Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 6

Xu Luo gently stroked the top of her son's head, "Because your father likes this fairy sister ah."

In the evening, Yan Xi Pal went back, Mu Lele did not give him a good face.

Yan Xipo also ignored her, and waited until bedtime, Mu Lele asked in a bad mood, "Alas, Yan Xipo came to the house today's little brat, how is the foot?"

Yan Xipo replied with a cold face, "It's fine."

As he lies down, the corners of Yan Xipo's mouth are slightly hooked.

The next day, he sent the child to Mu Lele again.

The stoic Mu Lele: "......"

"Yan Xipal, you want to die."

Dian Dian, who was holding an Ultraman toy in her hand, was scared to tears by Mu's mom's roar. "Daddy's gone to work, oooh."

Mu Lele's hand clenched into a fist and hammered the quilt hard. "Get out and cry, it's just as annoying as your dad."

Poor Dian Dian really stood in the doorway, crying loudly. The noise made Mu Lele unable to sleep lazily, and she got up in anger.

With messy hair, she went out the door in her silk pajamas.

"Shut up."

Dian Dian wrapped her mouth in fear, tears not delaying the flow.

Mu Lele's eyes undoubtedly swept the little guy's instep, seeing that the glass ballast didn't hurt yesterday, she greeted the puppy as if she were a puppy, waving her hand at him, "Go to the living room."

DianDian obediently followed over, tearful, small eyes looking at Mu Lele all with timidity.

Mu Lele sat cross-legged in the place where her grandfather often meditated, and the grandparents and grandsons

The movements were the same, only that Mu Lele's was a bit more casual. "How old are you?"

"Four years old."

Mu Lele rolled her eyes in her mind, it turned out that five years ago, the scene she saw in the maternity department was actually Yan Xipao going to check on the birth of this little one.

Mu Lele asked again, "What's the name?"

"Xu Dian Dian." The little child replied in fear.

Mu Lele took a deep breath, "So it's not sex Yan."

Not long after the maid's breakfast was ready, Mu Lele got up, "Come and eat."

Xu Dendian ran with small quick steps, keeping up with Mu Lele's back.

Mu's Group.

Yan Xipao was in the company office, Xu Luo called him midway, "Xipao, how did you let Dian Dian go to Mu's house again, Lele is going to be angry with you again."

Yan Xipal smiled a little, "No, she is usually arrogant and bossy again, but she also has a bottom line."

Xu Luo sighed, "You'd better go home and see the two."

Yan Xi Pal said, "Xu Luo, your body has reached this point where you can't take care of the child. Whether you do the surgery or not, sooner or later, Dian Dian will have to return to the Mu family to be taken care of by me, and Lele will also have to accept Dian Dian sooner or later.

So, during this period of time, let the two of them have a good contact. Think of it as letting Dian Dian give Lele a hard time and torment her."

Speaking of torture, Mu Family Manor.

Mu Lele covered her ears, "You! Don't! Cry! Up!"

She was annoyed to death, a little

fart child crying in her ears all day long gave her a headache. "Don't think I don't dare to beat you, I even beat your father, I'm still afraid of a little kid like you."

Xu Dian Dian was scared by Mu Lele's threats, when a child is scared, the first thing they do is cry.

"Want to see Ultraman~" the little kid voiced his plea.

Mu Lele closed her eyes, she took a deep breath, then pointed at the TV and instructed the maid, "Turn it on, play Dija Ultraman."

"Don't watch Dija, Dija is always defeated, I want to watch Sailor Ultraman, oooh."

Dare to say that Deja can't?

Mu Lele is going to debate a wave with the fart in front of her, "This young lady's childhood is Dija, when Dija came out, Sailor still doesn't know where he is. You dare to say that Dijia can not, I tell you, Dijia minutes to Sailor beat down."

Concerning his own childhood warrior, Dian Dian also refuted Mu Lele, "No, my Sailor is the most powerful."

Mu Lele got excited, "Sailor isn't as handsome as Deja."

"Oooh, no, Sailor is handsome."

A large and a small in the living room because of childish Ultraman quarrel, and then the young can not do adults, Xu Dian Dian was forced to Mu Lele beside the Dijia Ultraman for the afternoon.

Yan Xi Pal to call home, ask the maid at home two people get along can still quarrel?

The result was to hear the sound of Mu Lele and Xu Diandian arguing over there.

He laughed lowly, "It seems

very pleasant."

When he came home from work in the afternoon, Dian Dian, who had been oppressed all afternoon, ran over crying and complaining, "Dad, my sister is scaring me."

Mu Lele, who was called "Sister", leaned against the back of the sofa, resting her cheeks as she looked at the little brat, "You finally said the words that this lady wants to hear."

"Daddy, going to the grocery store to buy Sailor Ultraman, oooh, beat Deja."

Mu Lele heard this and quit.

"Going to the supermarket to buy Dijia, I don't believe it, today I Dijia can't do it but you a small Sailor."

Yan Xi Pal arrived home not yet five minutes, his arm on the initiative by the Mu family's small thousand gold climbed.

Mu Lele looked at Dian Dian and deliberately shouted, "Husband, let's go, you accompany me to buy an Ultraman."

She forgot that she hated Yan Xipal, and for the first time in many years, she took the initiative to hold Yan Xipal's arm, even though it was to piss off a little kid.

Yan Xipo's eyes looked deep into hers, "Lele, what are you fighting with a child for?"

"This young lady hasn't lost since she was a child, and I can't lose even if I'm a childhood warrior."

After saying that Yan Xi Pal was dragged by Mu Lele to the supermarket.

In the way of Miss Mu's bank card was blocked, there is no pennies on her body, she can only let the man beside her pay for her.

Arriving at the toy aisle of the supermarket, Yan Xipo held his new wife in his left hand, and his right hand held Little Dian Dian, like a family of three shopping in the supermarket.

"I want this, Yan Xipal you buy it for me.

"Mu Lele pointed at the toy and said.

Xu Dian Dian also pointed in the other direction, "Daddy, Sailor is there."

"Yan Xi Pal, you buy it for me first." Mu Lele hugged Yan Xipal's arm and wouldn't let him go.

"Daddy, I want Sailor."

Yan Xipo twisted his head, looking at the girl who wrinkled her eyebrows, at this moment, Mu Lele was no longer that arrogant and domineering Qianjin, but a childish girl who begged for something.

Like when she was a child, the toys in the bedroom are not stuffed, still want, but there is no place to put it, she hugged her arm, with a delicate soft tone to him, "Yan Xipao, my toys put your bedroom okay ah."

"First buy Dijia, then buy Sailor."

Mr. Yan also finally did something that made Mu Lele happy.

On the way back, Mu Lele happily played around with Xu Dian Dian in the backseat, and Yan Xipao drove, glancing at the two in the backseat from time to time.

The corners of his mouth slightly raised, the night curtain drooped, the lights lit up the dark night.

A thin rain cleansed the earth, and the flashes of neon lights, through the rain droplets, flooded with colorful light.

A low luxury Mirage car drove past the road, Yan Xipao felt the breeze and said to the woman in the backseat, "Lele, Dian Dian's mother is going to have an operation, is it acceptable for Dian Dian to live in our house first recently?"

Xu Dian Dian also looked at Mu Lele nervously, he hadn't forgotten that the fairy sister in front of him hated him.

(End of chapter)

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