Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 16

She hates the adopted daughter of the Ying family, especially after what happened yesterday.
He doesn't study well, has poor character, and is a liar by nature.
Even Ying Luwei, who has such a good temper, can be angered. She is really worthless for her close friend.
Lu Zhi also read today's Weibo, but what does that prove?
She can be sure that Ying Zijin definitely has unreasonable delusions about Jiang Moyuan.
Lu Zhi thought for a while, took her heart into consideration, and pulled Lu Fang: "Xiao Fang, you and I go in first, and someone will come in later, you should watch first."
The latter sentence was addressed to the cashier in the store.
"Sister, what are you doing?" Lu Fang was puzzled, "Are we still avoiding her?"
In the class, Ying Zijin kept his head down and dared not meet anyone. When did he back down?
"What are you hiding?" Lu Zhi could not help but pull Lu Fang to the back warehouse, "I want to make her look ugly, so beg me obediently then."
Don’t you want to buy medicine?
Then see if you can afford it.
Lu Fang was stunned for a moment, and then he understood, and couldn't help laughing: "Sister, you are really insidious, do you think she will cry out of anger after a while?"
"It will definitely." Lu Zhi looked at the surveillance screen on the computer, "Send the video to Lu Wei at that time, so that Lu Wei can be happy."
"Sister, give me a copy too." Lu Fang thinks this is a good idea, "When school starts, I will put it in my class."
As the third year of high school is getting closer and closer, the studies are getting heavier, and some fun is needed to adjust.
A few seconds later, the girl opened the door and walked in.
She was going to go to the shelf, but suddenly stopped, raised her head, and looked straight in a direction.
Lu Fang met him abruptly, and couldn't help but suffocate.
Plain and light lips, without any embellishments, but it is difficult for people to look away.
A pair of phoenix eyes were deep and dark, like a bottomless abyss, as if it could suck people into it.
Lu Fang's heart skipped a beat: "Sister, she won't know we're looking at her, will she?"
"How is it possible?" Lu Zhi disagreed, "You think she can predict the prophet?"
Ying Zijin looked away, expressionless.
After waking up, there were so many troubles coming to her, and she was tired.
She didn't have the habit of counting wherever she went. Before she came, she didn't know that this was the Lu family's shop.
She gave Ying Luwei blood transfusion for a year, and she was too weak, so Zhong Manhua found her a therapist.
But in fact, Lu Zhi was recommended by Ying Luwei.
Lu Zhi graduated from Imperial University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in traditional Chinese medicine. Zhong Manhua was also very satisfied and hired her with a high salary.
The Lu family is just a small family in Shanghai, so it is naturally a dream to be able to join the Ying family.
However, it has nothing to do with her.
Ying Zijin looked at the traditional Chinese medicine on the shelf and fell into deep thought.
Many medicinal materials have been completely extinct, and substitutes are hard to find.
"Sister, it seems that she really wants to buy medicine." Seeing this scene, Lu Fang clicked his tongue, "Do you know her?"
Can't memorize English words, but can you recognize Chinese medicine?
Lu Zhi was very impatient: "What do you care about her? Just watch her joke."
In front of the shelves——
Ying Zijin looked around and realized that she had overestimated the quality of the medicinal materials here.
Through the wooden boards, she could smell that the medicinal materials were no more than twenty years old.
But Wen Fengmian's illness was urgent, so she reluctantly used it first, at worst, she would go to the mountain to dig in person in a few days.
"Miss, what do you need to buy?" The cashier got Lu Zhi's words, "Why don't you tell me about your illness, we can help you choose."
"No need." Ying Zijin said casually, "Cangzhu, Wulingzhi, Moon-Moving Sand, Ambergris..."
He reported the names of thirty traditional Chinese medicines, and finally said, "Ten catties each."
"Pfft!" Lu Fang was originally surprised that a scumbag could remember so many names of Chinese medicines. He laughed at the end and said sarcastically, "Ten pounds? Does she think she's buying groceries?"
Sure enough, he is a countryman who doesn't understand anything. Can Chinese medicine be bought by the catty?
"She can't buy it anyway." Lu Zhi winked at the cashier again.
The cashier understood, and then said: "Miss, the quantity you need is too large and you need to stock up. Please sign the form first."
"Yeah." Ying Zijin said lightly, "How much is it?"
Lu Zhi made a "five".
The cashier smiled: "500,000."
Lu Zhi and Lu Fang waited for the girl to cry because of the embarrassment of having no money, but——
"500,000?" Ying Zijin didn't move his eyebrows, "Specially supply medicine to Taishang Laojun?"
The cashier grinned.
"Bah." Lu Zhi's face was not good-looking, "What's wrong with the elixir, if you can't afford it, why don't you hurry up and get out."
After receiving the signal, the cashier regained her smile and said politely: "Miss, our medicinal materials are all picked from the mountains, so they will be more expensive. If you can't afford them..."
Ying Zijin raised his eyes: "Let's sign."
As soon as the two words came out, several people were taken aback.
"What tricks is she playing?" Lu Zhi was suspicious, "Dare to spend money like this?"
The Ying family would not give so much money.
Lu Fang analyzed: "She is a bumpkin and doesn't understand the market price. If she buys it, we will earn it."
Some of those medicinal materials are expensive, but the total sum is only fifty thousand, five hundred thousand, which is a tenfold increase, and only a fool would buy it.
Hearing this, Lu Zhi felt relieved and nodded towards the cashier.
Sure enough, the cashier quickly printed out a list.
Ying Zijin glanced at it, and took it, but did not sign it, but took out his mobile phone, and dialed a number slowly.
After three beeps, it was connected and hands-free was turned on.
The girl's voice was cold and unhurried: "I want to complain. No. 148, Zhongshan South Road. This store sells traditional Chinese medicinal materials that are ten times higher than the market price. Well, yes."
Lu Zhi was stunned.
She couldn't believe that the girl dared to call to complain.
"Sister, she is so scheming!" Lu Fang blurted out, "No wonder she wants to sign the order, she is plotting against us!"
The Lu family is not as well-established as the four major wealthy families. If this is really complained about...
Lu Zhi panicked and rushed out, scolding her face: "Do you want to die?"
The girl raised her eyes lightly, showing no emotion.
Lu Zhi felt a chill in her body at the sight of her, and she said with a stern face: "You still dare to complain? I'm going to ask Mrs. Ying when did the Ying family dare to let an adopted daughter step on our Lu family's head."
As she said that, she was about to dial the phone, as if she wanted to complain.
But Lu Zhi was just pretending, she wanted to see a girl beg her.
Ying Zijin also yawned and felt a little sleepy: "If you don't want to hit me, I will hit it for you."
"You..." Lu Zhi was furious, and in anger, she raised her hand and slapped the girl in the face.
But as soon as it was lifted up, it was stopped by someone.
Ying Zijin raised his eyebrows slightly.
She hasn't kicked her foot out yet.
Lu Zhi was in pain and lost her balance, falling onto the chair with a "snap".
She looked up in surprise, her face paled.
The man was leaning in front of the door, with his long legs bent, a lazy posture, and a careless expression on his eyebrows.
The words that can be said make people's blood run cold.
"Winners don't dare, but I still dare."
The sun suddenly fell on his handsome face like a demon, like a shining morning star.


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