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After the accidental third child, my rich husband came back Chapter 40 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : After the accidental third child, my rich husband came back

Chapter 40

Ji Yunchen didn't say anything. He thought he was pretty good at reading people. Although he didn't want to admit it, he really misjudged Jiang Yuan several times.
In the past, she did think that Jiang Yuan was a kind, gentle and virtuous woman, but after these incidents happened during this period, Ji Yunchen found that she still knew too little about Jiang Yuan. Jiang Yuan was not as good as he imagined, and even had a bad attitude toward Jiang Yuan. Even the most basic care of your own children may go wrong.
The man's silence made Jiang Yuan's heart freeze. She knew that she had no trust in Ji Yunchen's heart. Sure enough, the matter could not be delayed any longer. She had to get rid of anyone who would alienate their relationship as soon as possible!
A mist filled her eyes, and she sobbed softly, "Yun Chen, I know I have made many mistakes during this time, so it is normal for you not to believe me."
"But you can't beat me to death just because I made a mistake. I already know that I made a mistake, so now I'm thinking of ways to make up for it. I want to repair the relationship with Mingming, and I also want to express my gratitude to Mingming. Miss Caroline apologizes."
"On Mingming's side, I spent some time making up for my mistakes, but Miss Caroline, I really didn't know how to thank her for a moment, so I thought about it and decided to introduce her. Charity dinner in two days."
"What did you introduce her to that place for?"
Ji Yunchen acknowledged Jiang Guo's ability, but this charity dinner was huge and every item cost tens of millions. Even if Jiang Yuan had some funds, she might not be able to make any waves at this dinner.
If she pretends to be fat, people around her will only laugh at her.
Ji Yunchen looked at her with evil eyes, and tears fell instantly from Jiang Yuan's eyes, "Yunchen, you misunderstood. The reason why I invited Miss Caroline over was because An Cheng had arranged this dinner. All the famous ladies will come here. Caroline is a private skin care product formulator. She can take this opportunity to break into the social elite. As long as she gets the approval of one of them, she will gain a foothold in Ancheng and all the famous ladies in Ancheng will become her. Most loyal customer.”
Jiang Yuan looked like she was thinking about Jiang Guo, "After all, if it weren't for Miss Caroline's appearance, I wouldn't have known that I had so many shortcomings. Therefore, I want to thank her. This is what I did for her." Prepared thank you gift."
She said with an aggrieved face, "Yun Chen, up to now, do you still think that I am harming her?"
Jiang Yuan's question kept Ji Yunchen silent for a while, and then he spoke, "Even if you do this with good intentions, the prerequisite is that the other party is willing to accept it. Since she is unwilling to accept it, forget it."
She has shown weakness to this extent, of course she doesn't want to let it go!
Jiang Yuan gritted her teeth and pretended to be generous and handed the invitation to Ji Yunchen, "Since Miss Caroline is unwilling to accept my invitation, Yunchen will trouble you. She is wary of me and should not be too harsh on you. After all, Other than that, I really don't know how to thank her."
As Jiang Yuan spoke, she placed the invitation in her hand on Ji Yunchen and continued, "This is the purpose of my coming here. Since it is handed over to you now, I want to leave. Although I have no credibility with you now, It's not very good, but if it's possible, I still hope you believe me."
She smiled wryly, "Although this possibility is very small."
After speaking, Jiang Yuan left here for the first time without looking back.
Jiang Yuan left so neatly, which made Ji Yunchen a little surprised, did he really misunderstand her?
But this thought only flashed in his mind for a moment, and then Ji Yunchen put it down, wanting to prove that a person is good or bad, not just from one thing.
He lowered his head and glanced at the invitation in his hand, hesitated for a moment, and then walked towards Jiang Guo's laboratory. No matter what Jiang Yuan's true thoughts were, this invitation could indeed be Jiang Guo's key to unlocking the wealthy circle of Ancheng.
In the laboratory, Jiang Guo was at the critical juncture of the experiment. She was synthesizing a new formula. She dropped a drop of the original solution of traditional Chinese medicine into the test tube, but seeing that there was no change in the state, she knew that the formula had failed. Then she wrote in the notebook aside I made a record on the Internet, and then saw Ji Yunchen standing outside the door.
Jiang Guo walked out of the laboratory, took off her mask, crossed her arms, and leaned on the glass door. "Why is Mr. Ji here at this time? Are you here to ask about the work progress? Or..."
Before she finished speaking, she saw the familiar invitation card in the man's hand. The smile on her face instantly subsided, her eyes darkened, and she said seriously, "Mr. Ji is here to do something for Jiang Yuan." Lobbyist?"
Ji Yunchen shook his head, "No, I need a female companion to go to the charity dinner, so I want to invite you to be my female companion, what does Miss Jiang think?"
"Please excuse my refusal, Mr. Ji, you are a famous golden bachelor in Ancheng, and your every move will be noticed. If you accompany you to the meeting, you will be misunderstood. I don't want to be the public enemy of all women in Ancheng."
Ji Yunchen: "..."
Without Jiang Guo's permission, he still forcefully handed over the invitation in his hand to her, and then said, "Miss Jiang should just deny it so quickly, there are still two days before the banquet, you can come earlier think for a while."
As he spoke, he raised his wrist and glanced at the time, "It's getting late, and I have a meeting next, so I won't disturb Miss Jiang's experiment."
Jiang Guo: "..."
She coldly glanced at Ji Yunchen's leaving back, then reached out and threw the invitation in the trash can beside her, then turned and left.
She is not stupid, she knew that Jiang Yuan was planning to wait for her at the banquet, but she foolishly went there to die.
Even if she wanted to take revenge on that woman, Jiang Yuan, she was not so stupid as to go to her own home court to provoke her, she is not that capable yet.
But Jiang Guo forgot, there is a saying that plans cannot keep up with changes.
After get off work this afternoon, Jiang Guo left work early and was going to the hospital to see Jiming, and then go to school to pick up Xiaobao and Beibei from school, but just as she was about to leave the laboratory, her cell phone rang suddenly.
She reached out and took out her mobile phone. After seeing the name displayed on the mobile phone, her brows and eyes immediately became much warmer.
The corners of her lips curled up slightly, and she immediately stretched out her hand to open the answer button on her phone, "Ge Zheng, why do you have time to call me today? You are not busy at work anymore?"
Ge Zheng is the friend Jiang Guo cares about the most besides Yi Yao, and also her lifesaver. Six years ago, when she was about to be burned to death in a warehouse in the suburbs, it was Ge Zheng who happened to pass by and saved her. Healing her kept her and her baby alive.
For her, Ge Zheng is not only a friend, but even one of her few relatives.
Ge Zheng chuckled lightly, "Jiang Guo, the reason I came here this time is to ask you to do me a favor."


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