Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 7

If dad's wife was not willing to take him in, he would have no place to go.

Mu Lele didn't say anything for a long time, the sensitive DianDian took the initiative to speak, "Dad, Fairy Sister, I can live alone, mom said that a man alone is not afraid of the dark, don't worry about me."

Mu Lele looked at the small child's strong little eyes, her heart was touched by something unknown.

With a hard mouth and soft heart, she said, "For the sake of you calling me fairy sister, I'll reluctantly consider giving it some thought."

When she said these words, Yan Xi Pal knew that Lele had agreed. Only, she, as a person, couldn't pull her face down.

Yan Xi Pal added, "Tomorrow I'm taking Dian Dian to see his mom, will you go?"

Mu Lele's mouth was hard, "Not going."

The third wife is used to be soft and weak to win the pity of men, she most despise this kind of people.

When the next day, Yan Xipo with children to go out, Mu Lele wearing a ginger skirt directly sitting in Yan Xipo's co-pilot, wide black sunglasses cover half of her small face.

Yan Xi Pal twisted his head and looked at the passenger girl with a low smile, "Aren't you not going?"

Mu Lele put down the car seat, lying flat, "The hospital is not the only patient she has."

Yan Xi Pal smiled and did not tear her down, driving to the hospital.

The road was boring and sleepy.

Mu Lele slept late last night, in order to force Yan Xipal out of his bedroom, she turned on a loud sound to catch up with the drama, raucous Yan Xipal, and in the end instead of her raucous brain

She ended up raving her brain pain instead.

She didn't sleep well for most of the night.

Today on the road, the whole time in make up sleep.

To the hospital, Yan Xipao look at the side of the sleeping little woman, he was silent for a moment, reached out from her face to take off the sunglasses, looking at her small face, closed eyes asleep girl, she rarely so quiet, so he did not want to shout to wake her.

Dian Dian in the back seat did not dare to say anything, fairy sister is a tigress, disturbing her sleep, he is going to be bullied.

But why did dad like to look at the sleeping fairy sister?

"Daddy, are you afraid of Sister?" Dian Dian's voice was small, and his soft tone asked Yan Xi Pal.

The affection in his eyes couldn't be fooled, and only dared to flow out after Mu Lele fell asleep, looking at her open and bright little face, Yan Xipo replied, "Afraid."

Dian Dian was even more well-behaved, even dad was afraid of people, this was too scary.

Letting her sleep for a while longer, Yan Xipao puts on her sunglasses and shouts for her to wake up. "The hospital is here."

Mu Lele was sleeping soundly, not even willing to get out of the car.

Her mouth jiaonong said, "I'm not going, you guys go, I want to sleep."

"You're not catching evidence of my cheating?" Yan Xi Pal reminded with a laugh.

Sure enough, the next second, the sleepy Mu Lele who couldn't open her eyes was instantly energized, "Get off."

Dian Dian is familiar with the hospital, once he enters, he runs and presses the elevator, and some of the elevators for cargo elevators, he knows where they are.

Mu Lele couldn't help but wonder how he knew so much.


Dad, Mama Mu, the elevator here is here." Dian Dian called out to the two.

Mu Lele walks over, her hand controls the force and pinches the child's cheeks, "Yesterday, you were called Fairy Sister's, who let you call me mom today. I big good years, object have not been, you less corrupt me peach blossom."

Dian Dian cute said, "But you are married to my father, you are his wife."

Mu Lele gave a disdainful chortle, "What do you know, little kid."

While the two were bickering, the elevator arrived.

The three of them just arrived at the door and happened to meet the doctor checking in.

The doctor did an analysis of Xu Luo's surgery to ease the patient's mood. Seeing Yan Xipao appear, the doctor resumed chatting with him.

Mu Lele, on the other hand, directly entered the hospital room and looked at the frail woman on the bed.

Seeing that her body seemed to be really bad, Mu Lele's petulant temper tightened.

Dian Dian ran in, holding down the edge of the bed herself, stepping on a stool and lying on the hospital bed, intimately wrapping her arms around Xu Luo's neck, and calling out to her mother in an attached manner.

"Lele, why did you come over today? Thank you for helping me take care of Dian Dian yesterday, he's usually naughty and must not have given you many headaches."

Xu Luo said politely and warmly to Mu Lele.

Mu Lele saw that there was no one else around, she directly opened her mouth, "Xu Luo is it, I'll give you five hundred million dollars, convince Yan Xi Pal and me to divorce, your family of three disappeared from in front of me!"

Xu Luo's reaction was out of Mu Lele's expectation.

Only to see, she smiled, her eyes

Looking frankly in Mu Lele's direction, "Lele, you've misunderstood. Xi Pal has no woman outside, and I am not his mistress."

Mu Lele's brows furrowed, her displeasure reflecting on her face, "I personally watched you guys go through maternity together five years ago, and heard Dian Dian call out to his father with my own ears. How could there not be a relationship?

I'm not a nuisance, if you two are truly in love, I'll fulfill you."

Xu Luo wrapped her arms around her son, "Lele, I'm also a child who grew up in an orphanage. Like Xi Pal, I was disliked by my parents at a young age.

Xi Pal was later adopted by the Mu family, but he never forgot about us. He would go back to see us on weekends and holidays, bring us books, teach us to read and write, and donate money for us. Anyone from the orphanage who was in trouble, he would also be generous with us, so our connection has never been broken.

However, we really aren't in the kind of relationship you misunderstand. Dian Dian's biological father is someone else, and Xi Pal is only the child's godfather.

He has been cleansing himself for you for so many years."

"Sh, what?" Mu Xiao Qian Jin was confused.

After all this time Xu Luo wasn't a mistress? Dian Dian wasn't Yan Xipao's son?

What did Xu Luo's words mean? For her to clean herself up?

"Impossible, just these two words of yours still want to cheat me, Yan Xipo all know I'm not good at cheating, never say anything to me about my relationship with you."

"That's because you have preconceived notions about Xi Pal, you won't believe anything he explains .

. But if you ask Dian Dian, he knows that Xi Pal is not his biological father."

Dian Dian nodded, "Mom Mu, dad is not my real dad."

Mu Lele was a bit flustered, after all this time, she really wronged Yan Xipai?

"Lele, you are the envy of everyone in our orphanage." Every time she was mentioned, Yan Xipo always doted on her.

Perhaps to them, Yan Xipo was taking care of them with the mentality of sympathetic generation pity. But when Mu Lele was mentioned, Yan Xipo's face would always glow.


At this moment, the man pushed the door in, interrupting the words Xu Luo was about to blurt out.

"The surgery has been booked for you until Friday, and Dian Dian is coming home with me for the duration."

Mu Lele hadn't finished her question, and there was no way to ask it out at this moment.

Xu Luo said, "There are still two days before the surgery, let Dian Dian accompany me in the hospital."

Yan Xi Pal didn't refuse, and after sitting in the hospital room for a few moments, she got up and left.

Mu Lele followed closely behind, figuring out the situation, she felt a little guilty about Xu Luo's mother and son.

Back in the car, Mu Lele asked the indifferent man who didn't say a word, "They are not your mistress and illegitimate child, why didn't you say earlier? You want to deliberately play poor, let me misunderstand, and then wait for the misunderstanding to be solved this day, I am full of guilt to you, and then in your trap is not it?"

Yan Xi Pal said, "Lele, you always use the worst idea to impose on me. Then let me ask you, if I had explained it to you in the beginning, would you have believed me?"

(End of chapter)

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