Novel Name : Against the evil gods

Chapter 70

The moment the first level gate was opened, Yun Che vaguely heard a slight muffled sound coming from the profound veins, and then, the profound energy in the profound veins suddenly expanded crazily, and this expansion was by no means pure The expansion of the body, even the density, is skyrocketing at an astonishing rate... The simultaneous skyrocketing increase in number and density, this completely unreasonable state, appeared in Yun Che's Xuan incomparably at the moment when the "evil soul" was activated. within the veins,

What followed was the complete rage of Yun Che's profound strength!

Jasmine and Yun Che said that the ability of the "Heretic God Art" is "violence"! Xuanli's crazy rampage!

The rampant profound energy swarmed out from the fifty-fourth entrance, instantly instilling every corner of Yun Che's body. There was a terrifying feeling that the profound veins and the body were about to burst, but it was just "almost bursting", not that the profound veins and the body were completely unbearable. Jasmine said that he could barely activate the first level of "Evil Soul" now, which was indeed a bit reluctant!

boom! !

The fists of Feng Guangyi and Yun Che collided firmly, making a dull and ear-splitting collision sound. This is the most direct showdown of pure mystical power without any bells and whistles!

Click! !

The crisp sound of bones breaking sounded, and everyone heard it clearly, and no one was surprised. Then, a shrill scream followed...and this scream made everyone stunned...

Because the one who screamed was actually not Yun Che, but... Feng Guangyi! !

The four phalanges of his right hand except the thumb were all broken at the moment of impact, and even his wrist was severely broken. But Yun Che's fist did not stop there. After knocking Feng Guangyi's fist away, he continued forward with violent profound energy and hit him hard on the chest.

The profound strength of Feng Guangyi's body was shattered in an instant like fragile thin glass. He felt that his chest was hit hard by a huge boulder. Then he flew upside down, his back hit the pillar in the center of the hall heavily, and was ejected several meters away by the pillar, lying on the ground in a distorted posture, his eyes widened, unable to stand up for a long time.

The hall became silent for a moment, and everyone opened their mouths wide, unable to believe what they saw...

In a head-to-head competition of pure Xuan power, a person at the first level of the Nascent Realm actually beat... or completely defeated the third level of the Nascent Realm! Not to mention those young disciples, even the elders who have been through countless trials and hardships for half their lives can hardly believe it.

Yun Che slowly lowered his arm, concentrated his mind, and closed the first realm that was briefly opened. Immediately, the swelling and tingling sensation throughout the profound veins and the whole body disappeared without a trace, and there was also a slight sense of weakness in the body. He took a few steps forward, looked at Feng Guangyi whose eyes were full of shock, humiliation and disbelief, and said calmly: "I am arrogant because I have enough arrogant capital. But you are arrogant in front of me, but you are doing it yourself. Take its shame. Tangtang, a third-level Nascent Profound Realm, and I, a first-level Nascent Profound Realm, lost so miserably in the competition of pure profound strength, heh, do you know who is a joke now?"

"You..." Feng Guangyi gritted his teeth and struggled to stand up. His right hand was shaking in severe pain, and his face was pale... He knew very well that he had already suffered serious internal injuries just now.

The main hall was still quiet, and most of the disciples of the seven sects were completely dumbfounded. Their sects often compete with each other. Most of them know the strength of Feng Guangyi, especially his "Nine Changes of Wind and Cloud", which is enough to make opponents who are two levels above him flustered. However, his "Feng Yun Nine Changes" "Nine Changes" He only used the second change when he was punched hard by Yun Che and was left in a state of disarray.

"Yun Che! You... Do you really think you've defeated me!" Feng Guangyi became furious, clenched his left hand tightly: "Just now, I was just carelessly keeping my hand, otherwise, you, a first-level Nascent Profound Realm, would How could you possibly win against me!"

After saying that, he raised his left hand, and the Xuan Gong started again, with wind whirlpools swaying around his body. However, everyone could see clearly that this time the whirlwind was nearly twice as weak as before, and it was obvious that he had been seriously injured.

"That's enough!" The master of Fengyunxuan Palace snorted coldly: "Guangyi, you have lost, please retreat now!"

Feng Guangyi clenched his left hand a little tighter, gritted his teeth and said: "Master, this disciple has not lost! I was just careless and underestimated the enemy just now. I only used the second change of my Nine Transformations. If I fully display it..."

"Shut up!" The master of Fengyun Xuan Palace was already angry: "Whether you held anything back in the pure profound strength competition just now, anyone who is not blind can see it clearly! You lost to the first level of Nascent Realm at the third level of Nascent Realm. Making excuses here! Don’t you think it’s enough to embarrass our Fengyun Xuanfu!”

Feng Guangyi's face suddenly darkened. He glanced at Yun Che bitterly and walked back with his head lowered.

Yun Che took out a low-level Xuanhui Dan and swallowed it, slowly recovering his profound strength. Then he stood in the center of the hall again, looking proudly at the seats of the seven sects, and said calmly: "There are already three, who is next...who will come!?"

He stood there like a proud king, releasing the king's pride and shouting the king's proclamation.

who is the next?

