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Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Taoism
Time flies, and three months have passed in the blink of an eye. Ye Fan and Pang Bo gradually adapted to the life here. This change was first of all a change in concept, and they slowly accepted it all.
During this period of time, the two did not carry out the so-called practice, but had been absorbing common sense and thinking about the future path. The old man Wu Qingfeng did not urge them, but took the initiative to instill in them various experiences and understandings in practice.
This is very important to Ye Fan and Pang Bo. It was not until another month later that they felt fully integrated and understood, and felt that they could start to practice.
"The wheel of life and the sea of suffering are in harmony. To cultivate the wheel of life, one has to cultivate the sea of suffering. So in a sense, all cultivation starts from the sea of suffering."
Cultivation is a difficult process, especially for those who are new to the fairy road, they must be guided by someone, otherwise it is impossible to start, and they do not know how to break the door.
"In the next two months, I will help you set foot on the immortal road and officially become a practitioner. After that, I will no longer teach you the Dharma alone. You will go to the Lingxu Cliff and listen to the mysterious truth with others. Law."
Although Ye Fan didn't join the Lingxu Cave, the old man Wu Qingfeng didn't let him avoid him when he taught the Dharma, and treated him as equal to Pang Pangbo. The old man knew that even if Ye Fan insisted on practicing, there would be no results. Before ancient times, Ye Fan's physique was called the world's number one holy body, but now it is just a waste body.
For those who are new to the path of immortality, it is most important to lay a solid foundation. Only in this way can we climb higher in the future. The old man Wu Qingfeng took out a book that is said to be the most powerful basic method in the world - "Tao Jing".
Tao Jing, dare to take such a name, it is enough to explain the problem. The scriptures that record the Tao are the supreme Dharma. The legend is a fairy scripture. In the vast Eastern Wasteland, there are only a few ancient scriptures that can be compared with it, but none can completely surpass it.
Of course, it is impossible for Lingxu Dongtian to grasp the real "Tao Jing", because a blessed land of Dongtian does not have such a foundation at all, what they collected is only the beginning chapter of Tao Jing. Moreover, this starting chapter is not unique even in Yan land, otherwise it will definitely lead to the disaster of annihilation.
Undoubtedly, having the beginning chapter of "Tao Jing" is a great boon for gifted disciples, it can lay their foundation extremely solid, and it will be of great benefit to future practice.
Although this basic secret is precious, it is no longer a secret book unique to the family. Therefore, the old man Wu Qingfeng did not avoid Ye Fan and passed it directly to the two of them.
"Tao Jing" is indeed a broad and profound ancient scripture, otherwise it would not be famous in the endless years of the Eastern Desolation. Just this initial chapter contains the supreme truth, but it is only a few thousand words, but it was written by the old man Wu Qingfeng. It took half a month to explain.
Every sentence of the "Tao Sutra" contains deep meaning, and it contains endless wonderful principles, and the interpretation of practice is so wonderful that even the strong will sigh after getting this initial chapter, the original basic practice can be so mysterious .
Ye Fan and Pang Bo are practicing seriously every day. According to the "Tao Jing", they must first sense their own wheel of life, and then guide the essence to impact the sea of suffering. And in this process, there are naturally extremely mysterious methods of induction and unique guidance methods.
But this is still not enough. It is difficult to break in just by practicing alone. Someone must guide you with "immortal energy". Old man Wu Qingfeng personally took action every day, using his body to perform the basic secrets recorded in the "Tao Jing" and placing his hands under the navels of Ye Fan and Pang Bo.
More than ten days later, Pangbo finally had a sense and realized the existence of the wheel of life. In the next few days, he began to try to guide the essence hidden in the wheel of life to impact the sea of suffering.
But Ye Fan still got nothing, his wheel of life was silent, it was as hard as god iron, even if he was as strong as old man Wu Qingfeng, he couldn't break through the "immortal energy", let alone guide it.
"It's really hard to imagine why you have such a physique..." Old man Wu Qingfeng frowned, and finally had to give up. He almost used all his energy to attack Ye Fan's wheel of life, but it was unshakable.
"Old man, you must help out. If you give Ye Fan a helping hand, you might succeed in the next moment." Seeing that the old man Wu Qingfeng was about to give up, Pang Bo hurriedly asked.
"Oh, it's not that I won't help. There's really no way. With his physique, no one can help guide him. In the end, he still has to rely on himself." Old man Wu Qingfeng shook his head.
"How could this happen? How about... you try again?" Pang Bo asked with a smile.
