Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 12

Dian Dian didn't know what Mu Lele was up to, and nodded her head stupidly, "Mother Mu, my family lives in the Cixin Orphanage."

Mu Lele bites her tongue and corrects the name calling problem in her words, no longer shouting 'orphanage', "Dian Dian, it's going to be hot soon, I'll begrudgingly take you back to the Cixin Orphanage to change a few clothes to wear, okay?"

Dian Dian looks down at his clothes, he wants to go home too, so he nods, "Then can we go see mom when we come back?"

"Uh~ No problem."

Dian Dian happily wiggled his two legs.

After breakfast, Mu Lele changed her clothes and went out.

On the road, DianDian happily stood up and commanded the road, MuLeLe with her lavender sunglasses, admonished the naughty kid in the back, "Sit down, buckle your seatbelt, if you don't listen again, I'll throw you down now."

DianDian immediately sat down in a regular manner.

Mu Lele at least is also the L city mayor grew up, these landmarks she is still very clear, not to mention, Yan Xi Pal is still from the inside out, she is even more clear than others.

The car made towards the suburbs, Dian Dian looked at Mu Lele adoringly, "Mu mom, I'm going to learn to drive in the future as well."

Mu Lele lazily ignored him, Cixin orphanage was built in L city on a half-mountainside, where it was originally dilapidated, and then after the Mu family adopted Yan Xipao, the old man Mu saw that those children's hearts were softened, and immediately financed the orphanage to let people add to all the facilities of the orphanage.

After the internal facilities were built, and then began to repair the road, Master Mu did not do less good deeds in his life, so in the western country is known as a great benefactor. Unfortunately, the good man gave birth to an arrogant rich second generation.

Many economists said that the Mu family would lose sooner or later. There are also many businessmen who speculate that the Mu family will be surnamed Yan when Master Mu passes away. There are also people who say that Yan Xipao is the child husband that Master Mu found for his granddaughter.

The opinions are diverse, and Mu Lele herself has also heard a lot.

The car slowly uphill, circling around the mountain road.

The morning sun was blinding, almost unable to see the road, Mu Lele's sunglasses played a good protective role.

Along the way did not see a car, Dian Dian lying on the side of the bed, excitedly looking out the window.

Not long after, the signs appeared, and after turning another corner, Mu Lele met the unfamiliar gate entrance. Inside, only a small door was open for people to enter and exit.

The security guard came out and asked Mu Lele, "What does it do?"

Dian Dian opened the car door, "Grandpa, it's me."

"Dian Dian ah, grandpa hasn't seen you for a long time." The security guard smiled brightly at the little guy and touched his head, "Driving this?"

Dian Dian's voice was clear and crisp, "Mama Mu is my father's wife now."

Upon hearing the surname Mu, the security guard immediately opened the gate and drove in by Mu Lele.

This time, the situation in the courtyard, needing Duan Dian to command, Mu Lele were strangers.

"Huh, that

car looks like dad's car." Dian Dian pointed at the black vehicle parked under the large tung tree.

Mu Lele looked at the license plate number and gritted her teeth, "That's not like, that's his!"

Didn't he say that only Yanxi Pal would come over in the middle of the month? Today is only the 13th, why did he come over?

Mu Lele's minivan parked next to Yan Xipo's parking space, and when she got down, Dian Dian ran away happily.

Mu Lele locked the car door, looked at the secluded surroundings, winter has not passed, around the meaning of depression.

"Dian Dian, you leather child, you wait for me." Mu Lele yard shouted, "I catch up with you, careful I beat you."

In the dean's office, Yan Xi Pal heard a familiar voice, and he had a smile at the corner of his mouth.

The dean was a little confused, "This voice doesn't sound like the teachers and caregivers in our institution."

Yan Xi Pal spoke, "Lele is here."

"Huh? Really, that's an honored guest." The old dean himself got up and prepared to go out to greet them.

At this time, Dian Dian herself ran to the dean's office, "Grandma, I'm back."

Not long after, Mu Lele also caught up, her breath slightly panting as she looked at the man sitting on the sofa, slightly stunned, not expecting to see him so soon.

The dean hugged Dian Dian, she walked to Mu Lele and looked at her excitedly, "Lele, you've grown so big."

Mu Lele: "You've seen me?"

"I've seen you when you were little. Sometimes.

I've seen you when I went to the Mu Family to see Elder Mu to see Xi Pal."

Mu Lele, however, had no reaction, at this time, Yan Xipai got up to solve the problem, "Lele was young, and didn't have much of an impression at that time."

He then asked Mu Lele, "If I knew you wanted to come over today, I would have brought you along in the morning."

Mu Lele: "Didn't you come over in the middle of the month?"

Yan Xi Pal: "I had to go on a business trip in a couple days and came over early."

Mu Lele: "I came to accompany Dian Dian to pick up a few thin clothes, no other intention."

"Uh-huh." Yan Xipao smiled faintly.

The three of them didn't stay long in the dean's office, so they took DianDian to fetch the clothes.

Mu Lele looked around curiously, the Cixin Orphanage looked big, the backyard was a place for accommodation, the middle yard was a dining hall, and a playground, a play place, and the front yard was an office for studying and reception.

"There is also a small pond, life is not bad." Mu Lele looked around.

DianDian happily pulled Mu Lele's hand, "Mom Mu, I have a succulent, it's very well raised, I'll give it to you if you like it."

Yan Xi Pal also pulled Mu Lele's hand and made her walk towards another courtyard, "There's a swing there, your favorite."

Mu Lele decisively doesn't look at the succulent and follows Yan Xipo.

Dian Dian pouted pitifully and followed over in a depressed manner.

Not long after, the bell rang for the end of class, and the small children in the courtyard all in unison

ran out, shouting "Uncle Yan" as they ran, surrounding Yan Xipai and Mu Lele.

"I go ...... so many ......" Mu Lele looked at dozens of children, startled.

Some of the children and dian dian size, there are children six or seven years old, and then small children, still being cared for by the caregiver.

"Uncle, is this sister Sister Lele?" One girl with pigtails looked at Mu Lele and asked Yan Xipao.

She had a congenital cleft lip and palate, and Mu Lele looked a little scared in her heart.

Just as Xu Luo said, these children were particularly sensitive, seeing Mu Lele scared of her own lips, the little girl immediately covered her own mouth with two small hands to not scare Mu Lele.

Yan Xi Pal turned back and held Mu Lele's hand. "Yes, she's the Sister Lele that Uncle told you guys about."

"Yay, great, finally met Sister Lele, Sister Lele is so beautiful."

"Sister, so beautiful, the most beautiful person I've ever seen."

"Sister Lele, you're finally here, we've all drawn so many pictures of you. But you are even more beautiful than our drawings, even more beautiful."

Mu Lele was confused by the group of children shouting at her.

How did all these little kids know about her?

Later on, there was an obedient dian dian, a group of children pulled Mu Lele to the classroom corridor and enthusiastically introduced her, "Sister, uncle told us what you look like, let us draw you, and then give us a critique."

(End of chapter)

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