This is an arrogant call for formation, and it is also a provocation and a slap in the face! ! Because he, a new disciple of New Moon Profound Palace, had already defeated three disciples from their seven sects in a row! Moreover, these three disciples are not ordinary disciples. They are all famous among the younger generation in Crescent City and are recognized as geniuses! Today, on the battlefield they used to challenge Jialiwei in New Moon Profound Palace, they were defeated repeatedly by Yun Che alone.

And the other party is only at the first level of Nascent Realm!

The way people looked at Yun Che all changed. His victory over Xuan Yu can be thought of as a result of catching his opponent off guard with his strange physical skills. His victory over Yan Ming seemed to be due to the opponent's repeated low-level mistakes, but his victory over Feng Guangyi... everyone could see it clearly. , it was a real, no-frills clash of profound powers, and it was a complete victory without any compromise! !

To defeat a level three Nascent Realm person to that extent in a head-on collision, it should be at least a fifth-level Nascent Xuan Realm, or even a sixth-level Mystic Power! And a person who is at the first level of Nascent Realm actually releases such terrifying profound power. What is this concept? The only explanation is that he has been deliberately preventing himself from breaking through and keeping his level of profound strength at a very low level, thus making his profound strength extremely powerful during his cultivation. Since then, although his profound strength level is only at the first level of the Nascent Xuan Realm, its strength may be comparable to the fifth or even sixth level of the Nascent Xuan Realm!

This is the only possibility that everyone can think of!

In other words, this Yun Che... is sixteen years old, but has strength above level five of the Nascent Profound Realm! !

Thinking of this, everyone was violently moved! What a monstrous talent and potential! Such talent is the best even among the seven major sects!

Lan Xueruo's eyes were full of brilliance at this time, and she couldn't help but admire: "Junior Brother Xia, your brother-in-law is so powerful! Is he really from the Liuyun City in the East like you?"

Although she is extremely talented, she thinks that at the same age, it is absolutely impossible for her to achieve Yun Che's level.

"This... this... ah... um..."

Compared to Lan Xueruo, Xia Yuanba was so shocked that he even forgot about his pain. He knew Yun Che thoroughly, and now seeing Yun Che showing off his power, his big eyes almost popped out of his head. He had already recited in his heart countless times, "Brother-in-law, it turns out that he is so powerful... Brother-in-law, he turns out to be so powerful... Brother-in-law, he is so powerful..." sharp……".

The elders of New Moon Profound Palace, who had been worried and frightened all this time, were all smiling with strange eyes. In the battle with Bai Feng Guangyi, Yun Che showed absolutely overwhelming strength without any opportunism! He defeated three genius disciples from the seven sects who were famous throughout the city, which made the seven sects suffer and made the New Moon Profound Palace feel proud. The most important thing is that a disciple with such great talent and strength has actually appeared in New Moon Profound Palace this time. With the strength and potential that Yun Che has shown at this time, he may be able to reach the Tianxuan realm in the future! If that day comes, even the entire New Moon Profound Palace will be proud of him.

"Elder Sikong, is he really a new disciple of our Xuan Palace?" The two elders sitting next to Sikong Han asked almost at the same time. Although Yun Che has affixed the wall seal of the New Moon Profound Palace on his body, and he calls himself a disciple of the New Moon Profound Palace, now they can't believe that a young man with such an amazing talent has actually entered their New Moon Palace. Xuanfu.

Sikong Han nodded slowly, unable to stop the smile on his face. He twirled the few beards under his chin and said proudly: "That's right! He is the grandson of a long-time friend of mine. He heard that I was here Here, so I came here, hehehehe."

"Oh! Elder Sikong has introduced a genuine genius to our Xuan Palace this time!" The two elders sighed one after another.

The disciples of New Moon Profound Palace were already filled with excitement. Watching Yun Che defeat three people in a row and continue to call for battle proudly, the excitement and joy in the hearts of them, who have been suppressed, bullied, and despised by the seven sects, are simply indescribable. Yun Che's name and his image at this time were also deeply imprinted in their hearts. This little junior brother who had just entered the Xuanfu made them hold their heads high in front of the Seven Sects for the first time.

But in the face of Yun Che's call this time, none of the seven sects jumped out.

Among the disciples brought by the Seven Sects this time, among the sixteen-year-olds, except for the super abnormal Xiao Luocheng, the one with the highest strength is the third level of the Nascent Realm, which is the level of Feng Guangyi. However, Feng Guangyi was defeated miserably by Yun Che in less than three moves. It was difficult for other people with the same strength to achieve the same results. As a disciple of the Seventh Sect, he was defeated by a disciple of the same age from the New Moon Profound Palace. How humiliating is this? I don't know how many people will laugh at it if it spreads out, and no one wants to touch this brow.

And those who are older are even more reluctant to play. Winning, bullying the small with the big, not only lacks brilliance, but is ridiculed by others. would be downright ugly.

As for Xiao Luocheng, although he and Xiao Che were both sixteen years old, everyone subconsciously ignored him. As the young sect leader of the Xiao Sect's outer sect, he reached the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm at the age of only sixteen. He is known as the first among the young generation in Crescent City for thousands of miles. His aura is unparalleled. Although Yun Che's strength and talent were astonishing, no one would compare him with Xiao Luocheng, because that would be an insult to Xiao Luocheng.

Xiao Luocheng sat there quietly, gently stroking the rim of the cup with his slender fingers in circles, with a faint smile hanging on the corner of his mouth, as if he had no interest in anything happening in the palace.


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