Novel Name : Peerless Doctor: My eyes are X-rays

Chapter 150

The moment Gu Xiaowei saw Pang Feng, she felt really unhappy, especially when she saw what Pang Feng was carrying. What were they? Pang Feng was actually carrying a quilt? It’s old-fashioned and frustrating, and the standard is the image of a country bumpkin!

It has to be said that Pang Feng was carrying a big quilt, so he couldn't be considered cool and handsome. Looking at his ordinary clothes, he did seem to be on a class level with the crowd laughing and joking around the luxury cars.

"How come I can meet this guy everywhere! What is this guy going to do? Are you still going to live in the school dormitory? I really want to vomit blood. Doesn't he know that the students who live in the dormitory these days are all those rural students?

Hey, I almost forgot, he himself is a poor man. We are really from two different worlds... Sister, isn't she causing trouble with her family? Hey..." Gu Xiaowei thought to herself, her mood became gloomy.

"What's the matter, Xiaowei? What did you see?" The handsome boy beside her came over and asked.

"Oh, no, I didn't see anything!" Gu Xiaowei hurriedly shook her head to cover up her gaffe just now.

The handsome boy frowned, and couldn't help turning his head to take a look. He happened to see Pang Feng who was carrying the quilt, and he couldn't help but feel a little doubt in his heart.

The boy's name is Qin Lei. His father is one of the main leaders in Huacheng City. He has been pursuing Gu Xiaowei for some time. Gu Xiaowei is a member of the Gu family and has a distinguished status. However, Gu Xiaowei's father, the second son of the Gu family, is not at home. Being favored, there is no real power in hand.

Qin Lei's family has real power and benefits, but does not have a distinguished status, so he feels that he and Gu Xiaowei are extremely suitable together, including his family members.

So Tan Lei has always regarded himself as Gu Xiaowei's boyfriend, and he is very wary of any man who gets close to Gu Xiaowei.

He could see Gu Xiaowei's expression very clearly just now. Gu Xiaowei's face turned ugly instantly. She must have seen someone, but when Qin Lei turned around, he only saw Pang Feng carrying a quilt.

"Is this guy and Xiaowei getting to know each other? Probably not?" A thought came to Tan Lei's mind, and he instantly felt relieved.

It's not a big deal even if they know each other, because such a little diaosi can't possibly pose any threat to him!

Pang Feng and Gu Xiaowei passed by without causing any disturbance in his heart. His eyes did not linger too much on a bunch of young men and young ladies. He walked through the parking lot and found the registration office of the medical school, where he signed up and paid the tuition. , completed the admission procedures easily.

He majored in Chinese Materia Medica and Chinese Medicine Research. This major is not very popular in medical schools, but it is very practical for Pang Feng.

Because Pang Feng discovered that many of the medicinal liquids and elixirs involved in the refining of his copper coin inheritance were not available on the market. After careful analysis, Pang Feng judged that many of the medicinal materials in his inheritance may have disappeared or are extremely rare. The market There is no possibility of circulation.

For these medicinal materials, Pang Feng may need to find alternative medicinal materials in the future, so for Pang Feng, studying Chinese pharmacy and research on Chinese medicine is of great value.

"The registration is complete, go to the dormitory building! The dormitory building is in 501, Building 4, Wohushan? I am stupid, I have to wear this square again!" Pang Feng completed the registration procedure and found that his dormitory was in the Wohushan Apartment , and you have to go back the same way to get there.

He had no choice but to carry the quilt and walk back to the West District. He walked through the forest of cars and walked to the center of the square when he suddenly heard an indifferent voice behind him:

"Pang Feng, what are you doing?"

Pang Feng turned his head, only to find a head protruding from the Porsche beside him, who else could it be if it wasn't Gu Xiaowei?

"Oh, Miss Gu! Isn't school starting today? I'm here to sign up!"

Gu Xiaowei frowned, looked around cautiously, loosened her seat belt and got out of the car, walked to Pang Feng, and pulled the quilt that Pang Feng was carrying with her hand: "Look at what you are carrying. What is it? Don’t you think it’s very old-fashioned?

Also, do you need to carry this thing when you sign up? Didn't we arrange a place for you? "

Pang Feng frowned slightly, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and said: "Miss Gu, I don't need you to care about this, right? You should still be busy with whatever you are doing, okay?"

When Gu Xiaowei heard what Pang Feng said, she was stunned for a moment, then raised her eyebrows and said: "Pang Feng, I am doing this for your own good, why don't you know what is good and what is good? I told you not to live in the dormitory, otherwise you will be looked down upon by your classmates. What? Others will bully you when they see you are from the countryside, do you understand?"

Pang Feng glanced at Gu Xiaowei and felt helpless in his heart. In the prestigious Chujiang University, students living in dormitories will be looked down upon and considered to be country bumpkins. What are young people thinking now?

He really didn't want to say anything more to Gu Xiaowei, it was just too much to say.

And at this moment, a person suddenly appeared behind Gu Xiaowei. It was Tan Lei who had been by Gu Xiaowei's side before.

"Xiaowei, who is this classmate?" Tan Lei smiled all over his face, looking extraordinarily friendly.

Gu Xiaowei saw Tan Lei at a glance, raised her eyebrows and said, "Tan Lei, why are you back? Didn't I tell you to leave first and I'll come later?"

Qin Lei coughed in embarrassment and said, "I'm worried about you because I didn't catch up with your car! By the way, since you know this classmate, why don't we do the event together tonight?"

Gu Xiaowei snorted coldly and said, "Who wants to be with him? You're the only one who will make up his own mind!"

She glanced at Pang Feng and said, "Okay, Pang Feng, you can do whatever you like! I don't care about you. Tan Lei, let's go!"

After Gu Xiaowei finished speaking, she got into the Porsche, closed the door fiercely, started the car, and ran away at full speed.

Qin Lei straightened his hair slowly, smiled gracefully at Pang Feng, and said, "I, Qin Lei, Xiao Wei's boyfriend, haven't you asked your classmates?" Qin Lei stretched out his hand as he spoke. He stretched out his hands, as if shaking hands with Pang Feng.

Pang Feng squinted at Tan Lei, smiled, and said, "My surname is Pang, and my name is Pang Feng. You don't need to shake hands. I'm carrying a quilt in my hand!"

"Oh, okay, okay! Hello, classmate Pang! Well, since you are busy, classmate Pang, I won't bother you. We will talk later when we have the opportunity! Xiaowei has such a temper, please be more patient and don't be on the same level as him!" Qin Lei said with a smile on his face.

Pang Feng nodded at him, and then left. Qin Lei got into his car, stared at Pang Feng's retreating figure, smiled coldly, and said, "This country bumpkin really made Gu Xiaowei unhappy! It's so funny. Xiaowei is also a little too sensitive, she is afraid that people will know that she knows this guy. In fact, there are not many poor relatives in this family, but this guy looks really rustic, which really makes people feel that he is losing his status!"

Pang Feng, who was far away, suddenly paused, his eyes flashed brightly, then he just smiled coldly and continued walking forward.


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