Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 9

Mu Lele awkwardly recalled just now, clearly remembering the name she had just blurted out, but she was dead set against it. "I didn't shout."

Dian Dian: "Mommy Mu teaches little children bad things."

Mu Lele quarrels childishly, "I'm a little kid too."

Dian Dian excitedly took the Ultraman to destroy Mu Lele, unexpectedly, the big devil Mu Lele backhanded and directly snatched the children's toys.

The hospital corridor, immediately resounded with children's cries, DianDian anxiously jumped to his feet, "Mu mom snatched the Ultraman, that's mine."

See Mu Lele indifferent, DianDian crying small hand grasping YanXiPo's big hand, aggrieved to complain, "Dad, Mu mom rob Ultraman, bad adult."

Yan Xi Pal heard the child crying disturbed the hospital is not quiet, so he shouted Mu Lele, "Lele, give the Ultraman back to him, don't let him cry again."

Mu Lele unremittingly skimmed her face, she put her hands behind her back and acted to show her decision, "I don't, he still has to destroy me on behalf of Ultraman, I'm not going to give him this chance."

Yan Xi Pal looked at the childish not-yet-grown-up girl and laughed lowly.

Dian Dian cried louder.

Yan Xipo had to comfort, "This Ultraman let Lele play with it, boys have to give in to girls, I'll go home and buy you a new one."

"Dad, Mommy Mu is not a girl, she's an adult." Dian Dian aggrieved.

Yan Xi Pal: "No, Lele is always a girl."

The "big devil" who grabbed the child's toys glanced faintly at the man who said this, and secretly turned over his shoulder.

The "Big Devil" who grabbed the child's toys glanced faintly at the man who said these words and secretly rolled her eyes: ch, don't think she doesn't know that Yan Xipai deliberately said nice words for himself to listen to, just to please himself and take care of the child for him.

"You cry again, believe it or not, I'll make you Ottoman missing arms and legs?" Mu Lele was stern, Dian Dian immediately shut up, with teardrops hanging on her eyelashes, she sat on the stool in a pitifully googly-eyed and sticky manner, but her sight was always fixed on the Ultraman in Mu Lele's hands.

Mu Lele's behavior is free and she has the most envied cell phone by the little kids! She deliberately opened the Ultraman TV series to catch up.

Hearing the familiar theme song, Dignity was a bit unable to sit still.

Then, Mu Lele tilted her condescending little face and said the words that Duan Dian's favorite words at the moment were, "Come over if you want to watch it with me."

As soon as the words fell, Dian Dian immediately ran over with her little legs, propped her hands on a chair on one side, padded her toes, and twisted her head to look at Mu Lele's cell phone screen.

It wasn't long before Yan Xi Pal also got up and went to Mu Lele's side, holding her cell phone for her, holding the screen up for the two to let them catch up on the drama.

Dian Dian wanted to sit on Mu Lele's lap, but ended up being directly held over by Yan Xipai, "Lele's two small thin legs legs, don't be bent by your pressure."

Mu Lele looked at Yan Xipao's legs and then her legs. Unconvinced, she snatched the dian dian from his arms, "Looking down on who?"

Mr. Yan: "......" He deserves to be heartbroken!

Two hours later, Xu Luo was withdrawn from the operating room...

"General Manager Yan, the surgery was successful."

A smile surfaces on the faces of the three people waiting at the door, Mu Lele's legs numb as she looks at the little bean sprout of Dian Dian, she also smiles with a sigh of relief, "It seems that this little brat has been saved as well."

Yan Xi Pal's gaze, falling on Mu Lele's body, smiled faintly.

Only Dian Dian, excitedly surrounded her mother's hospital bed, happy.

Seeing that she was unhindered, Mu Lele took her own small bag and walked away.

She did not know why suddenly a little happy, happy, of course, to go to the mall to sweep ah.

When just walked two steps, Mu Lele suddenly froze, she suddenly remembered, they have no money!

