Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss


Do you want the whole world to go crazy too?
She really hoped they had the same name, but——
Ying Zijin looked down and landed on the name behind the column of the first principal, and his face was expressionless.
It was indeed this lunatic.
When we met for the first time, I wanted to dissect her neuropathy.
Wen Tinglan noticed the subtle fluctuations in the girl's expression: "Sister?"
Ying Zijin came back to his senses with a slightly complicated expression: "Which major do you want to study at Norton University?"
If she remembered correctly, when she was still at Norton University, there were only majors in theology, spirituality, paranormal research, and alchemy, which were incompatible with other universities.
The thinking of a madman is really incomprehensible to normal people.
Wen Tinglan shook her head, and said lightly, "Just think about it, but I can't get in."
Unlike other universities, Norton University does not have exams and does not look at college entrance examination scores. Only with a letter of recommendation personally sent by the school can you have the preliminary qualifications to enter the school.
In other words, even if you are the top scorer in the Huaguo college entrance examination or the SAT test, as long as you don't have a letter of recommendation, you won't be able to get in.
No one knows exactly what Norton University's admissions criteria are, let alone who it admits each year.
But even so, Norton University still stabilized other universities and ranked first.
"If you want to go, then you can go." Ying Zijin pondered for a while, "Nothing is impossible."
But if you are studying theology, forget it.
Thinking of this, she looked down at Norton University's encyclopedia entry again. After confirming that the school had normal majors such as physics, mathematics, and mechanics, she felt relieved.
Wen Tinglan's jaw clenched, the lip line was tight, and he clenched his fingers: "Sister, if you come back from Shanghai, I can afford you and Dad."
He felt that his sister had become a little different. She was taciturn before, but she was not as indifferent as she is now, as if nothing could shake her.
What did the Ying family do?
"That will happen in the future, wait until you graduate from college." Ying Zijin looked lazy, "When I come back this time, I also want to take you to Shanghai."
Wen Tinglan's eyes turned cold again, and the corners of his lips pressed down: "I won't go."
He hates Shanghai and hates those people.
"Well, let's discuss it when we get back."
The siblings just walked towards home one after the other. When they were still a few steps away from the yard, there was a scent wafting from afar.
After Ying Zijin opened the door, she raised her head and stopped there.
In the kitchen, a slender and familiar figure came into view.
The man didn't know what he was doing and lowered his head.
A pair of peach blossom eyes were slightly raised, dimly lit, gentle and affectionate.
"Yaoyao, why didn't you say anything when you brought the guests back?" Wen Fengmian was washing his hands and turned around when he heard the sound, "I wasn't even prepared for this."
Ying Zijin was silent for a moment and rubbed his head: "I forgot."
It's not that she forgot, but she thought that he was a pampered young man and might not be able to stand this kind of environment, so she specially booked him the best hotel in the county.
Unexpectedly, he followed him and was still cooking.
"Uncle, I don't blame her." Fu Yunshen walked out of the kitchen, revealing half of his body, "I had to come here myself. It's too abrupt."
Ying Zijin raised his eyes slightly and saw the Peppa Pig apron the man was wearing: "..."
Fu Yun deeply noticed her gaze, raised his head, and curved his lips: "Why are you staring at brother again? You look good?"
More ruthless.
"Yaoyao, what are you talking about?" Wen Fengmian covered his lips with his fist and coughed a few times, "Isn't this your favorite cartoon character?"
"Favorite?" Fu Yun raised his eyebrows and glanced down at the cartoon character on his apron.
Peppa Pig?
The eyes are quite cute.
"..." Ying Zijin showed no expression, "I don't like it anymore."
It's a bit unacceptable. She would like this kind of thing before she wakes up completely. This is not her nature.
Wen Tinglan also took a look at the Peppa Pig apron and her eyebrows jumped: "Dad, how many years ago was this?"
Although his sister had saved up money to buy a pig doll before, she would not be able to sleep if she didn't hold it.
Wen Fengmian just smiled: "No matter how many years it takes, dad can still remember it."
He seemed to have remembered something, looked at the young man, and frowned: "Yu Yu, your sister is back, why are you running away?"
"I..." Wen Tinglan was about to answer, but stopped.
It can't be said that he left because of resentment.
Ying Zijin walked into the kitchen and answered slowly: "He is shy."
"Shy?" Wen Fengmian was surprised, "You were never shy when you received so many love letters. Are you shy when you see your sister?"
Wen Tinglan: "..."
He had to admit: "I haven't seen my sister for a long time."
"Then we can't run away." Wen Fengmian stopped laughing and became very serious, "It's so late, what should I do if something happens?"
"No." Wen Tinglan didn't like to talk. He sat next to Wen Fengmian and looked at the kitchen with a defensive expression, "Who is that?"
The man has a perfect figure, slender and straight, and even if he wears a funny apron, his innate nobility cannot be concealed.
Broad shoulders, narrow waist, natural clothes hanger.
"Mr. Fu is Yaoyao's friend." Wen Fengmian explained, "Because there is no one at home today, he will celebrate the 15th with us."
Wen Tinglan didn't respond. He lowered his eyebrows and remained cold and defensive.
"Yu Yu, dad knows that you may be a little resentful towards Yaoyao." Wen Fengmian thought about it for a moment before saying, "But after all, you are also siblings, and dad can't stay with you forever."
One word, very cold.
"Okay, okay, no more talking." Wen Fengmian coughed and smiled slightly, "Let's watch the party."
in the kitchen.
Ying Zijin looked at him: "Why are you here?"
"Huh?" Fu Yun heard this deeply and his peach blossom eyes widened, "Didn't you agree to take me in? Are you lying to my brother?"
"No." Ying Zijin squatted down and took out the vegetables from the bag on the ground, "I'm afraid I'll treat you wrong."
She can naturally tell who is really nice to her.
There was nothing she could do but be nicer to them.
"Why are you being treated badly?" Fu Yun smiled deeply, "If you didn't take me in, I would be homeless today."
Ying Zijin narrowed his eyes and did not ask further: "I'll do it."
You can't let a guest take action.
She raised her hand to take the flour in Fu Yunshen's hand, but because he turned around at this moment, her cold fingers accidentally touched the man's lips.
The temperature scalded two people at the same time.
Immediately, Ying Zijin withdrew his hand, his expression unchanged, but his fingertips were still hot.
The small kitchen was filled with jade and agarwood on the man's body.
Taking advantage of his height, Fu Yunshen looked at her from above, his eyebrows lowered.
His lips were still dyed white, and the contrast between the bright colors made his lips even more beautiful.
The man raised his eyebrows, but his tone was as casual as ever: "Kid, why are you still taking advantage of me?"


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