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The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you Chapter 16 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 16

When the employees on the side saw it, they didn't dare to go up and talk to each other.

When A Hua ran down, he was tired and panting up and down, and his legs were weak. His old man did not even run as fast as he did at this moment when he beat him.

Just reached the first floor, ready to go out of the safe passage, suddenly saw the man who appeared on the first floor.

He let out a dark curse and had to hide back again.

Until Yan Xipao took the room card and entered the elevator, he hurriedly ran out, stopped a cab and withdrew.

Looking at the text message on his cell phone that Mu Lele sent to scold him for his damage, ''Difficult little princess, you seek your own happiness. I won't report you either."

Mu Lele was sitting in the hotel, holding her cell phone and was about to make a call with Ah Hua when the hotel door suddenly opened.

"Yo, cursing twice and coming back on your own, you're not afraid of Mr. Yan at this moment." Mu Lele leaned on the bed, ready to get up, suddenly saw the extra room card on the nightstand, she was slightly flabbergasted: Ah Hua didn't have a room card at all!

She quickly got up, crossed the bathroom door wall, and walked to the doorway.

Hurrah, the doorway stood cold-faced, timeless-eyed man, his eyebrows hiding hostility, his vision clamped with thin anger. Not just returned from a business trip Yan Xi Pal who is it? A black business suit, more set off his cold unusual. Behind his hand, closed the door of the hotel, "snap" sound of the door, also let Mu Lele heart trembled.

A face to face, Mu Lele can see the man's complete anger.

The cold leather shoes stepped on the carpet, soft and soft.

The shoes stepped on the carpet, soft and silent, in Mu Lele's heart seems to have a voice.

He walked towards Mu Lele, and she subconsciously backed up. Following the thought that she could not lose her momentum, she stood in front of Yan Xi Pal with strong support. Speaking clips, "This is not my husband, I thought you have to hang out with other big stars for a few more days before coming back, only two days, this is enough?"

Yan Xi Pal stood in front of Mu Lele, coldly questioned, "Who is that man now?"

Mu Lele wrapped her arms around herself, "To each his own. If I don't ask you who she is, how about you don't ask me who that man is?"

Yan Xi Pal seemed to be really angry this time, grabbing Mu Lele's hand with one hand, shivering her and pushing her directly towards the bed.

When he reached the bedside, he was also not soft at all, directly pushing Mu Lele towards the bed with a palm, "Don't you want to open a room, I'll come back to accompany you to open it."

After saying that, Yan Xi Pal directly bullied and pressed on Mu Lele's body.

Mu Lele was confused, just had the strength of alcohol slightly drunk at the moment instantly ran out of shadow, "You accompany me to open, I also dislike you dirty."

At the moment, Mu Lele reached out directly nonchalantly scratch in Yan Xi Pal's neck, sharp claws through the place, his neck are a red mark.

Yan Xi Pal's good temper is exhausted, Mu Lele touched his death point, he gritted his teeth, cheeks pan hard, one hand ripped open the tie, directly to Mu Lele's sharp claws

Bundle to go.

"Yan Xi Pal, what are you doing, I bite you to death, you let go of me, by what you can all night meeting actress, I ......唔, Yan Xi唔, you唔唔"

Yan Xi Pal lowered his head and smelled Mu Lele's tirade on his lips.

Mu Lele and angry and shy, full of red, wet and hot on the lips to make her unfamiliar goosebumps all over her body. There was also a big hand on her body that was groping around, "Yan Xi ......唔,唔唔唔。"

Finally, he found the cell phone on Mu Lele's body and at the same time released the girl's lips.

"Bah, are you evil or not? Kissed the playwright's lips and came back to kiss me, you don't mind being dirty, I still do." Mu Lele's angry neck red ears red, and see Yan Xi Pal grabbed his cell phone, her hands bundled, also swinging chaotically to disturb Yan Xi Pal to check his information.

"Mu Lele, if you mess around again, I'll use the body that slept with the playwright to sleep with you." Yan Xipo's sight stared Mu Lele dead in the face, the coldness in his eyes was something he had never seen before.

Mu Lele's heart was angry and aggrieved, "It was clearly you who cheated first."

At this time, Yan Xi Pal has already tried twice Mu Lele's cell phone password directly try to open, the screen interface is her just threatened A Hua's chat records.

Seeing the name, the fire in Yan Xipao's heart faded slightly.

He can condone Mu Lele sky high, but, in the relationship between men and women, he can't let Mu Lele fool around!

Every time he could laugh

Every time he could laugh and condone her scolding and beating herself.

He has his bottom line only when it comes to relationships.

But A-hua, that can not help the wall of the rich second-generation, Yan Xi Pal has never put him in the eyes, and has never regarded him as a rival.

Calm down a lot, Yan Xipao looked at the woman underneath the red eyes, guessed a few points, may be she saw his peach color news, plus the stimulation of the comments, in a fit of rage, looking for the A-hua to the hotel for her to fight for a breath of air, to prove that she is not a test marriage hanging on him, the person who commits himself, but also for the Mu family to prove that Mu does not care about his powerful.

At the same time, but also angry at themselves, disgusted with themselves.

Want to understand this point, Yan Xi Pal sight sweeps just under the impulse, kiss her lips, he got up, dragged the woman who was bullied by him on the bed also get up.

Mu Lele lifted her leg and tucked it into Yan Xipao's suit pants.

On the dark pants, a shoe print landed. He lowered his head and helped Mu Lele undo the tie that bound her wrists.

The satin tie, obviously smooth, Mu Lele had just been unable to break free.

When the tie was undone, she got up and turned to the man's face, raising her hand to have a slap, Yan Xi Pal one hand quickly stopped it, "I and Nan Ling are just a partnership."

Mu Lele was grabbed by one hand the other hand sharply raised her hand to have another slap at Yan Xipai's face, "Bah, scum boy, you disgusting

dead to me."

Yan Xi Pal closed his eyes, he took a deep breath and opened his eyes after self-regulation, looking at the great pride in front of him, "The matter of the report, you deal with it yourself. You acted in a deficient manner, and ultimately, it is Mu Group's share price that will be affected."

He took the tie that didn't have a single crease and went to the mirror, tying it in front of the mirror.

When Mu Lele angrily wanted to leave, she passed by Yan Xipai, and he grabbed Mu Lele's thin wrist with one hand, "Walk out with me."

"You let go of me."

"The image of a loving couple is good for the stability of the company." Yan Xi Pal put on the seatbelt, rearranged his clothes, looked at his wife who was hiding her anger, the corner of his mouth was slightly hooked, there was not the slightest smile under his eyes, he held Mu Lele's hand and left.

When she arrived at the entrance of the hotel, she reluctantly got into Yan Xipao's car.

The car left, countless lenses aimed at the rear of Yan Xi Pal's car, have to compete for the next issue of gossip headlines.

In the car, Mu Lele's pink fists clenched, "Yan Xipal, you better pray that you can continue to do the position of Mu's president, if there is a day that I snatch back the company, the first thing is to suppress your mistress."

Yan Xipai guessed right, he not only solidified the name of "scum", but also added a "mistress.

"Lele, you mind that I'm having an affair outside, why don't you even call me to ask me about the authenticity of the news before impulsively going to make a mess, come to the hotel?"

(End of chapter)

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