Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 15

The two of them looked at each other, both looking at the chief steward, not knowing what to do.

Mu Lele's tone could not be refused, "Bring it over!"

The maid hesitantly came forward and handed over the newspaper she was preparing to hide with both hands.

Mu Lele opened it and saw the biggest headline: Shocking exposure of Mu's Group's Aunt Master Yan Xipao's late night rendezvous with a woman in red.

There was a picture of a girl in a skirt bending over and entering the backseat of Yan Xipao, and then the two entered a private club and stayed out until the evening.

Mu Lele opened her phone and saw the heated comments online.

"Yan Xipo's power is too great, marrying the Mu family's youngest daughter is purely a desperate move by the Mu family to use marriage to stall Yan Xipo."

"Upstairs agree, I personally feel that the two do not have feelings, the wedding night wife went to bungee jumping, made a scandal, I heard that her card was blocked. Now traveling, I'm afraid it's a night ghost girl. Each play each, the usual operation of the mansion."

"The capital does not want to split, had to use the marriage, but this Yan Xi Pal is also quite heartless, Mu Laozi personally raised him, he is not thankful even if, but also robbed the Mu Group, forcing Mu Laozi had no choice but to come out of this next side. I heard that he still pretended to be sick to force him to marry Mu Xiao Qian Jin."

"Do you think Mu Xiao Qian Jin is a good goods ah, can go to the bar nightclub, every day arrogant and domineering, Yan Xi Pal how can you

How can Yan Xipo stand it?"

"Quickly look, Yan will always be the girl is not a popular movie queen."

"Seems to be eh, but can't see the face, behind the movie queen seems to have always had a backer, so it's Mr. Yan."


The comments on the internet were overwhelming.

It didn't take long before the news of Mu Lele's wedding night was also topped on the hot search.

A group of melon eating netizens played out their own think underneath, "Mu Xiao Qian Jin just went to the bar and ended up having her card blocked by Master Mu, she is afraid that General Yan will get angry and divorce her, it seems that the Mu family is now in charge of General Yan."

She closes her cell phone and gets up.

Dian Dian also followed closely and got up, "Mom Mu, where are you going?"

Mu Lele looked at the little brat, "You stay at home honestly."

She went upstairs to freshen up and went out.

The chief steward was afraid that something would happen and hurriedly called the old master in Spirit Mountain, "Master, it's not good, miss saw the news in the newspaper and went out."

Although Mu Lao didn't have a newspaper, he also knew quite a bit through the internet.

The outside world has been talking about it, and the Mu family has not come out to explain so far.

Elder Mu hung up the phone and turned to dial the man.

He wants an explanation, when the old man knew that his granddaughter went to the bar, he just fumed, severely criticized Mu Lele and stopped her card to give punishment. Give Yan Xipao face Li Zi have done enough.

However, when he saw that Yan Xipao had a private meeting with a girl, Mu Lao just sank to the ground.

When he saw that Yan Xipo was having a private meeting with a girl, Mu Lao just sank his face and hid his anger.

People, afraid of is not the face to show the great anger, but, less words, hidden anger.

Yan Xipal in the waiting room to return to China, put down the newspaper pinch brow, at this time, the cell phone rang.


"Who is she?" Elder Mu asked.

He believes in Xi Pal's character, but meeting with a woman in sexy clothes in the middle of the night does tend to make people think nonsense, not to mention, how Yan Xi Pal thinks in his heart right now, Elder Mu can't pinpoint it.

Yan Xi Pal pinched the bone between his eyebrows, "The popular movie queen Nan Ling, is also Yan Ling."

Hearing Yan Xi Pal's deliberate emphasis, Elder Mu sank for a moment, he asked, "Over there, there's someone else?"

"Well, I'll deal with it."

Elder Mu remembered the past and said to his granddaughter-in-law, "Xi Pal, when necessary, Mu Group is the harsh sword in your hands, I am your backbone, Lele is your way back."

Mu Lao's words caused a warm current to flow through Yan Xi Pal's heart, "Thank you, Grandpa."

Before hanging up the phone, Elder Mu righteously reminded his granddaughter-in-law, "Get ready, go back to Lele's strange temper still doesn't know how to bully you. The chief steward just told me that she went out alone and didn't know what she did."

When Yan Xi Pal saw his own gossip, the first reaction in his mind was, go home and he will be labeled as a "scum man" again.

The first thought that came to his mind was that he was going to be labeled as a "scum" again, and that his "mistress" outside was going to be one more somehow.

I'm ready to go home and explain to Mu Lele, but when I got off the plane, I saw the new news that my assistant handed over to me in fear: "Newlywed couples battle it out to see who's got the best wild history".

Mu small thousand gold surprised haunted bar, dancing sultry, not affected by her husband's derailment, condensation shape married couple sit!

In the video, it is the back of Mu Lele sitting at the bar in a short skirt in the cold season, clinking drinks with men, and hooking up to leave.

"General, president, the media picked up, Miss and a man went to a hotel room."

Yan Xi Pal looked at the video, the exhaled air seemed to be on fire, "Send me the location!"

At the hotel, Ah Hua was dragged to the elevator room by Mu Lele's death.

"Sister Mu, Lele goddess, fairy, bodhisattva ...... I beg you, don't just grab me and bully me, okay? Even if you find a love rival for Mr. Yan, you have to find an evenly matched ah, I'm like this purely for Mr. Yan to practice ah." A-hua put his hands together, the gesture of worshipping the bodhisattva, has been to Mu Lele worship, "Why don't you shout Xiao Xu, or aviation family Ren young, you let me go, my family is research medicine, selling medicine, I don't want to have not yet inherited the company, the company was acquired by Mr. Yan."

"You shut up! Bothered?" Mu Lele leaned against the elevator entrance, her beautiful eyes were unhappy, her handsome little face was full of


This time, the media for her to catch Yan Xi Pal derailment are sitting on the truth, if she did not have some action, the Mu family face, were her "lost".

If not, the outside world really think, she is an abandoned wife, is the Mu family to tie her to Yan Xi Pal means.

The elevator door opened, Mu Lele's eyes threatened, "Go into the hotel."

A-hua was in tears, "Let me live."

"I'll make a promise to you, this time, if Yan Xipo dares to threaten your family again, I'll directly break the net with Yan Xipo."

"Lele, didn't you and Mr. Yan die in a fishnet long ago?" A Hua upholds, energy consumption for a while, is a while.

He is now repenting to death, in the afternoon to go to some bar to get high, the result was Mu Lele to the bar, a catch a him. He also had to hook his neck, accompanied him to drink, ambiguous movements.

If he dares to resist, Mu Lele will be in his ear, ambiguous movements, snake heart threat: the new sports car Black Warrior, you love it, right? If I sell it as a pile of broken metal, how many dollars can I sell?

Drinking even if, but also threatened to let him accompany her to the hotel.

A-hwa managed to have a shadow on Hi Bar through this incident.

The hotel door opened, A-hua immediately turned around, rabbit-like, from the hotel's 23rd floor ran to the safe passage, one floor down.

Mu Lele was furious with one hand crossed, with the smell of alcohol on his body, making the bystanders look like they were in awe.

(End of chapter)

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