Novel Name : Wrong love CEO: Husband is hard to serve

Chapter 50

If Xia Xi and Gu Xiaoman's business school is famous in T City, then a large part of the credit must go to Lu Ziqian.

Lu Ziqian, A Business School's top school girl who was once popular among thousands of girls.

He has excellent character and academics, is a good sportsman, and has won many awards on behalf of A Business School countless times. In addition, this person has an elegant and handsome appearance, and his temperament is as gentle as jade. Therefore, not only the girls from A Business School are obsessed with him, but also girls from other schools often come here to admire him. What's more, there is a long queue waiting for the prince charming of his dreams at the school gate. The scene can be described as very spectacular.

Gu Xiaoman admires Lu Ziqian because of his natural love for handsome boys, while Xia Xi fell in love with Lu Ziqian for four years all because of a school sports meeting. At that time, she had just entered the college and became the youngest freshman. She was assigned to a certain class in the accounting department, and was even pushed by the girls in the class to participate in the one-thousand-meter long-distance race.

A 1,000-meter journey may be a piece of cake for a boy, but for a girl like Xia Xi, it is like a ladder to the sky. When she was dumbfounded and counted how many laps of the stadium she should run for 1,000 meters, she could already foresee her tragic situation after firing the gun. The results confirmed that she was still a self-aware person, because as she was approaching the finish line, she began to feel dizzy, and eventually she couldn't support herself and fainted on the track.

After waking up, she learned with a dull face that she actually won the last place in that game, which was extremely embarrassing. At the same time, she also learned that the person who carried her to the school doctor's office was actually Lu Ziqian, the director of the Sports Department. This really fulfilled the old saying - a blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise.

Later, of course, she started to get acquainted with Lu Ziqian. He is a very gentle person, even if he meets on the road, he will smile and say hello. She was in love for the first time, happy and shy, every time she lowered her head and called "senior" before quickly disappearing. For this reason, Gu Xiaoman often shouted in her ear: "Xia Xi, you idiot, do you know how many girls in the college are jealous of you? You didn't even grasp the most basic chance."

Of course she knows. Since her, countless girls have fainted during the one-thousand-meter long distance race. Although Lu Ziqian, as the minister, is not necessarily the one who sends people to the school doctor every time, those girls are more or less jealous of her fainting. However, it takes courage to confess. Every time she warned herself to be brave and confident, but every time she saw Lu Ziqian's warm smile, she would retreat without mercy, over and over again, and so on. Until I watched him graduate and leave school.

As for the confession she made last week, it was because she met him again and she could no longer suppress the joy in her heart. She made an astonishing move. Apart from mentioning this matter to her friends on the Internet and "embarrassing herself", she did not talk to Gu Xiaoman mentioned it half a minute. As for why Lu Ziqian walked with Yi Kexin, she only found out today that Yi Kexin was a senior in the same class as Lu Ziqian. What a mixed news.

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