Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 10

Mu Lele turned back to angrily glare at Yan Xipal, holding her own bag as a weapon, once again flinging herself at Yan Xipal, "You're sick, aren't you?"

Yan Xi Pal stood in front of the hospital, not moving, looking at Mu Lele indifferently, "Who else do you want to find to come and pick you up?"

All this, Mu Lele also expected the people in their own circle, are afraid of Yan Xi Pal, I'm afraid to come a scare away.

She huffed and said, "I'll walk by myself."

After saying that, Mu Lele walked on the street, Yan Xipai's phantom intentionally from her side, mercilessly through, and she is like a stranger.

Mu Lele was so angry that she really wanted to pick up the bricks on the ground and smash them on Yan Xipai's car.


Later, Mu Lele reacted, she walked back, freezing is her, tired is also her, might as well take a cab to go back by herself, small money she still has.

The man in the front car, looked through the reverse mirror at the woman sitting in the cab at the back, and smiled.

Back to the Mu family manor.

Mu Lele began to phone bombard her grandfather who was purifying on Spirit Mountain, "Grandpa, come back soon, if you don't come back, you're going to be extinct."

The tranquil temple, in the winter time, was surrounded by emerald green.

The smoke rising from the courtyard soothes the hearts and minds of all the people here. The passing incense, the monks sweeping the ground, and the birds chirping in the courtyard. This place is like a hidden mountain, full of spiritual energy.

Elder Mu was chanting devoutly to the Great Buddha.


Master, I know I'm wrong, can you unblock my bank card for me? I won't bother you after you unblock it."

"Grandpa, I buried my life's happiness for you, are you just going to leave me alone? There's still Buddha watching over you, aren't you afraid that Buddha will punish you?"

"Grandpa, if you ignore me again, I'll go to Spirit Mountain to look for you. I don't believe that if you can hide from the first day, you can still hide from the fifteenth."

Grandpa Mu put down his Buddha beads and looked at the high monk across from him, "Master, how can I make time go back 23 years?"

The senior monk counted Mu Lele's age, just 23 years old. Then he thought of the situation in his family's friend's home and smiled, "Miss Difficulty, she will always meet someone who can take her in."

In the evening, Yan Xipao took Dian Dian back.

Mu Lele doesn't take care of the duo in a good-natured manner, and Dian Dian is a small child and says, "Daddy, Mommy Mu is still mad at you."

Yan Xipao raised his eyes and looked at the woman who had caused Grandpa Mu's cell phone to shut down in the afternoon, "Don't provoke her."

Dian Dian obediently replied, "Good."

When Yan Xi Pal sat on the sofa, Mu Lele got up directly, stepped on the sofa in her nightgown, and went to the other corner, away from him to watch TV in the cold.

Dian Dian saw that Mama Mu was in a bad mood, he looked down at the two Ultraman's that his dad had newly bought for him, so he slowly walked over with small steps and carefully lifted up Dijia, "Mama Mu, here's a toy for you."

Mu Lele's resentful little face

Lowered her eyes, looking at the toy that her little paw had sent over, after two seconds of silence, she reached out and took it.

"Little brat, do you know why I suddenly don't hate you anymore?" Mu Lele asked.

Dignity shook her head, her hair shaking with it.

"It's because, you don't have anything to do with the man this fairy hates."

After saying that, Mu Lele glanced at the man sitting on the single sofa and continued to watch TV.

Before going to bed at night, Yan Xipal sent Dian Dian to his guest bedroom, "Daddy, Mama Mu is so mean, why do you like her?"

Yan Xipao put him on the bed and covered him, "Lele is so fierce, don't you like her too."

When buying toys at night, obviously he could have bought two Sailor, he ended up only needing one, and the other bought Mu's mom's favorite Ultraman.

"Because Mama Mu is cute and she's nice to me ah~"

Yan Xi Pal sat on the edge of the bed and laughed unexpectedly, "She scares you every day, her temper is still bad, and she snatches your toys, is that being nice to you?"

The little child thought about it, and it seemed like it was indeed not good. But, "Mama Mu is willing to play with my toys, watch Ultraman with me, and will hug me. But, Mommy Mu treats Daddy the worst."

Yan Xi Pal tilted his head, looking at the clean white ceiling of the guest room, and pondered for a long time, "There was a time when dad was Lele's favorite person."

Dian Dian did not know the meaning of his father's words, when he was curious and wanted to ask, Yan Xipai had already turned off the indoor lights, "Go to sleep.


He got up and left the guest room to go back to the master bedroom.

Mu Lele had thought about sleeping in a separate room with Yan Xipal, but before, when her grandfather was there, she didn't dare to do so. Now that her grandfather is not around, when she wants to secretly share a room, her grandfather's informant comes over and reminds her, "When the master left, he ordered that if you share a room, you'll be fined a thousand dollars a night."

Mu Lele telephoned the old man on Spirit Mountain again.

This time, Mu Lao learned to be smart, his cell phone connected, then put it aside and let it keep ringing, five minutes later, then put the phone to his ear.

"Grandpa, are you actually surnamed Yan or Mu?"

Elder Mu was so angry that he was about to spit out blood, "Wherever I am even remotely related to Xi Pal, I won't let him marry you.

If you want to unblock the card, you can! And Xi Pal give me a great-grandson, you love to go wherever you want, and like your parents disappear for decades I don't care."

Mu Lele: "......"

She looked at the man who had taken a shower and came out to wipe his hair, have a child with him?

"You're dreaming, I'll have a child with anyone I won't have a child with Yan Xi Pal. Bah, you go cultivate immortality yourself, just like you, I see you cultivate also in vain, five roots are not pure."

After saying that, Mu Lele hung up the phone, angry, the phone still on the futon.

Elder Mu was furious and complained to the master, "You you you heard it. I burned high incense in my life, I won't meet her in my next life!"

Mu family manor, Yan Xi Pal and the woman on the bed stared at each other, through Mu Lele's angry roar just now, he also guessed

a few points of what Grandpa Mu said.

Mu Lele was made to feel weak by his look, she lifted the quilt and went to sleep, ignoring Yan Xipai.

Yan Xipo also smiled to himself, let Lele give him a child, I am afraid it is more difficult than the glacier melting.

He lay on the sofa, also ready to sleep, the cell phone rang again.

He looked at the number of callers, direct indifference to hang up.

Later a few days, Yan Xipao went to work during the day, and Dian Dian stayed at home to Mu Lele.

"Mu mom, I want my mom."

Children are most sticky mother, since childhood, never leave their mothers for more than a day, dian dian aggrieved for a long time before saying it.

Mu Lele without saying a word took the car keys and took him to the hospital.

Yan Xi Pal has never come back to the hospital, every day is the company, the family, two points a line. This made Mu Lele surprised, "Thought he would come over more often."

Xu Luo was much better, "It won't be. Xi Pal will only appear occasionally, these days because of my surgery, he appears frequently. Normally, you are occupied in his heart."

Mu Lele condescendingly wondered why, but managed to act like she didn't care.

"Why are you saying such things again? Are you also trying to get me to let my guard down against Yan Xipo so that he can successfully usurp the throne?"

"Lele, I don't know why your wariness of Xi Pal is so strong. Why don't you open your heart and admit that Xi Pal is a good person."

(End of chapter)

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