Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 14

After a visit to the orphanage, Mu Lele was a little more pleasant to Yan Xipao, but her guard was still up, and her fire was still there.

When Yan Xipo was traveling for a few days, the weather changed in L City.

The weather forecast said it was going to warm up, but on that day in the middle of the month, the sky suddenly blew a cold wind, and the sound of the wind could be heard at the living room window, like the roar of an ape, a creepy sound.

The sky was also cloudy, and it looked like it was going to rain heavily.

Yan Xi was outside, but he was always worried about the situation at home, he called Mu Lele, "The weather has changed, don't go out to play."

"I have an appointment with my friends."

Yan Xipo: "Look at the weather warning, five winds, gusts of seven to nine. Stay well at home."

The news that popped up on Mu Lele's phone, she directly crossed them all over and didn't even look at them.

Later on, the wind speed did increase, the leaves in the courtyard were flapping around and shaking, the window was open, she couldn't open her eyes from the wind, Mu Lele cherished her life, and decisively gave up this party.

Dian Dian stood beside Mu Lele, his eyes were full of worry, "Mama Mu, will my mom be scared alone in the hospital?"

Mu Lele could see that he was scared.

At night when they went to bed, they all went back to their bedrooms, and Dian Dian was alone in the living room lying down, seeing the living room empty and afraid of his own closely followed Mu Lele.

"What for?" Mu Lele asked.

DianDian took the otterman, gently opened his mouth,"

Mu mom coaxed me to sleep."

Seeing the small child's caution, Mu Lele spits out the words she wants to refuse and swallows them, getting along for so many days, and the little kid also has feelings. So, Mu Lele pushed the back of his head with her hand, "Let's go."

Dian Dian happily led the way to the guest room.

"First things first, I won't coax. If you're scared, I'll sit in your room and wait for you to sleep."

Duan Dian lay under the covers, listening to the wind howling outside, because Mu Lele wasn't scared at all anymore with him by his side.

He asked curiously, "Mama Mu, how did your mom coax you when you were scared as a child?"

"My mom and dad didn't coax me." Mu Lele had never met her parents until now.

She herself was technically brought up by her grandfather and Yan Xipao.

"Then who coaxed you?"

Mu Lele recalled her early childhood and didn't speak.

"Brother Xipo, afraid." The age of spitting out words, Yan Xipao passed.

When she was young, Yan Xipo was also a student, and the main economy of the Mu family was still Master Mu. In his fifties, he was still like a young man, going to social functions, talking about cooperation, and supporting the entire Mu family.

At that time, only she and Yan Xipao were at home, a fear subconsciously looking for Yan Xipao.

Memories immediately terminated, Mu Lele looked at the little brat and threatened, "Hurry up and go to sleep, if you don't I'm leaving."

Dian Dian immediately obediently closed his eyes, Mu Lele sat on one side of the

swivel chair, her hands against her temples as she swiveled the chair and fell into memories.

"Strange, why did I start thinking about Yan Xi Pal's goodness recently?"

Mu Lele shook her head and shook her brain by herself, picking out the villain in her mind and said to herself, "No, I can't be brainwashed by everyone, I have to remember that Yan Xipo is a bad person, the worst person. I'm the one who is sober on earth."

After thinking about it, Mu Lele fell back into the memories of herself and Yan Xipao.

It seems like, when she was a child, she was all quite fond of Yan Xipai.

Every time she cried, she would look for Yan Xipo's shadow in the crowd and then stretch out her arms condescendingly to him, allowing him to hug her.

At that time, Yan Xi Pal obviously is also a child, he hugged himself dragged hard to die, they do not know why they like to let him hug.

When reading elementary school and junior high school, she will often bully Yan Xipai, but that is a little trouble. After bullying, he laughed and ran over to hug Yan Xi Pal. Since when did she completely break up with Yan Xipo?

Mu Lele recalled, Yan Xipai hugged her most annoying classmate, obviously she did not let Yan Xipai hug, that woman is pretending to faint.

The first time she got angry and Yan Xipo made a big fuss, later she chased to the infirmary, saw him take more care of that girl, angry Mu Lele then and Yan Xipo make a break. Later, it was said that the girl transferred to another school, not knowing where to go.

Mu Lele guessed that it was because her grandfather was unhappy to see her, so he pressurized that girl's family to make her disappear in front of his eyes.

But that was just a cause, and then, before that cause could be explained, Yan Xipao had gone back on the agreement she had made with Mu Lele at the very beginning, and studied business privately.

When he was a child, there were already rumors that Yan Xipal was ambitious and wanted to take over the Mu Group. He was only just an adult at the time, because he himself is outstanding, so the outside world whispers a lot.

Mu Lele also heard such rumors from her classmates, as well as relatives at home also taught her to beware of Yan Xipai, "Lele ah, Auntie really has no bad intentions for you, the outside said you do not not prevent, in case Xipai later robbed you of your company, you can have nothing."

Said once or twice, Mu Lele did not react, and then heard more. She found Yan Xi Pal privately, "Pal brother, you do not learn business in the future, okay? I'll study business. Anyway, I'll inherit the company later, and I'll support you."

The 17 year old teenage boy, wearing a clean white summer school uniform, sat on the window sill and smiled at the little girl, "Then I'll stay in L City to study teacher training in the future, specializing in teaching urchins like you."

In the future, whoever was saying to her that Yan Xi Pal had second thoughts, she had the courage to choke back.

Her nature is arrogant, speak habitually not good to hear, and then those people are back to her to say.

Then later ...... Yan Xi

Pal broke his promise to study business in college and graduated into Mu!


Mu Lele was woken up by a knock on the door, "Mu mom, eat breakfast."

Mu Lele accompanied the little one to sleep last night, she went back to her bedroom, and in the morning, Dian Dian knocked on the door like a little rooster to call her for breakfast.

Last night there was a strong wind, and in the second half of the night it rained heavily, and the rain lasted until dawn. The sky was overcast and it looked like it was going to rain for a few more days.

Due to weather problems, Yan Xipao was stranded out of town and unable to return home.

Mu Lele spat every day that Xu Dian Dian had no one to take care of her, but she became Dian Dian's guardian for a few days, and she watched Ultraman every day at home.

Then the wind died down and the rain stopped, and while Yan Xipao didn't come back, the news came back first through the newspaper.

Mu Lele usually do not read the newspaper, home newspapers are Yan Xipai nothing love to see fixed, so the newspaper pile there, has been waiting for Yan Xipai back to see.

But the strange thing is, the servants are usually good, but today they carefully collected all the newspapers at home, and then secretly their eyes met, and the newspapers were ready to be disposed of secretly.

"Stand still." Mu Lele sat on the sofa, her voice mixed with coldness and command. She called out to the two servants behind her who were being thieves.

The servants stopped in their tracks, "Eldest Miss."

Mu Lele was turned against the two, she stretched out her hand, "Bring the newspaper over."

(End of chapter)

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