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Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 13

Mu Lele scratched her cheeks and looked at the drawing paper plastered all over the wall, "Is this me? Also, who gave it 100 points? Is my face just a triangle?"

"Uncle gave it."

Mu Lele points at the wall and calls out to Yan Xipai in the back, "Come here, you tell me why my face is triangular."

Yan Xipai smiles and explains, "Contrasted with the painting of your face being a quadrilateral, the triangle is aesthetically pleasing."

Mu Lele forgot what she came to do, and was surrounded by a group of children, as well as caregivers and teachers who came out to see her as a "famous person".

She was sure that Yan Xipao often said other in the orphanage!

So, Mu Lele saved a heart, secretly pulled a few articulate children, "you and sister say, Yan Xipao every time you come to say what I? Say it well and have candy to eat."

"Uncle said that when Sister is angry, her eyebrows are connected, but her face is bulbous again, like a puffer fish's little belly."

"And also and also, uncle said that when sister was little her face was round, when she grew up her face was pointed, her eyelashes were arched, and there was always starlight in her eyes."

Mu Lele cocked her head, "That's what he said?"

"Uncle also said that elder sister is the most adorable, obviously afraid of the dark night, but dead ducks say she's not afraid."

"Sister didn't like the dishes she ate when she was little and secretly fed them to the family puppy. On the basis that the family's puppy wouldn't tattle, she secretly did it several times."

Mu Lele: "......" How does he know about this?

Between classes

Twenty minutes, not long after a group of kids ran off again.

Mu Lele was swinging alone on the swing, Yan Xipao held Dian Dian's hand and came over.

"Asked what?"

Mu Lele's petite face, looked at the man who appeared beside her, "What did you tell them about me?"

Yan Xi Pal sat beside Mu Lele, behind the white-painted swing was a circle of green plants, the two sat so close for the first time in their adult lives, Mu Lele did not resent him. "They need a cute person inside to be the little hero in their hearts."

"So the 'little hero' is me?" Mu Lele pointed backhandedly at herself.

Yan Xi Pal looked back, his deep eyes meeting the clear, beautiful eyes for an instant, "Well, it's you."

Mu Lele's heart thumps for a moment, then quickly skims her face, blinks quickly in a vain manner, and mumbles in a small voice, "But I didn't hear you say I'm good either."

After fetching clothes for Dian Dian and admiring the succulents that Dian Dian had planted with her own hands.

Mu Lele was even given one on her way out. In fact, she didn't want it because cacti she could raise to death. But not tolerating the child's passionate emotions falling away, she accepted it.

At lunchtime at the orphanage, a child didn't like the yolk of an egg and cried instead.

The caregiver immediately said, "Your sister Lele loved to eat egg yolks when she was little."

The person in question was in the corner, looking at the egg yolk in the bowl and fretting, when her body suddenly froze.

The child's eyes looked at her, and Mu Lele's scalp, numbed.


She endured a bite of the egg yolk in front of the child, and the child did pick up the yolk and ate it.

The man who is usually cold, with a cold face, harsh to his subordinates, intimidating to businessmen, and irritating to Mu Lele has more smiles today.

Mu Lele's beautiful eyes burned with small flames and glared at the man who was laughing at him.

When a group of children went to bed at noon, they were pestering Mu Lele to ask questions, ''Why does Dian Dian call Sister Mu Mama ah? None of us have a mom, why does Dian Dian have two moms?"

Mu Lele: "Uh ...... because, because." Because of what?

At this time, Yan Xi Pal walked over and sat next to Mu Lele, "Because Lele is uncle's wife."

"Uh uh uh yeah, I'm his wife."

A group of children asked curiously again.

Mu Lele's appearance made the children in the orphanage excited for a long time, as if they had all met their idol.

Mu Lele looked at the girl with congenital cleft lip and palate at the end, who always covered her mouth. Mu Lele's heart moved, "Actually, it wasn't scared, I was just shocked when I first saw it, but I seemed to have hurt her."

Yan Xi Pal looked at the girl, "Yuanyuan your sister Lele called out to you."

The little girl hesitated for a moment, seeing the smile in Mu Lele's eyes, she then boldly stepped forward.

Mu Lele directly picks her up and grabs away her hand, her sight looking directly at her lips, "Like a little rabbit, kinda cute."

Lunch break

When the time comes, the shouts of a group of caregivers are not lower than Mu Lele's one, "All obey and go to bed, or Sister Lele will be angry."

A group of children all ran away.

It was finally quiet.

Mu Lele breathed a sigh of relief, she looked back at Yan Xipao, it was as if she was learning about his world for the first time.

"You're going there on business?" Mu Lele asked about Yan Xipal's trip for the first time.

"Y City, inspecting a project, I'll be back in two days."

Mu Lele oh, in the afternoon, Yan Xipo had something to leave first, Mu Lele did not travel with her, but went to the dean, "Dean, why did Yan Xipo say I ah?"

The dean's fondness for Mu Lele was a result of both the Mu family's financial support for them and the Mu Lele in Yan Xipai's mouth and the children's hearts.

"When you were small, Xi Pal would come to the orphanage by herself to visit those pals, and they all knew that there was a little sister in the family that adopted Xi Pal, and they were very curious, and I don't know when it started, but Yan Xi Pal began to talk about you to these children.

Later, they all knew that you were cute and lived a happy life. A group of children somehow spread the word that the only way to get adopted is to learn like you, to be as cute and pretty as you are, so that other people will like you."

Mu Lele s moving, she actually ...... is not as good as the children imagine in their hearts.

The dean also asked curiously, "Lele, why did you suddenly come over today?"

"Oh yes, I heard Xu Luo say that I came here when I was a child, and Yan Xi Pal said that I came to change the

Brother, what's going on?"

The dean remembered that year's interesting situation, and immediately smiled with a big frown, "It was when you were five years old, you quarreled with Xi Pal and cried out that you didn't want brother Pal anymore, and wanted other brothers. Mu Lao couldn't do anything about you, so he brought you and Xi Pal to the orphanage, and Xi Pal let you pick your new brother."

"And then what happened?"

The dean couldn't stop laughing, "Still picking a new brother, in the end you didn't look at anyone. Just because there was a little girl saw Xi Pal hugging you, she also wanted to hug, you were jealous and people quarrel, even fight, crying and shouting that people rob you Pal brother. In the end you cried a neckful of sweat, Xi Pal and Mu Lao were afraid of you getting heatstroke and rushed to take you home."

Mu Lele: "......"

No wonder last night Yan Xi Pal words did not say down, after all, such words, if from Yan Xi Pal's mouth to say out, she will certainly not believe! However, when the words came out of the dean's mouth, she believed them.

In the afternoon, Mu Lele stayed at the orphanage to accompany those children after school until they had dinner, and only then did she bring Dian Dian down the mountain.

This day the protective wall in Mu Lele's heart, gradually had cracks, she herself was oblivious.

Calling with Mu Lao, she wanted to shout at him to come back earlier, but it turned out that Mu Laozi thought that his granddaughter was here to argue again, "Unless you and Xi Pal give me a great-grandchild, I won't go back even if I die."

"Then don't come back in this life if you have the ability."

Mu Lele's violent temper flared up again.

Hanging up the phone directly threw it all over again.

The dian dian in the back seat didn't dare to speak.

(End of chapter)

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