Novel Name : The chaebol's daughter: Husband, I'm sure of you

Chapter 1

L City, West Country, Mu Family Manor.

The night is already deep, but the home is still brightly lit.

Elder Mu is lying in his hospital bed, his body is getting worse and worse.

After the fall, the coolness attacked the body, but also coughed up blood.

Now, he weakly leaned on the bed and looked at the side of the suited and booted man, "Xi Pal, what I just said, are you willing?"

Yan Xi Pal is 27 years old, an orphan, abandoned by his parents in an orphanage since he was a child, and later adopted by Master Mu to accompany his granddaughter as she grew up.

After graduating, he entered Mu's Group to accompany Master Mu, and was the company's executive president and Master Mu's most trusted person.

Even if it was to return the favor, he wouldn't refuse any of Master Mu's requests.

"Grandpa Mu, I promise you to marry Lele."

Mu Lele was 23 years old this year, Mu Clan Group's thousand-dollar young miss, famous for her arrogant personality.

In the western country, no one knew about this big miss.

Because she was the only child of the Mu family, Master Mu favored this granddaughter exclusively, hard to spoil her beyond measure.

After graduating from the university, she did not do her job all day long and went out looking for trouble.

This can be worried about the Mu old man.

Yan Xi Pal leaned on the chair, thinking of the girl who will become his wife, eyes flashed, said faintly "But she is not willing to marry me."

Elder Mu said in a deep voice, "As long as you are willing, I have a way to make her agree to marry you."

The Mu family's daughter returned late, Mu Lele's face is petite, her body is thin, and her pair of soulful eyes attract the most attention.

Pampered and spoiled

She seemed to be as elegant as a princess, but of course she also carried the temper of a princess.

She entered the parlor with her bag flung by her arm, humming a small tune.

The butler had been waiting for a long time, "Miss, the master is looking for you."

"My grandpa hasn't slept yet ah, sleeping late is not good for the body, this old man doesn't know anything about health, how can she stay up late like us young people?"

Mu Lele's mouth quickly spits out her pro-grandfather.

The door of the house opens and she reveals a cute little face, "Good evening, my dear dropping grandpa."

Mu Lele was the best at bluffing, with a deceptive little face and a mouth that often coaxed people to find their way around.

Every time she was about to be taught a lesson by Elder Mu, she was able to make Elder Mu's anger go away with her god-like "speech".

"Come in."

Mu Lele entered her grandfather's bedroom, and when she saw Yan Xipao guarding his side, she immediately lost her good temper.

She secretly rolled her eyes.

Yan Xipao knew that this thousand-dollar lady had preconceived notions about herself, and he was already prepared to be scolded by her in a while.

"Lele, you marry Xi Pal."

Mu Lele party froze for three seconds, "What the hell? Who am I marrying?"

Elder Mu coughed as he reiterated, "You, marry, Yan Xi Pal."

"I yuck! I'm not marrying, grandpa, you're out of your mind. I now suspect that you are his real grandfather, you gave him the company's presidency, and now you want to give him your precious granddaughter as well? Why don't you give yourself to him? If you want to marry, you should do it. I'm so young and happy, I'm not going to

marry him."

Elder Mu was infuriated and coughed violently, "Marrying Xi Pal has wronged you?"

"He's not good enough for me."

"I think it's you who doesn't deserve Xi Pal. Which point is not better than you? He is a hundred times better than you in terms of learning, ability, and behavior, so it's you who don't deserve him."

Mu Lele excitedly pointed at Yan Xipai and said, "How can he be worthy of me with such a status? I'm the eldest Miss of the Mu family, he's just working for my family."

Elder Mu's hands were shaking with anger, he covered his chest with his hand and coughed on the verge of vomiting.

Yan Xi Pal hurriedly took out a tissue and handed it to Elder Mu.

When the tissue was taken away, Elder Mu unexpectedly coughed up blood!

When she saw the scarlet blood, Mu Lele tensed up, and she realized the seriousness of the matter.

