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Novel Name : My wife is a policewoman

Chapter 40

My hand shook a few times on the water peak, Xia Hong must have noticed my movement. The eyes of the beautiful woman sitting opposite had already popped out.
"I hate it." Xia Hong slapped my hand away, and indicated with his eyes that there was someone sitting opposite me.
I coughed a few times and withdrew my arms, but Xia Hong kissed me on the face, which surprised me.
"That's enough, let's break up!"
I looked at the beautiful woman who walked away angrily, and suddenly felt a pity in my heart. As a man, I really feel sorry for us men, such a beautiful woman, and Xia Hong next to me is actually a lesbian.
It's good that this beautiful woman doesn't leave, I feel a little embarrassed when I leave, I don't know if what I just did was out of line, but fortunately, Xia Hong's goal has been achieved.
"What's wrong?" I saw something wrong with Xia Hong's eyes.
"Hand." Xia Hong said simply.
Only then did I realize that my arm was on her shoulder, and I quickly withdrew my arm. I smiled and said to her: "I'm sorry, it's all for the purpose, forgive me."
Xia Hong smiled generously, it seems that his attitude just now was intended to scare me. Then she got up and took out two bundles of money from her bag: "This is your reward."
I put the money away politely, for fear of being stared at by people with malicious intentions. After all, this is the first time I have made a large-scale transaction.
Then Xia Huang took out another bundle of money and handed it to me: "You know what to do, right?"
"I won't tell." I pushed the money back.
Xia Huang looked at me in surprise: "What?"
That's 10,000 yuan. It's not that I don't want it, but I really can't accept that bundle of money. This is not a secret to me, and I will not talk nonsense. If I keep a word because of money, then the source of the money will put a lot of pressure on me.
"I know you just want to feel at ease. Don't worry, I won't tell you." I still refused the 10,000 yuan.
Xia Kun put the money back with a slight smile, and stretched out his hand: "You are really interesting. You wanted to rob me, but instead helped me recover the bag. If you want to keep the secret for me, you won't be paid."
I shook hands with her and said, "Actually, I can earn 20,000 yuan very easily. I can't bear to make any more of your money."
"Let's go out, she will definitely be watching us not far away, we are just one step away from going to the hotel." Xia Hong held my arm, with a happy face.
Okay, send Buddha to the West, good things come to an end, I will accompany her to the hotel again.
Walking on the street with her holding my arm like this, it feels like she really is my girlfriend. I tried hard to get rid of this illusion: "How can you be so sure that she will follow us secretly?"
Xia Huang rested his head on my shoulder: "Based on my understanding of her, I didn't choose to take a taxi. Instead, I checked into the hotel with you."
We chatted a lot along the way, and only then did I know which beautiful woman was named Nilu, who was a child of overseas Chinese. I met Xia Kong three years ago, both of them were deeply hurt by the man, and because of their resentment towards the man, they chatted very speculatively, and over time they developed a relationship.
"Then why are you getting rid of Nilu now?" I asked as I walked.
Xia Hong thought for a long time before saying, "Maybe I met a man who is tempted."
After talking, we arrived at the hotel. As soon as I looked up, I felt that I had been to this hotel, but when I wanted to leave, Xia Hong stopped me: "Where are you going?"
I hesitated and said, "No, it's nothing."
I followed Xia Kong carefully and walked in, and found that I didn't know the person at the front desk, so I breathed a sigh of relief and opened the room smoothly.
In the elevator, Xia Hong smiled and said to me: "Sure enough, Nilu followed. I saw her outside the door just now."
"You guessed it right, so what shall we do next?"
"watch TV."
Ding dong——
The elevator door opened, and Xia Hong stepped out of the elevator briskly, but when I walked out, I was full of enthusiasm with the person who approached me: "I'll go, who is it?"
I stood still and noticed a woman in a manager's uniform fell to the ground. She also looked up at me: "Xie An?"
"Li Yan?"
Sure enough, I would meet her here, and I was reluctant to come to this hotel in the first place. This is clearly the hotel where I interviewed with Li Yan at that time!
"Are you all right?" I want to come over and hold my arm, I don't know if it's her acting habit or something.
Li Yan stood up and patted the dirt on her body, stared at me Xia Hong for a long time before saying to me: "Xie An, I never expected to see you here."
I heard her unfriendly tone, and naturally I was not in a good mood: "I didn't expect you to become the lobby manager so soon, you must have paid a lot." I deliberately said the word "pay" very seriously , wanting to see what she looks like in a fit of dismay.
"It's useless if I don't tell you." Li Yan was about to walk into the elevator after speaking.
I stopped her: "Wait."
"What else are you doing?" Li Yan stared at me.
"Where is room 4809?" As I said that, I hugged Xia Hong tightly and kissed Xia Hong on the face.
"Turn left and it's the second to last room." Li Yan stomped her foot hard, glared at Xia Hong, and left.
