Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 18

The room was air-conditioned, and both of them took off their coats when they entered.
The girl's back is straight and her neck is slender.
Her sleeves were rolled up to the middle of her forearm, exposing her wrist bones, and her fingers resting on the emerald green herbs looked even more slender and fair.
"I can read." Ying Zijin leaned back and raised his head lazily, "There are everything in the book."
Fu Yunshen found that when she looked at him with those phoenix eyes filled with fog and rain, she couldn't say anything.
Who can stop it?
After staring at each other for a few seconds, the man bent his finger and tapped the girl's forehead: "You are not allowed to read this kind of book in the future."
"No." Ying Zijin lowered his head and fiddled with the electric pressure cooker, "That would be no fun."
She also plans to buy some novels of this era to read, to relieve boredom.
"Brother invite you to dinner?"
"No then."
Super ruthless.
The girl spoke again: "At most -"
Fu Yun looked at her with deep eyebrows and lowered eyes.
She was very serious: "I'll take you to watch it together."
Fu Yunshen paused, his lips curled up, and he suddenly smiled: "Take me to watch it together?"
Can it still be like this?
Ying Zijin yawned and felt sleepy again, squinting his eyes half-closed: "Well, let me learn how to shop online first."
Fu Yun took a deep look at the girl's tired and lazy look, but her expression was not fake. He realized that was what she thought, but there was no superfluous meaning.
Sure enough, he was still a kid.
The phone suddenly rang at this moment.
Fu Yun took a deep look at Ying Zijin, and after confirming that she wouldn't blow him up, he got up and went outside to answer the phone.
"Seventh Young Master, come quickly." It was Nie Chao calling, "You are the only one missing."
Fu Yun said casually: "It's okay."
"Didn't I agree to hold a dust-cleaning banquet for you? Isn't that a good thing?" Nie Chao said, "Come on, come on, it's in the King clubhouse, and everyone will be found for you. By the way, those childhood sweethearts of yours I'm here too, waiting for you, young master."
Fu Yun raised his eyebrows: "Do I have this thing?"
"Hey, isn't it just a title? Why bother?" Nie Chao urged, "What are you doing in the afternoon? Come and have fun with your brothers."
"I'm staying with the kids, so I won't go." Fu Yunshen leaned against the door, "You guys play."
On the other end, Nie Chao, who had hung up the phone, looked shocked, as if he had been struck by lightning, and two words came to his mind -
Even such a young sister does it!
Others in the box did not hear the content of the phone call, but they were a little surprised when they saw Nie Chao's expression was wrong: "What did the Seventh Young Master say?"
"Oh...he said he couldn't come over." Nie Chao came to his senses after a while, "You guys play first, and I'll make a call later."
As the most diligent kid in Shanghai, he must get the gossip first-hand.
Three hours later, the electric pressure cooker made a beeping sound.
Ying Zijin opened his eyes and raised his hand to open the lid.
There is a faint fragrance wafting in, refreshing the heart and mind.
The pills that have been formed in the pot are dark green, no more, no less, exactly fifty.
She put the pills into the pill bottle she bought in advance, cleaned up the mess on the ground, and opened the door.
The man was half leaning against the wall, tapping his cell phone with his slender fingers. After hearing the movement, he raised his head: "Okay?"
Ying Zijin didn't expect that he was still waiting outside, and was startled: "Why don't you go in?"
"I'm afraid of disturbing you." Fu Yunshen said lazily and didn't say much.
He lowered his head, looked at the medicine bottle the girl handed him, and raised his eyebrows: "Kidney replenishment?"
"No." Ying Zijin picked up his schoolbag and hung it on one shoulder, "Prolong your life."
But it has the effect of invigorating the kidney, and it can also invigorate the liver and stomach.
"Huh? I'm going to prolong my life at this age?" Fu Yun was very interested. Even so, he still filled the medicine bottle and asked, "Eat?"
"I'm going out of town." Ying Zijin glanced at his phone, "I'll treat you to dinner in a few days."
"Out of town?"
"Well, back to Qingshui County."
The medical conditions in Qingshui County are far worse than those in Shanghai.
Wen Fengmian has been frugal all his life, and he must not be willing to spend the 100,000 yuan given by the Ying family. It has been a year and he doesn't know what happened.
"Today is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month..." Fu Yunshen seemed to have remembered something, his eyes turned cold, and the curve of his lips tightened.
But when he tilted his head, his peach blossom eyes were stained with a smile again, and he called: "Little friend."
Ying Zijin turned around: "Huh?"
"Brother has nowhere to go today." He trailed off, with a faint light floating in his amber pupils, "Look, do you want to take me in?"
It was completely dark at 7:30 in the evening, and fireworks bloomed in the night sky from time to time.
Wen Fengmian took out the flour from the old-fashioned refrigerator, and as soon as he walked to the chopping board, he coughed violently, and it took a while to stop.
Just as he was about to boil water, there was a knock on the door.
Wen Fengmian wiped his hands clean, coughed a few more times, and then went out: "Who?"
It's so late and no one will come to visit.
He opened the door, and when he looked over, he was suddenly stunned.
The girl stood under the eaves, a layer of moonlight fell on her black hair, which was hazy and unreal.
Although I haven't seen him for a year, his appearance remains the same.
Wen Fengmian's throat rolled up and he didn't dare to recognize it at all.
His voice was difficult and trembling violently, and it took him a long time to utter two words: "...Yaoyao?"
"It's me." Ying Zijin supported his arm, "Be careful, don't fall."
She tried her pulse calmly, knowing what she knew.
Wen Fengmian's body is worse than she initially thought.
Years of heavy work have crushed him.
After getting an affirmative answer, Wen Fengmian didn't come back to his senses for a while.
He was stunned for a long time before he grabbed her hand, his tone was urgent and harsh: "Yaoyao, why did you come back from Ying's house? And they, aren't they with you?"
He looked the girl up and down again, with a more serious expression: "Tell Dad, did the people over there bully you?"
A very common sentence, but it can easily hit the heart directly, making people crushed.
Ying Zijin tightened his fingers.
She knows that because of some of her flaws, she has no heart and cannot love.
So whoever treats her well will be rewarded twice as much.
"Nothing, I just got free today and came back to see you." Ying Zijin pressed Wen Fengmian's shoulder and smiled lightly, "It's my fault that I haven't seen you this year."
If she could wake up earlier, what happened a year ago would not have happened.
Only then did Wen Fengmian feel relieved, turned his head and wiped his eyes, he tried to calm his breathing, his mood was still fluctuating violently, and his voice was still trembling: "You can come back, Dad... I am very happy."
After all, when the Ying family said that, he thought he would never see each other again in this life.
Ying Zijin helped him into the house: "You are the only one at home?"
"Yueyu still has class today." Wen Fengmian coughed again, and after he stopped, he smiled, "But he should be back soon."
As soon as I finished saying this, outside the yard——
"Dad, I'm back. I bought some meat today. Tonight we can..."
All the following words stopped after seeing the girl.
The young man with broad shoulders and long legs stood at the door, his eyes became cold little by little.


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