"This kind of physique was called the first holy body before the ancient times. Naturally, it is beyond our comprehension. There must be many unknown secrets. I just don't know why. It’s hard to tell whether it’s because of his spiritual practice or other reasons.”
At this moment, Ye Fan was still in silence and did not wake up.
Pangbo continued to speak, and said: "I think it is necessary for the old man to investigate carefully. If you find out the reason, you may be able to reproduce the supreme power of the ancient No. 1 Holy Body, and the Lingxu Cave will soar to the sky just around the corner. "
The old man Wu Qingfeng has lived such an old age and has insight into the world. How could he be fooled by him? He shook his head funny and said: "In the ancient times of the post-desolation, this kind of physique appeared several times. It is as powerful as that of the Eastern Desolation. Those holy places are helpless, and with the foundation of our Lingxu Cave, do you think there will be a chance?"
At this moment, old man Wu Qingfeng seemed to suddenly sense something. He put his hand under Ye Fan's navel again, and then gathered all his energy to explore.
"How is it? Is there hope for the old man?" Pang Bo asked eagerly.
After a long time, old man Wu Qingfeng put down his palm wearily, shook his head and said: "The wheel of life and the sea of bitterness are still as hard as iron, silent and without any fluctuations. However, I have a strange feeling that they The blood essence all over my body seems to be more vigorous. Although it is restrained and difficult to detect, I can still sense the fluctuation just now."
"The blood essence is strong?" Pang Bo was puzzled.
"That's right, the two of you accidentally ate a kind of sacred fruit in the ancient forbidden land, and drank the water from the divine spring. Your physique has been reborn, and your health has been greatly improved. Your vitality and blood are particularly strong." At this point, the old man Wu Qingfeng showed displeasure. With a look of solution, he said: "These days, he has not made any progress in practicing the "Tao Jing", and he has never been able to sense the wheel of life, but right now the blood essence seems to be more majestic, more vigorous than your blood." ,
Pang Bo was stunned, and said: "Didn't you say that the "Tao Jing" is known as the strongest basic method in the Eastern Wilderness? It is a legendary fairy book, and it should be very targeted. The first chapter is used to practice life. Damn it, how did he cultivate to the level of blood essence?"
"This..." Old man Wu Qingfeng also frowned, unable to think of a reason.
At this moment, Ye Fan opened his eyes, his eyes were bright and full of energy.
Seeing his energetic appearance, the old man Wu Qingfeng was even more uncertain, and asked, "Have you sensed the wheel of life?"
Ye Fan shook his head and said truthfully, "No."
"Then do you have any special feelings?" the old man continued to ask.
Ye Fan didn't want to hide anything from him, because the old man was really kind to him and devoted himself to him. He didn't discriminate or prejudice at all because of his special physique. Instead, he spent a lot of energy every day to help him.
"Although I didn't sense the wheel of life, I felt comfortable and full of energy."
"Do you think there is any change?" Wu Qingfeng asked again.
"It seems to have endless strength." Speaking of this, Ye Fan lifted a huge boulder in front of the hut with one hand, calmly, as if he didn't waste much energy at all.
The old man Wu Qingfeng gasped suddenly, and said: "Looking at how relaxed you are, one arm may have the strength of several thousand catties. If you put your arms together, you will probably have the strength of an elephant."
Next to him, Pang Bo was also very surprised. He and Ye Fan had a strange change of rejuvenation at the same time. The difference in strength between them was limited, but now he felt that he could not compare with Ye Fan's supernatural power.
The old man Wu Qingfeng left with confusion. He still couldn't understand why this happened. The other party still couldn't sense the existence of the wheel of life, but can he still be called a mortal in this state?
After the old man left, Ye Fan suddenly started to run, blowing past the short mountain like a gust of wind. Pang Bo suddenly showed a look of surprise, and said: "Not only is the power much stronger, but the speed has also increased a bit!"
In the days that followed, the old professor paid more attention, because he would no longer be able to teach alone in the future. After a while, Ye Fan and Pang Bo would have to go to Lingxu Cliff to listen to the mysterious method with the public.
It is up to the master to lead the practice on an individual basis. Once you officially set foot on the road to immortality, you have to rely entirely on yourself. Lingxu Dongtian will provide mysterious methods and medicinal solutions. As for teaching methods and answering doubts, all are concentrated. After all, elders also have to practice. There is not so much time and energy to teach alone.
"Soon, you will go to Lingxu Cliff. When you get there, you must pay attention to keeping a low profile, bear it as much as you can, and don't act rashly."


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