Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 2

Yan Xipal walked up to the girl in the wedding dress, she gave a haughty grunt and her face was turned to the side.

Yan Xipao looked at the lovely her, the corner of his mouth slightly hooked.

He stuffed the bouquet into Mu Lele's arms, stopped Mu Lele's slender willow waist, bent down and picked her up in a princess embrace.

Frightened Mu Lele's tender lotus root arms subconsciously ringed his neck, her beautiful eyes glaring round to accuse him.

Today is Yan Xi Pal's big day, he is in a good mood, the whole mouth with a smile.

He carried Mu Lele downstairs, out of the living room, put her into the car and headed to the wedding venue.

Yan Xipo and Mu Lele both do not have parents, the two have less complicated procedures, after arriving, the two walked directly into the marriage gallery side by side.

The Mu family's eldest young lady got married, alarming all the big celebrities in the western country.

Crowds of people came to say goodbye, and Elder Mu was both a man and a woman.

He was in the crowd, and as people were happy, Elder Mu's eyes were glowing and his spirit was robust.

"Elder Mu, congratulations."

"Same happy, same happy."

The newlyweds exchanged rings with each other on the stage, Mu Lele's mouth was pouting, and the corners of Yan Xipao's mouth had always contained a full smile.

Putting the wedding ring on her, Yan Xipo's gaze softened as he looked at her.

One day of busy, evening to send away guests, Yan Xi Pal was called away by Mu Lao, and he talked to him before letting him return to the new room.

Inside the new room, Mu Lele is still dressed up in the daytime, she is wearing a wedding dress, pulled out a divorce agreement, "snap" a slap in front of Yan Xi Pal, "Sign!

The word, divorce."

Yan Xi Pal took off his jacket and sat on the sofa, he picked up the divorce agreement on the table and signed it without even looking at it.

Mu Lele looked at his crisp appearance, "Yan Xipal, you don't want to covet my family's company. Don't think I don't know that you have an underground mistress, you plan to marry me and then take over my company, then double date with your mistress. You're dreaming!"

Yan Xi Pal raised his eyes, his eyes looking at her for an instant, these eyes carried oppression, making Mu Lele's heart tense for no reason.

"Take a bath and go to sleep."

Yan Xipo didn't want to ignore her, he got up and unzipped his shirt intending to go to the bathroom to wash off the gel smell on his head.

Mu Lele was filled with anger at him ignoring her, she carried her wedding dress and chased after Yan Xipal, "Coward, you've always been like this since you were a child, you can't argue with me so you run away. How else would you be besides this, Yan Xi Pal, your mistress is also blind to follow a wimp like you, just you ......"

"Have you said enough!" Yan Xipo turned around and stared at Mu Lele with a stern bark.

Mu Lele was scared by his aura and took a step back, "You, why are you yelling at me, I didn't say anything wrong. You are keeping a mistress and marrying me. You're just capitalized scum, dead scum, scum you are."

Yan Xi Pal entered the bathroom and turned on the faucet to eliminate the sound from outside.

Outside the door, Mu Lele yelled him for a while, no sound.

Yan Xipao waited for five minutes, still no sound.

He suddenly opened the door and looked

the white wedding dress thrown on the floor, and the person wearing the wedding dress was no longer in sight.

On the wedding night, the bride ran away!

Half an hour later, Begonia Bar.

"Come on, come on, let's celebrate, happy wedding night to our Lele." The noisy dance floor, in which men and women of all shapes and sizes were bouncing.

On one side, a group of rich second-generation people were gathered, raising their glasses together to celebrate.

The person sitting in the center was none other than the woman who had just finished worshipping heaven and earth with Yan Xipao during the day.

Mu Lele took out her bank card and handed it to a friend, "This lady is happy today, I'll pay for the whole place."

The surrounding people are cheering, this Missy has money and is always the most generous.

"Lele, you escaped on your wedding night, doesn't Mr. Yan say anything about you?"

