't agree. In addition, contact Nanling, give her the fastest flight to L city, tomorrow must arrive in L city."

The assistant didn't dare to try to speculate on the mentality of his boss, but just did as he was ordered.

In the evening, the whole network about Yan Xipao's news is all gone, including the afternoon just on the hot search: Mr. Yan appeared in the hotel to catch adultery? The topic, just went up for a while, and then off the shelf.

Only left Mu Lele's blurred figure, and the back of a man sitting together drinking.

Mu Lele cried enough at home, began to look at the online gossip, the result is miraculous, and Yan Xipo related are gone, only her still has been in.

Yan Xipo this time, but also really let her deal with it.

Mu Lele wiped her tears and began to think of ways to eliminate her words.

This side, just hung up the phone with his assistant, Yan Xipao's cell phone rang again, he looked at the number and directly hung up.

As a result, the phone called again, and he hung up again.

This call seemed to pester Yan Xipao, calling again for the third time, he impatiently connected and put it to his ear.

"Xi Pal, Mu Lele doesn't deserve ......"

Yan Xipo once again hung up without mercy, this time the direct phone pull black, he drove home.

When he arrived home, Dian Dian looked at Yan Xipai aggrievedly, "Dad, Mu mom cried in the afternoon, I want to go to my mom's place."

(End of chapter)

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