Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 4

Elder Mu heard his granddaughter being difficult again, "You keep saying that Xi Pal is keeping a mistress, where is the evidence? All day long you just know how to pour dirty water on Xi Pal, you have never properly understood Xi Pal at all."

Mu Lele gasped, "Grandpa, would I lie to you about this? I saw with my own eyes that Yan Xi Pal accompanied a woman to the obstetrics and gynecology department five years ago! What kind of status would a man have to accompany a woman to the gynecology department? Moreover, I heard with my own ears today that Yan Xipo's illegitimate son called him and called him father."

Old man Mu practiced qigong as if he was sitting cross-legged on the sofa with his eyes closed, "Without evidence, I don't believe it."

Mu Lele realized that her old man was not seeing the coffin and would not turn back until he hit the south wall.

"Okay, I'll go find the evidence. At that time, the evidence I will lay in front of you, you will hang yourself and force me, I will divorce him."

After saying that, the eldest Miss Mu family left angrily.

After she got on the car, her hands clenched her fists, a pair of beautiful eyes coalesced with a bearish flame, "Yan Xipal, you dare to cheat on your marriage, you're dead!"

In the hospital, Yan Xipo held the hand of a four year old child and checked in for a woman.

"Mr. Yan, Miss Xu's body, it's best to arrange for an operation quickly."

The little boy on one side cried and tugged at Yan Xipo's hand, "Daddy, is my mom going to die? Oooh, don't, Dian Dian is scared."

Yan Xipo picked up the boy on the ground

, and the doctor said, "Let's reconsider."

Back to the hospital room.

The woman in the hospital bed wakes up, "Xi Pal, thank you for coming over, Lele is afraid to be angry."

Yan Xi Pal stood at the end of the bed holding Dian Dian, "Don't mind her, nurse your own body. I have a meeting in a while, I'll go back to the company first, I'll come over when it's over."

Xu Luo weakly nodded.

Back to the company Yan Xipo, normal meeting, basement parking lot, his car next to a black Volkswagen parked, Mu Lele in the car, is fantasizing about how to catch adultery in a while.

After the meeting, Yan Xipao explained the company's affairs, he went to the parking lot, drove to the hospital.

Mu Lele put on her sunglasses and mask, and followed him closely at the rear of the car.

The first time I saw her, she was in the hospital.

Mu Lele followed Yan Xipal up the stairs, her cell phone to call out the video, from the steps to follow Yan Xipal.

Yan Xipal glanced at the poor tracking technique behind him, he pretended not to know, continued to go up the stairs, this time, he would like to see what tricks she played!

Arriving at the third floor ward.

Mu Lele looked around suspiciously, "What's the point of coming here?"

He watched Yan Xipal enter a ward, she held up her cell phone and quickly followed.

Before Yan Xipo could sit down, Mu Lele had already barged in with her cell phone raised, "Good ah Yan Xipo, I caught you this time."

She also aimed her cell phone at the woman on the hospital bed who was receiving fluids and the small child eating cookies on the side.

Mu Lele pointed

at the little boy, "He's your self-inflicted bastard right? With the video this time, I'll see what else you have to say."

Yan Xi Pal's thick eyebrows tightened as she looked at the sudden extra. "Mu Lele, what are you doing again?"

Mu Lele took off her mask and sunglasses, "Catching evidence of your cheating and divorcing you."

When Xu Luo heard this, she immediately got up in excitement on the hospital bed, "Lele, you misunderstood Xi Pal."

"Yo, junior still knows the name of my original wife." Mu Lele's mouth was arrogant and accustomed to speaking consistently badly.

The little boy on the hospital bed saw the fierce Mu Lele and called out to Yan Xipai in fear, "Daddy, who is she?"

Do not listen to "dad" okay, once heard, Mu Lele will be angry.

"I'm your father's legitimate wife!"

Yan Xi Pal walked over, yanked Mu Lele's wrist, snatched her cell phone, and dragged her out.

In the hospital corridor, he questioned in a low voice, "You came here today just to see my mistress and my illegitimate son?"

Mu Lele's hands are quick, quickly snatching her own cell phone, "That's right, I'm the proof that you cheated on me, I'll take it back and let grandpa make the decision for me and divorce you."

Yan Xi Pal unremittingly sneers, "Ignorant, stupid."

"Yan Xi Pal, you come home with me now and confront grandpa, I don't believe, this time, grandpa is still on your side." Mu Lele has been defiant since she married Yan Xipo, and has always wanted to catch Yan Xipo's

and trample him hard under her feet.

In the hospital room, Xu Luo pushed open the door and came out, she pushed the IV pole. Weakly, she said, "Lele, there's nothing between me and Xi Pal."

Mu Lele: "Of course you won't admit it, right now Yan Xipal is not the chairman of Mu Group, if you admit it, my grandfather can remove Yan Xipal's position as president at any time."

"Lele, I ......"

"Alright, DianDian take your mom back, dad will go home."

Yan Xipo said to the small child, his stern eyes looking at his new wife in front of him, tugging on her wrist, "Isn't it to go back, go."

Mu Lele was tugged and almost fell, she slapped the man's slap on her wrist, "Take your dirty hands away, disgusting."

Six o'clock in the afternoon.

Mu family's living room, Mu Lao sat on the sofa and continued to cultivate immortality with his legs crossed.

Mu Lele, on the other hand, opened her cell phone and let her grandfather watch the video, "Look, this woman is the mistress, and this boy is Yan Xipao's son."

Elder Mu opened his eyes and looked at it, he slowly exhaled and closed his eyes again. "Housekeeper, is the luggage all packed?"

The housekeeper came out, "Master, it's all packed."


Elder Mu was about to die from his granddaughter, he decided to go to Spirit Mountain for some time to clear the buzzing in his ears.

"Grandpa, I gave you all the evidence, why are you still being blind?" Mu Lele questioned.

Before Master Mu got into the car, he looked at his granddaughter, "That video of yours, at best, is Xi Pal visiting a hospitalized friend." Elder Mu looks at Yan Xipai and explains again, "When I'm not at home, Lele is in your hands."

After saying that, he ordered his men to drive and quickly escape.

In the Mu family, this time, Mu Lele and Yan Xipo were the only two left.

Yan Xipao didn't say a word the entire time, waiting for Elder Mu's car to be far away.

He reached out and took away Mu Lele's cell phone and deleted the video from earlier. "Mu Lele, see, everything you did was for nothing."

Mu Lele was so angry that she raised her hand and was about to fling Yan Xipai a slap.

As a result, this time, Yan Xipo directly took her wrist, snapped her backhand to her back, and pressed the person against the pillar in the doorway, he took a step forward to get close to Mu Lele's body, bent down, his lips pressed against her ear, sniffing the faint fragrance of her body, his voice magnetic and low, and said to her, "Marry me, and you'll behave yourself for me."

Mu Lele couldn't struggle away, she clenched her teeth in anger, her little milky voice didn't have the power to shock as she warned, "You wait, I will find a way to divorce you."

Yan Xipo's proximity made her even feel Yan Xipo's breath, she was prickly and scratchy.

Yan Xipo's throat knots rolled, "Good, I'll wait and see what you'll think of to divorce me."

The servants passing by see the young lady and auntie who are pasted together, they blush and hide away.

(End of chapter)

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