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The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you Chapter 11 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 11

Mu Lele: "The grudge has been building up for too long, I'm the stumbling block for him to steal away the Mu Group, of course I can't treat him as a good person."

"But Xi Pal, externally, has never spoken of you in a very intimate way. At the orphanage, every time he mentioned you, his face was happy."

If it wasn't for this contact with Mu Lele, Xu Luo would have thought that Mu Lele was really just as arrogant as Yan Xipal said.

Unexpectedly, she was wary of Yan Xipo.

Hearing Xu Luo say this, Mu Lele suddenly remembered her last unfinished and interrupted words, "Xu Luo, what did you mean last time when you said that I was the one you all envied?" She always felt that Yan Xipao hadn't told her the truth.

Xu Luo guffawed, her weakness giving her a few more touches of tenderness and sadness, "Because you don't understand what kind of hurt we outcasts go through in our hearts, abandoned at birth, no one to love, no one to heal, no self-confidence, and living with the feeling that we're superfluous.

So when the first time we met you, you accompanied Xi Pal to appear at the orphanage, at that moment you had servants behind you to take care of you, when your grandfather hugged you and Xi Pal spoiled you, we lay by the window and watched, envious."

Mu Lele scratched her brow in embarrassment, how could she not know that she had even been to the orphanage for fun.

Although she had always known that she was pampered, otherwise she wouldn't have the foul temper she had today.


People like us especially want to have family, so I selfishly wanted to give birth to him to give myself a family even when I knew that Dian Dian was unhealthy." Xu Luo recalled, "Xi Pal was also gloomy once. That was the first time I met Xi Pal, he was four years old, and ever since he went to the orphanage he sat in a corner and didn't speak, wherever it was gloomy he went. All the children in the orphanage, whoever came near him, he injured that person. Teachers and directors were afraid to come into contact with him. Later, after two years in the orphanage, he was adopted by Grandpa Mu.

When I saw him again, he had gradually come out of the shadow. Even, take the initiative to hold you to go and greet the children in the compound and play ...... Lele, do you know, you used to be the light of the healing Xi Paleo back then."

Mu Lele's eyes were stunned as she looked at Xu Luo, and what she said left her at a loss for words.

"Impossible." Mu Lele denied it, but couldn't find a reason to deny it.

Xu Luo: "If you don't believe me, you can accompany Xi Pal to the orphanage in the middle of the month, he will go to the orphanage in the middle of the month, to see the children inside, to give them financial assistance, and will also accompany them. Many people in the compound know you."

Dian Dian also nodded in conformity, "Yes mom Mu, I know that too."

Mu Lele was unremitting, "I'm not going."

It's time for Xu Luo to take a break, Mu Lele pulls Dian Dian, "Let's go. Let your mom sleep, you and I will go out and shop on the


Dian Dian looked at Xu Luo and hugged Xu Luo's neck again, "Mom, I'll come back to see you tomorrow, you have to be good and listen to the doctor's words, pick me up when you get well, you can't always trouble mom and dad Mu to take care of me."

Xu Luo also hugged her son tightly, "Good, mom promise you."

Yan Xipao who came home in the evening, looking at Mu Lele who didn't give him a look today, was a little surprised. "Where did you guys go today?" Yan Xi Pal asked.

Mu Lele: "What do you care."

Dian Dian these days is also used to Mu mom's poisonous mouth, he knelt on the floor by himself, on the coffee table full of toys, these days every time his dad asked and was choked, he would warmly open his mouth, "Dad, Mu mom and I went to the hospital today to visit my mom."

Yan Xi Pal looked at Mu Lele, "What did it say?"

Mu Lele raised her eyebrows at the little guy and signaled for him to speak.

A small child's brain has a limited capacity, Dian Dian wrinkled his face, remorseful in his heart, "My mom said too much, I didn't remember."

Mu Lele instantly smiled, the bottom of her eyes were clear and lingering, her brows spreading a natural smile, beautiful into her heart.

Yan Xi Pal was looking at her and smiled.

Time is not early, get up to go to bed, Yan Xi Pal stood in the living room, looking down at the little kid, "Put your toys where you took them back before you can go to bed."

Mu Lele passed by him and spat out, "Problem." When she was a child, she educated

her, and now she was educating Dian Dian.

However, Dian Dian was more obedient than her.

When I was a child, Mu Lele was very stubborn, said not to put the toys is not put, the maid on the side to hands to clean up back, Yan Xipai and her temper to midnight, finally Mu Lele lost, obediently every time to play with the toys to put back.

Dandian just listen to Yan Xi Pal words, and obediently ran to send toys.

In the evening, when Yan Xipo was lying on the sofa, Mu Lele got up and wandered everywhere in the bedroom, she occasionally glanced at Yan Xipo's face, puckered her mouth, and held a glass of water for half an hour without taking a sip.

"Say what you want to say directly." The man with his eyes closed in a false sleep opened his mouth.

Mu Lele stops and goes to the sofa, "Yan Xipal, you took me to the orphanage when I was little?"

Yan Xi Pal opened his eyes and looked at Mu Lele, "What did Xu Luo say to you?"

Mu Lele shook her head, "Didn't say anything either. But why did you bring me to the orphanage?"

Yan Xi Pal, "Because you wanted to change your brother and let someone else be your Pal brother."

"Really, I was so prescient when I was a kid, what about later?"

Yan Xi Pal looked at Mu Lele's coquettish little face, he got angry and stopped talking, directly closed his eyes, "Sleep."

"What are you sleeping for, get up, Yan Xipal, are you up or not? If you are not up, I will steal your bank card."

Yan Xipal seems

really asleep, but Mu Lele knew he was pretending.

Mu Lele's small fist landed directly on the man's stomach, "You just pretend."

Mu Lele put down the cup of water that she hadn't taken a sip of, went to the bedside, and slept under the covers.

The man on the sofa rolled over, his handsome face containing a smile.

The next day, when Mu Lele woke up from her sleep, there was no Yan Xipao's shadow in the house again, and only Dian Dian was sitting alone in the dining room, waiting for her to go to dinner in a regimented manner.

The few old servants in the house had all accompanied the Mu family from the beginning, raising Mu Lele to grow up. With the sudden addition of a child in the home, the older people were fond of Dian Dian.

"Miss, you've come over, quickly go eat, Dian Dian has been waiting for you for a while."

"What's the point of waiting for me, won't he eat by himself." After saying that, Mu Lele wrapped a windbreaker around her pajamas and sat beside Dian Dian, "Hurry up and eat, don't be picky."

"Mom Mu, are we still going to the hospital to see my mom today?"

Mu Lele suddenly looked at the child as she tore at the slices of bread and asked absently, "Dian Dian, it seems like you live in an orphanage, right?"

Xu Luo's health is not good, coupled with the fact that she is a baby mama, she went outside to apply for a job that many companies do not accept, it just so happens that the orphanage is short of manpower, and this is the place she grew up in, so she took the child to live back in the orphanage as a caretaker.

She helps the director and takes care of the children.

(End of chapter)

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