"Hehe, he's just a broken part-time worker, he still dares to pipe in on my head."

At home, Yan Xipao's SMS received a text message that he spent 80W at the Begonia Bar.

He got up and took his car keys and went out to catch his bride.

Not long after, Yan Xipao arrived.

He entered and looked at the people in the card table and quickly found Mu Lele.

She was pointing out a couple of lead dancers on the stage with her friend commenting on how good that person's body was, and didn't see Yan Xipao's appearance.

When Yan Xipao appeared, the people around him instantly held their breath.

This was the gentleman who had taught their family business a lesson in the name of Mu Lele's elder brother, ordering them not to make friends with Mu Lele.

Now, this master had become Mu Lele's husband, and they usually played secretly in private, not daring to be discovered by Yan Xipo.

dare to be discovered by Yan Xi Pal.

Today, it was caught on the spot.

Mu Lele was tapped on the shoulder, "Lele, turn around and look."

"Turn what ah, you look at the stage in the middle of the number four, that penis is simply the best on earth ah."

My friend patted her again, "Your husband is here."

"Bullshit husband, old lady single ...... ah, Yan Xi Pal!" Mu Lele a turn by the sudden appearance of the man was startled.

Last time she came to the bar, was Yan Xipao caught back, directly to send out of the country, and he gave grandpa brainwashing that overseas study is more suitable for her.

She was alone in a foreign country, calling for death and pretending to be sick before she was picked up.

Yan Xipo angry teeth clenched, he went forward, tugging Mu Lele's fine wrist, a shiver to drag her into his arms, without saying a word, dragged her out of the bar.

Walking to the door, Yan Xipao warned in a deep voice, "Mu Lele, tonight is the wedding night, you dare to escape?"

"This lady divorced you an hour ago, ghost and your wedding night, I'm single!"

Yan Xi Pal took out his cell phone and found Mu Lao's cell phone number, he intimidated Mu Lele, "I'll call right now and tell grandpa that I signed the divorce papers with you. And then send you out of the country alone, this time, I won't even pick you back up if you slit your wrists and kill yourself."

"You despicable, shameless, nasty son of a bitch." Mu Lele cursed at Yan Xipal's face.

Yan Xipo's throat rolled, "Get in the car yourself."

Mu Lele was forced to be spineless

Mu Lele was forced to spinelessly open the car door and drilled herself in.

Yan Xi Pal got in from the other side.

Back home, she took the lead in entering the bridal room, pushing the groomsman out with one hand and yelling at him in a bad temper, "Separate rooms!"

"What's the noise in the middle of the night?" Mu Lao walked out with his coat on.

Yan Xi Pal: "Lele wants to sleep in a separate room with me."

"Split what room, is it like that? If you two dare to share a room, tomorrow I'll cut off all of Lele's bank cards."

Mu Lele bulged her mouth angrily, "Grandpa~ I sacrificed my whole life's happiness for you to give you a wedding shower, and you're actually trying to push me into a fire pit for an outsider? Do you know that the scum in front of you has a mistress?"

"Which eye did you see that? Xi Pal is your husband, so you have to believe that he loves you."

Mu Lele turned to Yan Xi Pal and said harshly, "Bah, disgusting."

Back then, he threw himself alone abroad to fend for himself, and had her bank card tied to his cell phone number to monitor all of his movements, and caused her to not be able to make any good friends, so that she would always be living under his shadow ...... This is a bullshit love.

Mu Lao stared at his granddaughter leaving the door open for his grandson-in-law, he watched as Yan Xipao entered the wedding room and instructed the maid at the side, "Guard the doorway of Miss and Auntie, if Auntie gets kicked out again tonight, notify me immediately."

Inside the bridal room, there was red everywhere, and the nuts on the bedspread symbolizing the "early birth of a son" had been smacked to the floor by her.

She grabbed the pillow on the bed and threw it on the sofa.

(End of chapter)

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