Listen, say out let no one laugh, she hall of the richest person's own granddaughter, but no money!

Yan Xi Pal sat on the sofa at the end of the ward bed, stilted legs, hand slowly tapping on the leg, the corners of his mouth slightly raised faint smile.

"Dad, what are you laughing at?"

"In a moment, your mom Mu is going to come in and argue with dad."

As soon as the words fell, the door to the hospital room was opened with a 'snap', and Dian Dian was startled.

Mu Lele directly threw her bag into the arms of the gentlemanly man, "Yan Xipal, when are you going to block my card?"

Yan Xipal picked up his wife's small satchel, got up, walked in front of her and looked down at his wife who was a cut shorter than her, "It was grandfather who sealed it, if you want to unseal it go to grandpa. Seeing as you've been obedient these past few days, you can spend money if you want to, as for what to buy, you must

have to be agreed by me."

"Yan Xi Pal, don't let me give you a few days of good face and you just turn your nose up at me."

Dian Dian went to Xu Luo's side in fear, "Dad guessed right."

Later, it was the frail Xu Luo who stopped the two from arguing.

Yan Xi Pal pulled Mu Lele's wrist, only to be shaken away by Mu Lele's anger, he swept his eyes at Mu Lele, then said, "We'll leave first, you feel at ease and recuperate from your injuries."

After being pulled out of the hospital, Mu Lele snatched her bag from Yan Xipai's hands, then deliberately made a phone call with her heterosexual best friend, "Ah Hua, come pick me up from the hospital."

The winter sunlight was bright with a slight chill, just like the ice coldness in Yan Xipao's eyes. "Who is A-hua?"

Mu Lele looked askance at the man beside her wearing a black suit, her face skimmed over, "If you don't unblock my card, there are people willing to give me money."

Mu Lele liked men in suits the most when she was a child, and then because Yan Xipo was always dressed in a suit and his face was always aloof, as if he was always strategizing, it made her start to hate men in formal wear-especially Yan Xipo!

Because of Mu Lele, Yan Xipal didn't have a single friend in the circle of L city's celebrities and noble men.

Yan Xipo opened the car door and closed it again, his hands thrust into his pockets, "I'd like to see who dares to pick up my wife under my nose."

"Ch." Mu Lele rolled her eyes without hiding it, "Don't shout at my wife, less evil

heart me."

Not long after, a Ferrari parked in front of the hospital, from the car came down a young man with a head of dyed red hair, "Missy, why did you suddenly come to the hospital, where is your car ...... Yan, Mr. Yan?" A Hua got off the car, thought it was a simple pick up a Mu small thousand gold, but in the end, he saw the man standing beside her and stuttered in fear.

Yan Xi Pal's stature is upright, slender figure stands tall. Often in a high position, in charge of the entire Mu's wind and clouds, the eyebrows are all cold and stern. "Young master of Huasheng Pharmaceuticals, where are you picking up my wife?" Mu Lele's friends, Yan Xipao all recognize.

Mu Lele walked to the car, ready to open the passenger side and sit in.

As a result, the passenger door was blocked by Ah Hua. "A-hua get out of the way, let me get in, what are you afraid of Yan Xipo ah."

A-hua had been cleaned up by Yan Xipo before, pressurizing his family's business, causing his old man to take a belt over him and order him to stay away from Mu Lele.

This time, he was caught in the act, "Mr. Yan, that, I, I I don't pick up Lele, I'm just walking, I'm sorry, I'm leaving."

After saying that, Ah Hua was ready to flee immediately, Mu Lele grabbed him, "Hey! Can you have some backbone, what are you afraid of Yan Xi Pal?"

A-hua looked at the cold and arrogant Mr. Yan, "Throughout history, people with backbone can hardly escape death. I want to live, please fulfill me."

After saying that, the car immediately ran away, and the roar of the sports car could still be heard in front of the hospital.

(End of chapter)

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