Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 19

He stopped for a few seconds, then suddenly turned and ran.
Wen Fengmian was stunned and shouted: "Yu Yu, why are you running?"
And the boy had run away without a trace.
"Cough cough cough..." Wen Fengmian was breathless and couldn't help coughing again: "Look, why did he run away as soon as you came back?"
"You are not in good health, go in first." Ying Zijin patted his back, "I'll go take a look."
Yu Yu is Wen Fengmian's biological son, whose real name is Wen Tinglan. He had such a nickname because he was sickly as a child.
They are not biological siblings, but the relationship between them is deeper than biological siblings.
"Yaoyao..." Wen Fengmian hesitated, and after a while, he sighed, "That's fine."
He smiled again, his eyebrows elegant: "I'm going to cook for you. You can eat when I come back soon."
Ying Zijin nodded, "I can only cook glutinous rice balls."
Don't even think about touching the oil fume.
The medicinal materials here are too young, so she needs to condition Wen Fengmian's body from all aspects.
Wen Fengmian coughed lightly and said uncomfortably: "Dad knows, go find Yu Yu quickly."
There is a posture of chasing people away.
"If I come back and find that-" Ying Zijin casually glanced at the kitchen, his tone was quite gentle, "you know what to do."
Wen Fengmian suddenly felt that his daughter had become more aggressive when she came back: "..."
He was half helpless, half amused: "Okay, Dad listens to you."
Ying Zijin nodded before leaving.
Looking at the girl's retreating back, Wen Fengmian sighed softly. His mood was very complicated, and his eyes were red again.
How could he not see that she had lost a lot of weight this time when she came back.
In the past, his family was poor, but he would not suffer for his two children in terms of food.
What happened after Yaoyao returned to the Ying family?
Didn't the Ying family say at that time that they would take her back to live a good life?
Wen Fengmian frowned, pressed his chest and coughed again, feeling very worried.
When Ying Zijin found Wen Tinglan, he stood alone by the river, silently watching the fireworks in the distance, his eyes dark and the waves still.
The night was heavy, with a cool breeze.
A thin layer of ice formed on the surface of the river, reflecting the full moon.
The youth is like the wind, with a tall and straight back.
White clothes and black trousers have a noble temperament.
Exactly the type that girls at school would fall for.
Ying Zijin stepped forward, took out a lollipop from his pocket, and handed it to him: "Peach flavored."
But Wen Tinglan didn't answer, and didn't even move.
He was laughing, and his laughter was very cold: "I thought you would never come back in this life, why did you come back?"
Didn't wait for an answer.
After waiting for a full ten minutes, the young man turned his head, his eyebrows cold.
But when he looked at him so close, his eyes suddenly changed.
The girl's body was obviously thinner than when they parted a year ago. In the moonlight, he could see the pinholes on her arms.
Densely numerous, numerous, innumerable.
It wasn't obvious at first, but because her skin was sickly white, it became more clear.
Wen Tinglan's body froze. He stared blankly at the pinholes. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse: "Sister, are you... sick?"
She didn't come back for a year, so it was because she was sick?
Ying Zijin didn't answer. He took out the lollipop again and raised his eyebrows: "Aren't you angry anymore?"
Her younger brother suffered from severe autism due to something, which only improved after he was ten years old, but it also resulted in his cold and reserved temperament.
In the first few days, Wen Fengmian couldn't get close to him.
This year of silence from her had done a lot of damage to him.
Watching the sea and listening to the waves rise with the wind, soaring up to 90,000 miles.
Wen Tinglan, this name placed high hopes on Wen Fengmian.
"What's going on?" Wen Tinglan still didn't answer. His eyes were dark, "Sister, the Ying family is not good to you? What did they do?"
"It's okay, you're fine." Ying Zijin kicked the stones on the ground and smiled lightly, "You study hard and don't worry about other things."
Wen Tinglan has been a genius since he was a child, but because of his frailty, he did not start school until he was thirteen years old. Even so, he was able to skip several grades.
One year younger than her, she is already in her third year of high school and will take the college entrance examination in June.
Hearing this, Wen Tinglan's lips tightened, his arms trembled, and he took the lollipop.
Tear off the candy wrapper, put it in your mouth, and bite into pieces.
It was sweet, just like before, but he felt inexplicably blocked.
Even after so long, he would never forget the ugly faces of those people a year ago.
"What Wen Zijin? Zijin is the daughter of our Ying family, so naturally her surname is Ying. Don't have random relationships."
"What would Qingzhi's students think of her if they knew she had a farmer father and younger brother?"
"This is one hundred thousand. Forget that you have a daughter. She will never see you again. You will only hold her back, do you understand?"
Then, his sister really didn't come back for a year, not even a phone call.
He waited and waited until he gave up.
He thought she had forgotten about them after going to Shanghai.
Now it seems that the Ying family has clearly done something, and she is not doing well either.
Wen Tinglan pursed her lips again and whispered: "Sister, I'm sorry, I shouldn't complain to you."
He knew that he had a mental illness and was very angry, but he couldn't control it.
The boy lowered his head slightly and clenched his fingers tightly.
He is trying hard to change.
He really wanted to be normal.
"I don't blame you." Ying Zijin put his hands in his pockets, "Go back, Dad should be anxious."
As soon as the knot in his heart was untied, Wen Tinglan's tense body relaxed, and she spoke as usual as she had for more than ten years before: "I actually didn't have class this afternoon. I asked for leave."
Ying Zijin nodded slightly: "Did you go to the market in the city to buy meat?"
"Yes." Wen Tinglan was silent and said calmly, "Dad's health is getting worse and worse. I want to give him some supplements."
Normally, even if there was meat to eat, Wen Fengmian would not take a bite.
Ying Zijin thought for a while: "Then have you decided which university to go to?"
"Yes." When he mentioned this, a light appeared in the young man's dark eyes, which was brighter than the stars and the moon. "Sister, I want to get admitted to Imperial University."
Teito University is the number one university in China, and thousands of students want to get into it.
Ying Zijin was not surprised by this answer. With Wen Tinglan's ability, he could easily pass the exam even if he didn't have enough learning resources.
Wen Tinglan added: "However, actually what I want to go to most is Norton University, but without a letter of recommendation written by the president himself, I can't go there at all."
Ying Zijin paused, "What university?"
"Norton University." Wen Tinglan thought she didn't know, so he took out his mobile phone and searched for the encyclopedia entry to show her, "That's it, the QS world university ranking is the first, and it hasn't changed."
Ying Zijin looked at the screen and fell into silence.
She always felt that there were a lot of things wrong after she came back this time.
It doesn’t matter that the Laurent family has opened banks all over the world. After all, stingy people make money quickly.
How can a lunatic who only studies theology turn his university into the best in the world?


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