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The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you Chapter 3 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 3

Yan Xi Pal looked at the girl who was on fire, he sat on the sofa, took off his shoes and socks, and directly lay on the sofa to sleep.

Mu Lele looked at him actually able to sleep peacefully, she deliberately made a lot of noise to go to the bathroom to take a shower, the phone to play loud music, things thrown on the floor to disturb him, not let him sleep well.

Unfortunately, Mu Lele all failed, the man on the sofa did not move, the body directly covered with his own jacket fell asleep.

Mu Lele deflated, she wore pajamas, directly lying down in the quilt, with the quilt ruthlessly covered with the head of the angry sleep.

Ten minutes later, she fell asleep, and the man on the sofa's eyes opened.

Marrying a person who was hated since childhood, no one can accept it.

Even if they grew up together as "childhood friends".

He got up, quietly walked to the bedside table, lifted her quilt, revealing her little face, so that she would not be suffocated by the quilt.

Turning off the lights in the room, Yan Xi Pal reclined back on the sofa to sleep.

Suddenly, the cell phone rang.

He picks up the phone and puts it to his ear, over there is a woman's voice, her voice is weak, she seems to have been crying for a long time, "Xi Pal, congratulations on your marriage, I wish you a happy wedding."

Yan Xipao hung up the call in annoyance, the phone was put aside.

With his heart in turmoil, he didn't sleep all night this night.

The next day, when Mu Lele woke up from her bed, Yan Xipal's shadow was already gone from the interior.

"Running pretty fast." She went out and saw her grandfather who was practicing in the morning, and there were

times she would wonder if she could have been tricked by her grandfather into getting married.

The old man's health wasn't that bad.

The taijiquan was more standard than even hers.

"Grandpa, do you think you'll continue to cough up blood if I divorce Yan Xipao now?"

Elder Mu chased after and tried to hit his granddaughter, "No divorce, no divorce, I lied to you"

Early in the morning, a piece of news, once again let the Mu family living room occurred water and fire incompatible scene.

"Shocked, Mu's Group's big miss surprised on her wedding night to go bouncing at the Begonia Bar!"

There were pictures and videos.

I don't know which boring media reporter was the one who broke the news about Mu Lele going to a bar on her wedding night, and got her on the front page news.

Elder Mu looked at the early morning newspaper, his hands shook with anger, "Mu Lele! I've really spoiled you to the point of lawlessness. Housekeeper, stop all of Mu Lele's cards for me."

How many people begged and wanted to marry their daughters to Yan Xipo, Yan Xipo couldn't see it in his eyes, and in the end, he pretended to be sick and tricked Yan Xipo into marrying his unwanted granddaughter, as a result, his granddaughter didn't think about how to keep Yan Xipo by her side, but even went to the bar on her wedding night!

This time, she must be taught a lesson.

All of Mu Lele's bank cards were stopped.

As the saying goes, money isn't everything, but not having money is everything.

Mu Lele knows this, so she ran to the Mu Group to let Yan Xi Pal to unblock her card, he is the head of the Mu Group, his words no one dare to

No one dares to disobey him.

Mu Lele stepped on high heels, obviously winter, but for the sake of beauty she only wore thin bottoms, the top is the most popular Lin small V-neck shirt, outside is a wide cloak, carrying a limited edition bag appeared in Yan Xipai's office.

"Yan Xi Pal, grandpa froze my card, you unblocked my card." She appeared in a commanding tone.

Yan Xipal leaned back in his chair and looked at her calmly, "Find grandpa to unblock it."

Mu Lele closed his notebook with a slap and growled in a bad tone, "If he's willing to unblock it for me, what am I looking for you for?"

Yan Xi Pal looked at the slap she had just slapped so hard, he raised his eyes, a pair of sharp deep eyes gazing at Mu Lele's face, "Going to a bar on your wedding night and drinking made me lose face in front of the whole country, and then coming to the office today to yell at me, what makes you think that I will unseal your bank card for you!"

Mu Lele looked at Yan Xipal, he dared to complain about himself?

"Yan Xipal, you recognize your position clearly. Mu Clan Group is mine, you are working for me, you have to listen to my orders. If you don't listen to me, beware of me removing you from your position."

Yan Xi Pal got up, he looked down at his petite wife, "The company is in the hands of a waste like you, it won't last more than a year before it is declared bankrupt."

"Who are you calling a waste!" Mu Lele's eyes spit fire.

Yan Xi Pal glanced at her and staggered away in disgust.

"Mu Lele, the company I will only help you last until your 2

5 birthday, after that, the death or life of Mu Clan has nothing to do with me. If you still have this arrogant temper, Mu Clan's future bankruptcy is all because of you."

Mu Lele blinks, listening to his tone, when she turns 25, he's going to leave?

"Hehe, what you say is even better than what you sing, when you leave on my 25th birthday, why don't you leave now? You are the one who lied to my grandfather's trust, causing my grandfather to let me marry you, and then you step by step monopolize the Mu Group."

Yan Xi Pal looked at Mu Lele whose mouth was saying hard words, her opinion of herself had accumulated over the years of adulthood and had long been deep and heavy.

"Get out!"

Mu Lele relied on the office, "You unblock my card I'll go out."

The subordinate came to the office to report the work progress to Yan Xipal, saw that the ill-tempered big miss of the Mu family was there, and immediately flashed back in order to avoid a disaster.

Yan Xi Pal later got up, he took the computer and documents out of the office, the office let her sit alone.

The secretary of the president's office looked at the suffocating president, even the chairman of the board of directors respected him, but he married the world's only disrespectful Mu Lele as his wife.

This is not the first time that the president has been angry out, everyone dares not speak about the superior's family affairs.

Inside the office, Yan Xipao's cell phone forgot to bring it out.

At this time, Yan Xipao's cell phone rang, the caller is no one else, but his "mistress".

Mu Lele picked up his cell phone, the corner of her mouth hooked up a

Mu Lele picked up his cell phone, the corners of her mouth hooked up in a bad smile.

Without Yan Xipo's consent, she directly connected the phone and put it to her ear.

"Hello, this is Mu Lele."

A childish voice took the phone and called out to Yan Xipal, "Daddy, daddy."

Mu Lele: "......"

Yan Xipo's mistress had also given him a son!

She was enraged, pushed open the office door, walked to the door, and slapped Yan Xipo's face, "Scum!"

After saying this, she threw his cell phone at him and turned around to walk away.

The people in the president's office were all shocked at the scene in front of them, the president was beaten?

Yan Xi Pal saw the incoming person on the cell phone, he picked up the phone and put it to his ear, "Hello?"

"Dad, mom is asleep, can't wake up, oooh"

Yan Xi Pal hung up the phone, he put down the official business in his hands, took the car keys and left immediately.

"Dian Dian, I'll be right there."

Mu Lele yelled angrily as she got into the car.

She drove back to her home and saw her grandfather chanting the sutra, she walked over and snatched the "Meditation Sutra" from his hands, shaking Elder Mu in an attempt to yell at him to wake him up, "Yan Xipo is just a scum of a human being, he even has a son! Grandpa, do you want me to be a happy mom?"

Master Mu looked at his impatient granddaughter, his mouth read, "Mo angry Mo angry, angry out of the disease no one to replace, unfilial grandchildren unfilial grandchildren, this life is all to return the sins ......"

"Grandpa, you this time, even if you spit the blood trough empty, I also want to divorce with Yan Xi Pal, divorce, divorce!"

(End of chapter)

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