Seeing Li Yan entered the elevator, I let go of my arms around Xia Hong. She held my arm: "Is she your ex-girlfriend?"
"That's right."
After entering the room, I lay on the bed all of a sudden, maybe because I didn't sleep too much yesterday, but now I'm a little sleepy.
As soon as I closed my eyes, Xia Hong pulled me up: "Stay over there a little bit, I tell you I'm watching TV, I don't care if you disturb you if you want to sleep."
"Being pulled by you like this, how can I still fall asleep?" I moved to the side, resting my head on my arms, looking for the sleepiness I lost just now.
Xia Hong giggled and said, "It's just right if you can't sleep, watch TV with me."
I didn't watch the program on TV very carefully, and I don't know how long it took, Xia Hong touched me with her elbow: "I acted as your girlfriend just now, shouldn't you also give me 20,000 yuan? "
"This..." This can't be cheating me, it costs 20,000 yuan for just hugging and kissing!
Xia Hong looked at my surprised expression: "Okay, I'm just kidding you."
This woman's joking was really worrying. I looked at my watch for about an hour and asked, "When are we leaving?" To be honest, I really couldn't stay any longer. It would be fine if he fell asleep just now, but being unable to sleep with a beautiful woman lying beside him is a kind of torture for every man.
"If you are not afraid of others laughing at you, we can leave now." Xia Hong stared at the TV intently.
This woman also speaks too connotatively. Think about bringing such a beautiful woman to open a room and check out in less than an hour. The front desk of the hotel still laughs at me.
"You, you are right." I nodded awkwardly.
It wasn't until noon that we went to the front desk to check out the room. Before leaving, we ran into Li Yan, who looked at me with displeasure on her face: "Not bad, Xie An, you have been tossing around for 4 hours."
I glanced awkwardly at Xia Hong, she was holding my arm in turn, with a blissful look on her face, but Li Yan's face turned livid.
After leaving the hotel gate, Xia Hong got in the car and went home. I was also hungry, so I found a place to have a casual bite. When I got home, the bedroom door was open. It seemed that the enchantress had left.
I put 20,000 yuan on the table, then took off my coat and hummed a little tune, and went to the toilet. Just as I reached the door, I heard a roar from inside: "Get out!"
I was immediately overwhelmed by that roar, the demon girl hasn't left yet!
After a while, Chi Dingxue came out of the toilet, looking domineering, and kicked me when she came up: "Why am I at your house?"
"I brought you back yesterday." I sat on the sofa holding my legs. This was the first time this year that I couldn't count.
Chi Dingxue took a step closer: "Then what happened to my clothes?"
"You vomited all over, I took it off for you and washed it, didn't I leave a note for you on the bedside, you don't know how to read it." I was so angry when I was kicked like this.
Chi Dingxue was so contradicted by me, and immediately started to stare at me, her chest heaving up and down: "Okay, Xie An, our previous affairs are not over yet, this time you plotted against me again, are you trying to get into trouble? !"
"Fart, I plotted against you. You were the one who jumped on me when you were too drunk last night and asked me to take you home! I asked for your address, but you didn't tell me when you were too drunk!" I stood up and stared at her. The slightly blue pupils of my eyes contracted slightly at the end of each sentence.
Chi Dingxue's eyes revealed murderous intent, and she stared at me for a long time without blinking. This was undoubtedly the form of a witch.
My back began to feel a little cold, so I simply looked away: "Anyway, I didn't touch you last night." After I finished speaking, I sat back on the sofa again, and it would be a fool to confront the witch.
"Only a ghost will believe your nonsense. If you held it back last night, why didn't you hold it back that night?" The witch dropped her high heels to the ground and was about to pounce on her.
I was taken aback by this posture, and hurriedly grabbed her wrist, trying my best to gain a little advantage: "It is said that there was medicine in the wine that night, and you crawled on top of me."
"I would be so cheap to climb on you, an inferior person?" I don't know where the witch got so much strength, and she almost got the upper hand, but fortunately, I used my knees to support her lower abdomen.
It's terrible to be hit by me like this, I felt the strength in the witch's body disappeared immediately, and the next second she fell on the sofa clutching her stomach, her brows were frowned, and beads of sweat quickly fell.
"Are you okay?" When I saw her holding her belly, my first reaction was that she was pregnant and injured.
I reached out to help her, and she stubbornly opened my hand. If I get any closer, she hits me in the face. But it's okay for her to be curled up on the sofa.
"You can't lie down here. I'll take you to the hospital."
"Who wants to go to the broken bed you slept on?" The demon girl still stubbornly refused.
I walked over and picked her up, but she resisted and hit me randomly on the face. When I put her on the bed and left the bedroom, I realized that my nose was bleeding.


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