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The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you Chapter 8 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 8

His eyes were deep as he met Mu Lele's line of sight, and he answered for Mu Lele, "You don't believe it. Because in your world, everyone is a good person, and only Yan Xi Pal is a bad person."

Mu Lele's heart slightly grew angry, she pursed her lips and admitted, "That's right, I don't believe anything you say. Everyone in the world is a good person, only you are not."

After saying this, she gamely sat upright, no longer looking at Yan Xi Pal's face.

On the way home, neither of them paid attention to anyone, the car was quiet all the way.

Obviously, Yan Xi Pal can feel Mu Lele has a belly full of questions to ask him, but the stubborn Miss Qianjin can not lower that head, so that the last get off, she was angry get off the car door in the fall.

Mu Lele went home, had a burst of evil fire, went back to the bedroom to sleep, and Yan Xi Pal sent back to Mu Lele, and left.

In the evening, Yan Xipo only came back, he returned to the wedding room, saw the quilt, arm propped up on the head, playing with the cell phone, nothing to do Mu Xiao Qianjin, and did not take care of her.

Yan Xipai is able to cure all of Mu Lele's arrogant temper, the more she can't pull her face, the more Yan Xipai can force her to bow her head.

"Yan Xipao."

"Hmm?" Yan Xipao stopped and looked at the woman on the bed wearing a red silk robe.

Mu Lele sat up from the bed, "Whose child is Dian Dian in the end?"

Yan Xi Pal: "I don't know."

"Really not yours?" Mu Lele was still a bit unconvinced.

Yan Xipao.

looked at her probing eyes and didn't say anything.

He knew clearly what kind of temperament this thousand-dollar lady had - say something that wasn't what she wanted to hear, and she would deny that it was false.

Mu Lele thought of the unpleasantness between the two in the afternoon, so she pouted and unhappily made her attitude clear, "No matter what you say, I believe it, okay."

"Five years ago, I only accompanied her to do a maternity test, her congenital heart disease was not suitable for having a child, as a result, she didn't know who she was with and secretly conceived a child. During the pregnancy test, it was discovered that Dignity had inherited her disease as well.

She was at a loss and had to call me. I don't know how you found out about me at that time, why you didn't go up to me and question me, but secretly hated me for five years."

Mu Lele's heart was weak, thinking about her past with Yan Xipao, she had misunderstood for five years.

"Then according to you, Dian Dian also has a congenital disease?" Mu Lele was concerned.

She thought of that little brat, looking alive and well, clearly healthy.

Yan Xi Pal nodded, "There is. The pregnancy test had already found it out, but I didn't have any relationship with the child and had no right to interfere with his birth, and in the end, Xu Luo still took the risk of giving birth to him."

Mu Lele didn't understand, "Why ah, the child isn't healthy, and you have to bring the child into this world to suffer. Then did Dian Dian's biological father never show up?"

Yan Xi Pal sat at the end of the bed, "No, Xu Luo and Dian Dian's expenses over the years were basically funded by me.

expenses were basically funded by me."

This time Mu Lele didn't resist so much, I don't know why, when she heard that Yan Xipo and that pair of mother and son had nothing to do with each other, her heart was broadened a lot. "If you don't subsidize them, they can't even make it through their days."

The corners of Yan Xipo's mouth smiled lightly as he got up and asked, "Is there anything else you want to know?"

Mu Lele hesitated and asked him, "Why did Xu Luo say that I'm the one they all envy?"

Yan Xi Pal looked at the inquisitive little face, the knot in his throat rolled, and he was silent for a moment, "It's probably because ...... there are a lot of people in this world who love you."

Mu Lele nuzzled, "Well, I also think that my grandfather loves me the most."

Yan Xipo laughed a little, his smile being looked at by Mu Lele for an instant.

In fact, Yan Xipo had always been very good looking, and Mu Lele had a time back then when she liked him.

When he was in school, he was the one that many girls had crushes on, but he was rather cold and arrogant, and didn't talk to anyone.

The love letters sent to him, he threw directly in front of people in the garbage can.

Later, because of him, Mu Lele had many more friends around her, all of whom wanted to know Yan Xi Pal through her. The other ones sent love letters to Yan Xipao through her.

At that time, Mu Lele has been living in Yan Xipai's halo, obviously she is the Mu family's youngest daughter, but it is like being stepped on by the crowd to worship the Buddha's stone, Yan Xipai is the Buddha that the crowd likes.

Later, Yan Xipai grew up

The first step is to enter the Mu Group, from the grass-roots level, step by step, to the end, to become the president of the Mu Group.

Others are envious of Mu Lele has a powerful brother, but she is always on guard against Yan Xipal wolf ambition coveted her family property.

Yan Xipal looked back at the girl who had lost her mind looking at him, walked forward, reached out and nudged her in the head, "Running off again."

"Yan Xipal, how many years have I told you, no more nudging my forehead! You won't grow taller." Mu Lele hit the back of his hand and exclaimed.

Yan Xipal laughed lightly as he went to the checkroom, took his pajamas and went to the bathroom again.

Friday that day, Mu Lele unprecedentedly again accompanied Yan Xipo to the hospital, she explained, "I was because of the previous misunderstanding of Xu Luo, conscience, and not know that she is today's surgery, deliberately go to accompany her."

Yan Xi Pal looked at the woman who had no silver here, smiled and said, "Well, I didn't say anything."

Mu Lele put on her sunglasses again condescendingly, and sheepishly turned her back to Yan Xipai.

When they arrived at the hospital, before the surgery had even begun, Xu Luo had already begun to consign herself to the hospital.

"Xi Pal, Lele, if I have a good or bad surgery, can you guys take care of Dian Dian for me, I've talked to him a lot in the past two days, he's very good, very obedient, and he's content with food and drink."

Yan Xi Pal was not happy, Mu Lele spoke directly and sharply, "What is the situation of the son you gave birth to yourself that you don't know ah, what are you doing to give me and Pal to find numbness.

I'm not sure if you know what's going on with your own son. It's not just a minor surgery, is there a need to die or live?

How much courage did you have to give birth to him in the first place, and this time you still have the courage to live. If anything happens to you, your son will end up in an orphanage. I'm not so kind as to take over unrelated children halfway through their lives. I'm not even a mom myself yet!"

Yan Xi Pal spoke, "Lele doesn't mean any harm, she just loves to speak harshly. But you brought Dian Dian into the world, you have to be responsible for him. The doctors who will be operating on you this time are all experts, and the chances of success are high. Xu Luo, you set a good example for Dian Dian, in the future he will also be treated for this disease."

Xu Luo looked at her young son, her heart sour, "I will, I still have to take care of my son."

Before the nurse pushed Xu Luo into the operating room, Mu Lele didn't know how to hold a child, but her hands were like dragging a sack, dragging Dian Dian so that she could stand by the hospital bed and look at Xu Luo.

"See, this is your son, if you don't care about him, no one will love him for you."

Although Mu Lele spoke badly, Xu Luo still felt Mu Lele's goodwill.

"Thank you Lele, in these few days Dian Dian will have to trouble you and Xi Pal."

After saying that, she was pushed into the operating room.

Mu Lele also put down the little brat, Yan Xipai smiled on the side and said, "Seven years, I haven't heard you call me Brother Pal again."

Mu Lele confused face, "I just shouted?"

Dian Dian honestly leads the way, "Mama Mu shouted."

(End of chapter)

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