Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 17

It was the first ray of light that broke through the darkness at dawn, extremely dazzling.
Ying Zijin was startled for a rare moment.
After a while, she narrowed her eyes and frowned slightly, wondering how she could think of this metaphor.
should not.
"Seventh, Young Master Seventh..." Lu Zhi stiffened and forced a smile, "Why, why didn't you tell me in advance that you were coming?"
Fu Yunshen ignored him. He straightened up lazily, curled his lips, and smiled: "Kid, what a coincidence."
Ying Zijin came to his senses and looked up.
The man's body was leaning slightly at this moment, and a faint emerald agarwood spread from his clothes, intertwined with his breath, lingering and moving.
Those peach blossom eyes are deep and affectionate, always gentle.
When he takes a serious look at a person, he can almost drown him in it.
"Thank you..." She just started, but was interrupted by him, "Brother doesn't want to hear these two words again."
Fu Yun patted her head deeply and said in a low voice: "We have known each other for a long time, and yet we are still so polite."
Ying Zijin paused: "..."
Calculated using 24 hours, it’s not even a day.
She glanced at him, but still didn't care about his claim or her actions.
Forget it, if he treats her well, then she will let him.
On the side, Lu Zhi's complexion turned even paler.
what happened?
When did the adopted daughter of the Ying family hook up with the seventh young master of the Fu family?
Not to mention the Lu family, even the Ying family has to respect the Fu family.
Lu Zhi bit her lip and thought of the man's words before, feeling even more panicked.
At this moment, Fu Yunshen finally looked at her and said in a casual tone: "Half a million, the Lu family is short of money?"
Lu Zhi was stunned, unsure of how to answer.
Just when she was hesitating, Fu Yunshen picked up the phone and made a call.
At the same time, there was a villa area a few streets away from Zhongshan South Road.
Father Lu was leisurely drinking tea and reading the newspaper at home when his cell phone suddenly rang.
He didn't want to answer the call at first, but when he saw the number, he was flattered and picked it up quickly: "Qi Shao, what do you want from me?"
The Lu family recently received a big order, and the Fu family is the one in charge and needs to rely on them.
As a result, as soon as he answered the phone, the first thing he said was: "I heard that your Lu family is short of money."
Father Lu was stunned and had not yet reacted.
Here comes the second sentence.
"I'm afraid you'll lose money, so it's better to put the order in the North District aside."
The man spoke in an understatement, with a smile in his voice. There was no hint of emotion or anger, but he was feeling extremely stressed.
In the store, Lu Zhi also heard it. His eyes suddenly opened wide and he lost his voice: "Seventh Young Master, you can't..."
Fu Yunshen hung up the phone and tilted his head: "Huh?"
Lu Zhi's hands and feet were cold, and her lips trembled fiercely.
She never thought that just because she wanted to teach the adopted daughter of the Ying family a lesson, she would actually cause the Lu family to lose a huge order worth millions.
The Lu family is not a wealthy family, so millions would be a huge loss for them.
Lu Zhi couldn't say a word, so she could only grit her teeth and look at the girl.
It's all her fault!
If she hadn't come here to buy medicine, the Lu family wouldn't have had to take such an unnecessary disaster.
"Ying Zijin, you've had enough." Lu Fang, who was in the warehouse at the back, couldn't stand it anymore. He walked out with a stern face, "This is not a big deal at all, why does it have to be such a fuss?"
Then he said in annoyance: "It's just a joke, and you're not at any loss. So, if I promise to help you with math, this matter will be over. How about that?"
Lu Fang knew that Fu Yunshen was a dandy, and he only did this to please women, so the breakthrough point was still with this country bumpkin.
I don't know how she caught Fu Yunshen's eyes and deserved to be treated like this.
Ying Zijin raised his eyes and felt that this person looked familiar: "Who are you?"
Lu Fang, who had never thought of such an answer, turned pale: "..."
I have been a classmate for a semester, but I don’t know who he is?
What are you wearing?
"Ying Zijin, stop pretending." Lu Fang sarcastically said, "Your grades are at the bottom of the elite class. If you don't improve, you will be kicked out of the elite class. I don't think you want to be embarrassed, right?"
Ying Zijin glanced at Lu Fang again, but still didn't remember who he was, but thought of something else.
Qingzhi Middle School has a talent class for each grade, which consists of the top 50 students in the grade. Therefore, after each exam, the talent class will change.
"Will you agree or not?" Lu Fang was very impatient, "You have to think clearly, not everyone can let me make up for it... What is that look in your eyes?"
Does he look like a fool?
Lu Fang was so angry that he was dying.
Ying Zijin raised his hand and knocked on the cashier counter, and said calmly: "Wrap the medicinal materials and send them to the hotel opposite."
"You, you wait a moment." The cashier hurriedly checked the list, of course it was impossible to collect the money.
She is just a small employee and cannot afford to offend anyone.
Lu Zhi stared at the golden irises on the black card between the girl's fingers, and was stunned.
that is not……
Lu Fang was very annoyed, he wanted to go forward, but Fu Yunshen stood aside.
The man lowered his head slightly, not knowing what he was thinking.
He still has that dandyism about him, but it is inexplicably attractive.
Lu Fang couldn't help shivering.
In less than ten minutes, three hundred catties of medicinal materials were ready, and Lu Zhi could only watch with a livid face as the Lu family staff sent out the person she hated in desolation.
Extremely glaring.
"Sister, they're going too far." Lu Fang slammed the table hard, angrily, "I'll make her look good when school starts in a few days."
Lu Zhi was also feeling uncomfortable, and she was angry: "Who made him climb a high branch now, he must be extremely proud."
She still doesn't believe that Ying Zijin can bind Fu Yunshen for the rest of his life.
Lu Zhi shook her head, and when she was about to report to Ying Luwei, Father Lu's call came in first.
"Dad..." As soon as she opened her mouth, there was a roar, "What dad, I don't have a daughter like you, why don't you hurry back!"
In the hotel room.
Glancing at the medicinal materials piled up on the ground, Fu Yunshen was about to speak when he watched the girl slowly take out an electric pressure cooker from her backpack.
Ying Zijin supported his chin with one hand, and picked up the medicinal material with the other, weighed it a few times, and then threw it into the pot.
I don't have time to make my own medicine stove, so I can only use this instead.
Before leaving the underground market yesterday, she also bought a few pieces of jade.
While extracting the essence of jade and injecting it into the electric pressure cooker, Ying Zijin raised his head: "Those two Weibo..."
She is also very interested in new technologies and new things, and she is about to start learning.
Hearing this, Fu Yun raised his deep eyelashes and smiled with a faint smile on his face: "How are you going to thank brother?"
Ying Zijin put the lid on the pot and pressed the on button, casually saying, "I'll make sure you stay up all night."
Fu Yun paused for a moment, his peach-blossom eyes narrowed, and he still smiled. His voice was gentle, but it sounded dangerous: "Kid, I have a question for you."
Ying Zijin crushed the used jade and sprinkled the powder on the ground: "Huh?"
"Such words—" He leaned down slowly, his eyes level with the girl sitting on the floor, "Who did you learn this from?"


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