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The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you Chapter 5 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 5

After Master Mu left home, Yan Xipo's behavior was even bolder.

He even brought his own "illegitimate child" back to the Mu family estate openly.

Mu Lele looked at the child held in Yan Xipo's arms, and the fire in her body jumped up and down. She did her best to restrain herself from hitting Yan Xipal. "You tell him to get the hell out of here."

Yan Xipal stared, his eyes tinged with displeasure, "Speak politely to the child."

"Fine, if he doesn't leave, you father and son can live in this home, I'll leave."

Mu Lele's anger value soared, she returned to her bedroom, opened her closet and was about to pack her bags and go out on vacation.

She even made an appointment with the person she was vacationing with, Yan Xipao put the child in the living room, "DianDian, wait for daddy for a while."

He went upstairs and looked at the woman who had been out looking for her ID card since.

"Looking for it?" He pulls out Mu Lele's ID card from his pocket.

Mu Lele took a look, her own things were robbed by Yan Xi Pal again. She angrily went forward, wanting to grab it, "You give it to me."

Behind Yan Xipao's hand, "I'm DianDian's father, you're his mom. Stay home and take care of him."

"Heh, the irony. You're asking me to take care of your illegitimate son? Am I Mu Lele that much of an ingrate?" Mu Lele folded her arms, her delicate little face filled with fire. A high

noble lady, would she be willing to lower her head to take care of a 'stepson'?

The corner of Yan Xi Pal's mouth slightly hooked, "Take care of him, I'll unblock your bank card."

This benefit, Mu Lele was not

moved by it.

Even if she didn't have money or an ID card, she could still go out and enjoy herself.

If she can't go abroad, it's not like she can't play at home.

Yan Xipao added: "Believe in my ability, as long as I have a blocking order, see which person in the whole western country dares to lend you money! You've been through this, don't end up losing friends again."

Mu Lele frowned, suddenly remembering the year of her bar mitzvah, when she was going out to celebrate her birthday with her friends.

As a result, Yan Xipao had stopped all her cards, and even, confiscated all her documents.

She asked her friends to borrow money to go out and play, and in the end, all the friends who lent her money privately had their businesses threatened by Yan Xipai.

He wanted to cut off all his own doorways, not without this ability.

Mu Lele bit her lip, her bright face was loaded with anger, her clear eyes staring at Yan Xipai's face.

That arrogant and cold face, she really wanted to tickle it into flowers.

Scattered a bed of clothes, then the maid went in to help Mu Lele re-group, while she gritted her teeth and sulked as she followed Yan Xipal to the first floor hall.

In the living room stood a poor little boy, the maid gave fruit, he did not dare to eat.

Standing there, constricted, timid.

He also had a cup of water in front of him and did not drink it.

At his young age, he was the best at reading people's words and knew that his visit to his father's house had upset his father's wife.

"Yan Xi Pal, I don't know how to take care of people, if you're not afraid of me mistreating him, just go wherever you want and take him

wherever." Mu Lele said as she sat down.

Yan Xipo looked at Mu Lele who had a hard mouth and a soft heart, although she had a bad temper, but her heart was understood by Yan Xipo.

"My company is busy, his mom is in the hospital and doesn't have the energy to take care of him. Since you're idle, contribute."

After saying that, Yan Xipao turned his head, introduced to the small child, "She is dad's wife, in the future you can call him Mu mom."

"I don't want it, I don't want to be mom!" Mu Lele had such a big son in her early twenties, she resisted.

DianDian pleases Mu Lele, his two small hands hold the cup of water in front of him to go to the delicate girl Mu Lele, "Mu mom, you drink water."

Mu Lele one-handedly knocked the water cup the child handed over rice on the ground, "Said I'm not your mom, can't understand ah."

The teacup landed on the ground and instantly cracked, the glass ballast popped up and part of the debris landed on Dian Dian's instep.

Dian Dian saw the furious Mu Lele, so frightened that she instantly cried out.

In the Mu family, Mu Lele was the youngest.

Elder Mu spoiled his little granddaughter, and Yan Xipao indulged her bad temper.

Outside, Mu Lele had the elder brother-like Yan Xipao, and with the powerful Mu Group behind her, no ungrateful one dared to mess with her.

Therefore, her temper was the most arrogant and unreasonable of all.

Yan Xipao hurriedly picked up the child, her stern eyes glaring at Mu Lele.

When Mu Lele saw the little brat crying, she also blinked quickly in a vain manner, skimming her face and not

meet Yan Xipai's eyes.

But the aura of a proud young lady could not be lost.

In the afternoon, the child was crying all the time, Yan Xipai couldn't leave the child in the care of Mu Lele who was in a tantrum, so he had to hold the child and leave the Mu family manor.

The living room, when left alone Mu Lele, she was angry and hugged the backrest of the sofa when Yan Xipai hammered.

The maid on the side to see really, "Miss, that child at a glance is not the aunt's. Moreover, Auntie is not someone who would let his child suffer outside."

"Shut up, did I let you speak." Mu Lele glared evilly at the servant as she threw down the backrest and went back to the bedroom.

Back in the house, Mu Lele's petite figure was lying on her wedding bed, looking up, the chandelier on the roof was still labeled with a big red Xi character.

Her delicate face was full of written displeasure, and those watery eyes were tinged with unwillingness.

She puffed her mouth, biting her lower lip, angry that she had become Yan Xipo's woman.

She was also angry that Yan Xipo was such a scum. At the loss of her previous to Yan Xipao ......

"Aiya annoying, don't want to." Mu Lele rolled on the bed, not looking at the Xi Zi decals on the roof.

After turning on her side, Mu Lele closed her eyes to sleep, only to have the image of Yan Xipo and that child unconsciously float in her mind.

She opened her eyes and after calming down, she thought of the woman in the hospital.

There seems to be something wrong?

Grandpa knew that Yan Xipal had someone outside, how could he still allow himself to marry him?


woman, she seemed to have some impression, but suddenly couldn't remember.

If that was really Yan Xipo's son, how could he let his son suffer under his own hands?

Moreover, just as the maid said, the child and Yan Xipo did not resemble each other at all, besides, how could Yan Xipo let his son suffer.

Mu Lele couldn't figure it out and fell asleep in depression.

The hospital.

Yan Xipo sent the child to the hospital room and said to Xu Luo, "Sorry, Lele is usually spoiled, she has a bad temper, and she scared DianDian into tears."

Xu Luo said, "Xi Pal, you should have explained to Lele."

Yan Xipao thought of that nature of hers, he understood it very well and said, "Lele hates me not for a day or two, everything I say she takes as sophistry. Moreover, she only believes in what she sees with her own eyes. No matter how I explain, no one can reverse what she has decided. Not until she calms down and runs through it herself."

Because of his excessive understanding of the girl he had grown up seeing, Yan Xipao did not waste any time at all to bother explaining with her.

Xu Luo apologized, "I'm sorry ah Xi Pal, I've caused you trouble again."

Yan Xipao added, "I don't blame you guys, Lele still has to find me in trouble for a while."

Dian Dian looked at Yan Xi Pal, the naive little guy was puzzled, "Daddy, why did you take a fairy tigress as your wife?"

The fairy was a recognition of Mu Lele's face value, the tigress was a recognition of Mu Lele's temper.

(End of chapter)

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