In this world, she only had her grandfather ah.

She pushed aside Yan Xipao and threw her satchel into Yan Xipao's arms, she sat on the edge of the bed and patted her grandfather's back in fear, unknowingly tears flowed out as she cried out, ''Grandpa, don't scare me. The fortune teller said it's not a problem for you to live to 108, don't cough up blood."

She watched as her grandfather coughed up blood again, and Mu Lele cried out in fear. "What to do ah grandpa, don't cough up blood, I'm afraid you'll die wow, grandpa, don't cough up, oooh."

The housekeeper authorized, "Miss, my family has an old saying, the dying person's family to do a happy event to wash away the joy."

Mu Lele paused while crying, she said in a small sobbing voice, "But, but I'm afraid that if I find another companion for my grandpa, my grandma's coffin board won't be able to hold it down."

"Poof" Master Mu couldn't hold back, and spewed out the plasma in his mouth, spraying it all on the ground.

The blood splashed onto Yan Xipao's shiny leather shoes.

Even someone as calm as Yan Xipao was almost laughed at her sentence.

Elder Mu looked at his granddaughter, "It's you who married Xi Pal to wash me down, not me who took a new wife."

He could be exasperated by his granddaughter even if he didn't die.

"Oooh, grandpa, I'm not willing to sacrifice my happiness for you."

Elder Mu continued to cough.

For the next few days, Mu Lele didn't dare to go anywhere and stayed by her grandfather's side, as long as she said she wouldn't marry, Elder Mu coughed up blood, and later on, he even fell into a coma from anger once.

Mu Lele skimmed her mouth and agreed in a resigned manner, "I'll marry, okay, you don't cough up blood grandpa."


Since Mu Lele agreed to get married, Master Mu's health got better and better every day.

In the blink of an eye, two months later, the wedding date arrived.

Mu Lele was sitting in the bridal room being waited on to freshen up, and when she thought of the person she was going to marry, she held her chin in both hands in disgust.

Ever since she was born, there had been a boy five years older beside her, telling her she couldn't do this, she couldn't do that.

Grandpa criticized her as well, "Lele, you study with Xi Pal. You came in dead last again this year, Xi Pal is number one in the whole school."

When she was young in school, all of his love letters were sent through her hands.

Mu Lele broke up with Yan Xipai in middle school because she realized that all her friends around her were playing with her because of Yan Xipai.

She was a good friend of Yan Xipai's and she was a good friend of his.

For various reasons, she looked down on this new husband who had boarded her family and grown up together!

"The groom has come to fetch the bride, sprinkle sugar."

There was a buzz of activity at the door, followed by the sound of a salute.

Yan Xi Pal was embraced by the crowd into the Mu family hall, he held roses in his hands and went to the bride's room.

Pushing open the door, it was as if a beam of light shone in.

The blinding light made other people's eyes unable to open, but his eyes would not close.

At the end of the bed stood the girl covered in white as a princess, the girl he had grown up with.

She was beautiful as if she was the most dazzling pearl in the world, more delicate than the roses in her hands, better looking than everything in the world.

Yan Xipao's hand tightened as he walked towards Mu Lele, who was wearing a wedding dress.

Yan Xipao was the noble son of the western country, the object that everyone tended to chase.

His cheeks were cold and hard, his phoenix eyes were deep, and his height of one eighty-seven was just enough to perfectly wrap around Mu Lele's small body.

Women eat his face, men value his ability.

It is said that Master Mu has a long term vision and adopted this potential boy more than twenty years ago.

Mu's Group has gone to the next level in the hands of Yan Xipao.

The financial crisis had put thousands of companies out of business, only Mu's Group, in the hands of Yan Xipao, had broken through the limitations and leapt to become the richest man in the Western country.

The bystanders were envious, and it was true that the best was still left to them.

On the contrary, everyone felt that Mu Lele was not worthy of him. How can Yan Xipao marry a person with an arrogant and domineering personality, who causes trouble and has a bad temperament?

(End of chapter)

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